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  • New Forum NEW FORUM!! Grey's Mc Forum
    Thread location: Grey's Anatomy
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    Posted: Mar 6 2007, 2:40 PM EST by Anonymous
  • Test HP in season 6? Come chat about all of these and more in our discussion forum . Don't miss the 2 hour season premiere: Good Mourning / Goodbye
    Page location: Test HP
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    Last updated: Sep 24 2009, 2:25 PM EDT by #1hotchfan
  • I love Greys Anatomy Banners for your blogs, sites and forums Are you a webmaster? Blogger? or someone who owns a site and you just love Grey's Anatomy that much that you want others to know about our little wiki here? why not grab my nicely done banners for your site. It's free. Just copy the code and install in any html editor. Enjoy
    Thread location: Grey's Anatomy
    Posted: May 5 2008, 7:56 PM EDT by doccoolmac
  • G.A. Is the "Death and All His Friends" going to be the last episode?
    "I think it would be stupid to end such a good Show AS Gray's Anatomy like that...
    Does someone know any information??

    Thanks :-)"
    Duplicated thread and (almost) duplicate post from me here. Doesn't matter, being this forum sooooo dead these days, though.

    "Death and All His Friends" only ended season 6. There's gonna be a season 7, that much is confirmed, even though it will probably still be a long time until we get a release date for that, and it may be the last.
    Thread location: Discussion Forum
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    Posted: Jun 2 2010, 3:12 PM EDT by Losa78
  • Season 7 - Speculate here! We already kind of already had my "season 7 spoilers" thread for this, imho...
    Anyway, do speculate indeed. This forum needs waaaay much more activity, people!
    Reply to thread: Season 7 - Speculate here! (2 replies)
    Thread location: Season Seven
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    Posted: Sep 16 2010, 11:51 AM EDT by Losa78
  • mc dreamy and mc steamy
    "This is my first time to any of this type of thing( blogging) so I hope that I am doing it right.
    I have been a fan of Greys since the beginning and have only missed about 2 episodes. Any way does any one else know if Mc Steamy was Aries(I think) in the Zena series. Sorry It shows my age.but I thought that he was really cute then if it is the same. On line with how cute Mc Dreamy is."
    Welcome to the forum too, Seiger2010.
    You're doing it right because there is no other topic related to this yet, at least that I know of, and this is still Grey's Anatomy related.

    I did a little research and I couldn't find any character named Aries on the Xena tv show (this is the one you mean, right?).
    However, I can tell you that the actor who plays McSteamy (Eric Dane) was never on anything Xena related. Sorry.

    Oh, and it's totally fine and even encouraged (at least by me) to show your age. I like to have at least a vague idea of who I'm responding to. These wetpaint forums are for all genders, ages, nationalities and creeds.
    Reply to thread: mc dreamy and mc steamy (4 replies)
    Thread location: Discussion Forum
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    Posted: Mar 30 2010, 2:10 AM EDT by Losa78
  • GREY'S ANATOMY COLLECTIBLE STUFF Well my darlings I have officialy earned my place as a 'Super Fan'. Yes it was an amazing moment for me! (Do not laugh.)

    In celebration for my award ... I have several Grey's Anatomy items up for grabs. As one of the benefits of being a 'Super Fan' is special Grey's Anatomy stuff. (Plus ocaccionsly I get more than one copy of something for my birthday.)

    So every week I am going to be offering something to you guys ... for the low low price of:

    1) A message saying why you deserve it

    2) I will pick a random number and you have to make that many forum posts before your elligible.

    Sound good? I hope so because I really want this stuff to go to a good home and no-one I know loves Grey's Anatomy. I am sad to see it go but needs must and I do not want to sell it to just anyone. I want it to go to someone who really wants it.
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    Posted: Sep 30 2010, 1:02 PM EDT by bornwritinglines
  • Izzy or George???
    "Izzy, although I guess you probably know that already this is already an old thread"
    Indeed an old thread this is...
    It's a pity how little and how rarely people come to this forum and post, specially if you consider there are over 1.000 members total and this is about a full running show.
    Reply to thread: Izzy or George??? (7 replies)
    Thread location: Discussion Forum
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    Posted: Mar 16 2010, 12:06 PM EDT by Losa78
  • Will Meredith ever tell Derek that she was pregnant? Should she?
    "that's all and btw thatnks for posting! this site is soooo dead these days...

