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To foster the best possible experience for all, the Grey's Anatomy Wiki community respectfully requests that its visitors and contributors honor this code of conduct. Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning and, in extreme cases, deletion of your comment and/or content.

(1) Play nicely with others

  • Respect your peers Treat others and their contributions with respect and foster considerate dialogue.
  • Do not use offensive languageInappropriate, crude, or abusive language is not only unacceptable, it’s a lousy way to convince anyone of your point. Any posts that contain such language will be deleted.
  • Remember, there are no stupid questionsEveryone’s input is welcomed and honored. “Flaming” others or demeaning their participation may build your self-esteem but it won’t help build community.
  • Report inappropriate behaviorRemove and/or report to the moderators disrespectful or provocative content, but refrain from seeking vigilante justice.
  • Posting in upper case - In Internet terms, posting in all uppercase is a sign of yelling. Please respect your peers and do not post in uppercase.
  • This is NOT "The Dating Game." - Fans of Grey's Anatomy come here to chat with other Grey's Anatomy fans about the show. They do not come here to be hit on, etc. Please be respectful of this Wiki. It's to chat about Grey's Anatomy, add content, pictures, etc. This isn't
  • Respect the cast of Grey's Anatomy - Do not post any photographs that are clearly an invasion of privacy. The cast have a right to respect and privacy, just as each of us does.

(2) Act in good faith

  • Don’t pilfer material Don’t publish content to which you have no rights. Period. Full stop.
  • It’s about you, but not about YOU — This site exists to support an organic and communal body of information. Shameless self-promotion and hawking of wares are strictly verboten, not to mention pathetic.
  • No spamming or advertising - This site is a community for Grey's Anatomy fans to chat about the show. There is no posting of advertisements or spamming other members allowed. Your post will be deleted and you will be banned.

(3) Promote the community spirit

  • Use the Moderators as a resource — Reach out to the Moderators for guidance or advice on how best to leverage the site. They are there to help.
  • Share the experienceBe an ambassador of the community by enrolling others in the discussion, sponsoring a good debate, and setting a good, collaborative example.

(4) Sharing of Information

  • It is the year 2010 - any and all information is accessible over the Internet. Please do not share email addresses, phone numbers, home addresses, etc. in the threads. Get to know someone well before you share this information with them - privately. If you do share any private information, do it over PM (Private Message) not in a thread for all to see. If someone contacts you via PM and asks you for personal information and you're uncomfortable, please notify one of the moderators immediately. This is a community for all, use the Moderators as a resource to assist you. DON'T share information if you are uncomfortable about doing so.

(5) Who are the Moderators and How to Contact them:

  • Here is a list of the Moderators for this site. At any time you have a question, need to report inappropriate behavior, (flaming, foul language, spamming, etc.) feel free to send a message to any of the moderators below. You can click on the link to their name below and it will bring you to their profile page. Click "Send a Message", send the moderator a message and if you can, add a link to the discussion thread or page. Let the moderator know of the offensive or inappropriate behavior and they will deal with it. All of your PM's (Private Messages) are confidential and follow-ups are handled with discretion.

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