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Building Custom-made CRM with RoR

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Every business strives for growth, so at some point, most companies consider building custom-made CRM to scale up their success.

Keeping in mind the exceptional advantages of custom-made CRMs over out-of-the-box solutions, your first step as a business owner would be finding a team of developers skilled enough to put your business ideas into action and choosing the language for completing the challenge. At Rubyroid Labs, we're strongly convinced that Ruby on Rails is the top choice to get your own CRM up and running and here are some reasons why.

1.      Unified Technique

RoR is a unified set of practices, principles and processes that are well-known to any experienced RoR developer. Apart from its strict architecture requirements and general guidelines, RoR’s language is similar to English, letting programmers easily understand the code made by other specialists, so onboarding of the new project members will be painless and cost-efficient.

2.      Flexibility

Another obvious benefit of RoR-based CRM is its high flexibility and functionality. RoR specialists have a comprehensive toolset of preset and third-party libraries, so they can provide you with all kinds of spreadsheets, features, reports and graphs that no ready-made CRMs can possibly have. Moreover, implementing unconventional solutions is mostly easy and doesn’t require much effort.

3.      Speed

To keep up with time, any business has to swiftly adapt to changing environment. Sometimes new features need to be carried out immediately, when there’s no time to perfect product architecture or thoroughly describe interfaces and classes. Rails is capable of that; use shortcuts for new features and clean up the mess later.

4.      Control

If you have to adjust your CRM interface (change price, add a season discount, payment services, and more), Rails crew can quickly change current CRM setup without manipulating your database or any risk of unpredictable consequences how it usually happens with Java and C#.

5.      Prototyping

Before applying a new feature, you may want to test-drive it to see if it enhances your business processes and, if proven irrelevant, discard it with minimum resource waste. RoR provides quick powerful prototyping, letting you play with an MVP in a real-life environment cost-efficiently to see if it fits your present goals.

6.      Data Management

To efficiently handle the reports or spreadsheets from your CRM, you have to enable a number of specific database requests. RoR uses one of the most advanced object-oriented system - ActiveRecord - to convert data from one type of system to another. It can be easily read by any member of the team which simplifies data management. Besides, it helps to deal with routine tasks, such as cashing request feedback and lazy loads.

7.      Community

Another big advantage of using RoR is its strong community. As implementing new features with RoR relies greatly on 3rd-party libraries, developers arranged a principle to clarify details upon request. Stack Overflow has over 300,000 questions concerning the framework, RoR's community group has almost 70000 topics on Google.

These are the reasons why RoR becomes an obvious choice for your custom CRM. It has its pitfalls, though, so this job should be accomplished by a team of professionals. At Rubyroid Labs, we have a crew of true experts in the field that has been carefully built since 2013. Feel free to contact us if you want to build a custom CRM to scale up your business.

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