    I still lurk at this forum basically everyday, but indeed it's dead. It was never very much alive to begin with, even while the show was running, but now, in the off-season, well... it's to be expected, really. There's nothing new to say about the show, so...
    People will be back for season 7, hopefully.
    Posted: Jun 21 2010, 11:16 AM EDT by Losa78
  • Is it time for Mark Sloan to settle down?
    "Whoaa!! That eps gonna be... WHOAA when it airs here!!

    Well, huh..., I get the sarcasm and I'm really sorry if I spoiled it for you, CassiieA, but you're not supposed to come here and read the threads if you haven't watched the latest stuff. At least I don't.

    There is no directive to avoid or flag spoilers here that I know of. If there is, someone please inform me.
    If I restrict to posting about one or two seasons back, well, hmmm... there won't be much to post about these days. This forum is pretty dead as it is.
    Reply to thread: Is it time for Mark Sloan to settle down? (17 replies)
    Thread location: Discussion Forum
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    Posted: May 14 2010, 12:09 PM EDT by Losa78
  • Discuss here: Episode 8.10 - Lexie the Second Seems like it's just like you predicted, Gusar: it's basically just you and me around here, on the forum. With this I'm not forgetting SmileyGlen and the countless and valuable page edits she has done in the past few months. I was merely referring to the discussion forum.

    With things as they are here, I'm starting to doubt the actual real purpose and use of these "official" threads for each specific episode... I don't know... Maybe people could just make random threads about whatever happens on the show, little as they are...

    Anyways, a new episode has aired already, right? I'll probably see it sometime in the next couple of days. This is still definitely one of the shows I have the most fun with right now and one of those I most look forward to watch every week.
    Reply to thread: Discuss here: Episode 8.10 - Lexie the Second (8 replies)
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    Posted: Jan 13 2012, 3:47 AM EST by Losa78
  • Owen and Cristina or Owen and Teddy? What's your choice? well i can officially say that i have seen every episode to date...happy? now...TO THE FINALE FORUM!!! AWAY!!!
    Thread location: Discussion Forum
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    Posted: May 21 2010, 1:12 AM EDT by FifthKazekageForever
  • Grey's renewed for a season 8
    "Another actress as Meredith?..."
    Are you nuts?
    No, the only possibilities are Lexie becomes the Grey in the title of the show (though I can't see that working), or they try to continue without Meredith. Which I'm not sure how it'd work either. Nah, most likely they'd wrap up the show and be done with it.

    And yeah, it's totally understandable if she were to quit, to dedicate her time to her child. Not just understandable, but worthy of admiration even. Holly Marie Combs did it. I had to wait almost five years to see her on screen again. But unlike several crazies at the IMDB forums with their self-entitlement, as if Holly owes them something, I respected Holly's decision. No doubt there will be the same kind of crazies with Ellen.
    Reply to thread: Grey's renewed for a season 8 (7 replies)
    Thread location: Discussion Forum
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    Posted: Jan 12 2011, 6:47 AM EST by Gusar
  • Callie and Arizona
    "why thank you i feel special now...XD
    by the previews i meant the photos, sorry if i got you just seems that if she sorta got angry at callie for saying that why would she be smiling at her later on in the day, like arizona smiles ALOT but you can always tell when theyre fake...and if you follow shonda rhimes on twitter you may have seen her post saying she was going to keep them together because they were MFEO (meant for each other) so im not too worried, however if there is some freak break up i think i might cry XD"
    No need to thank me, FifthKazekageForever (now, that's a hard name to spell and type!)
    This wiki is so dead that a post by ANYBODY at ANYTIME is an occasion. I check here almost everyday for any kind of activity on this forum and it's so scarce it hurts, specially since this is such a big show.

    And, yeah, well, I know they're just creating some suspense and extra drama with this Callie and Arizona babies thing, specially with that hands pulling away shot. I don't follow Shonda anywhere and I do prefer not to be spoiled much, but you can totally tell this couple is a keeper. The writers are clearly planning them out to be, and the occasional bump is a part of the road.

    Callie shall not grow old sitting on a bench watching other people's kids. Trust me.
    Reply to thread: Callie and Arizona (60 replies)
    Thread location: 6.17 Push
    Posted: Mar 26 2010, 3:51 PM EDT by Losa78
  • Season 6 Finale - Talk About it Here! hey, I'm kind of new on this forum, so hello everybody... I agree with you the season 6 is perfect!!! :-)
    I'm wondering if you know ifthere is going to be more episodes? thanks for the answer in advance :-) :-)
    Reply to thread: Season 6 Finale - Talk About it Here! (27 replies)
    Posted: Jun 25 2010, 11:43 AM EDT by NevenaVesovic
  • Episode 7.07 That's Me Trying - Talk about it!
    "UUmmmmm....Well...I'VE TRIED! and i will keep trying but it's not as easy as it looks XD there's a whole LJ community dedicated to them and that's where most of the fans live but ANYWAYS!

    ps how did you get the actual picture in the post...It wouldn't work for me D<"
    I'm sorry, but you lost me again with another one of your abbreviations... "LJ community"?... You mean LiveJournal community, maybe?...
    I thought most of the fans were at the ABC site forums, but whatever you say, girl! You're the expert! But do keep trying to get some more people to come here, ya hear?

    About the picture on the thread, it wasn't actually me who posted it, but rather Gusar who did it, even though I know how to do it as well. You may have seen me posting videos too.
    As to how to do it, I prefer not to share it on a public thread because it's not an "official" Wetpaint functionality. I'll send you a private message since you're such a regular and cool member and you deserve it.
    Reply to thread: Episode 7.07 That's Me Trying - Talk about it! (21 replies)
    Thread location: 7.07 That's Me Trying
    Posted: Nov 8 2010, 10:11 AM EST by Losa78
  • Episode 7.12 Start Me Up - Talk About It Here!
    "Did I internet shout at someone? I certainly hope not."
    No, Melrosemiss, you didn't shout at anyone. All is fine with you. It's FifhtKazekageForever who did, directed at you. That's what I meant. Posting in capital letters (like FifthKazekageforever did) is considered commonly internet shouting, that's all.

    It's okay, I understand. I know you didn't mean any harm. It's just the enthusiastic you speaking. I guess we also need a little bit of that around here. You're certainly the most eager fan among the regulars on this forum!
    Reply to thread: Episode 7.12 Start Me Up - Talk About It Here! (35 replies)
    Thread location: 7.12 Start Me Up
    Posted: Jan 17 2011, 12:52 AM EST by Losa78
  • Anyone for a musical episode? Indeed I think you guys are derailing this thread a little bit, going on about lots of other stuff besides the upcoming musical episode...
    I'm not too worried because, sadly, this forum doesn't get much activity, but still, I thought I should mention it for consideration.
    Reply to thread: Anyone for a musical episode? (26 replies)
    Thread location: null
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    Posted: Feb 2 2011, 3:31 AM EST by Losa78
  • Welcome to the Grey's Anatomy Wiki! Please Introduce Yourself!
    "Hey everyone! I'm Marston and I live in Ontario, Canada. I'm new to the site but have been a fan of the show for what seems like forever.
    My favorite season is Season 2, I will ship Meredith/Derek til the day I die, and I am SO excited for the AU episode!"
    Welcome to the wiki, Youpagedme (you actually didn't, but I'll pretend you did) ;)
    Hope to see you around the site a lot, specially on the forum discussing the episodes and the show! This site needs that!
    Thread location: Grey's Anatomy
    Posted: Jan 9 2012, 5:46 AM EST by Losa78
  • Episode 7.03 Super Freak - Talk about it! No comments about the ep yet? I got a few...

    Big LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL at the beginning when Derek notices there's something not quite right in his bed. :)

    When everyone was picking on April for being a virgin, man, was that mean! She sure showed them though.

    Arizona was awesome with all the faces she was making throughout the ep, and with the "We're gonna live in a frat house forever, aren't we?" line.
    Also, when she and Callie got home... I can only repeat what I read someone say on another forum about another awesome lesbian tv couple "bless them for being so hot and horny..." :))

    Last but not least... ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch!!!! for Lexie. Poor girl. But hey, kinda her own fault...
    Reply to thread: Episode 7.03 Super Freak - Talk about it! (30 replies)
    Thread location: 7.03 Superfreak
    Keyword tags: greys anatomy super freak 
    Posted: Oct 8 2010, 10:18 AM EDT by Gusar
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