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Grey's Anatomy Catch Me up



Airdate: DATE,November 20109, 2006

Recap of Events:

Derek decides to go camping, so he invites Burke and somehow all the men of Seattle Grace, except for Mark, tag along. When Richard doesn't have a tent to camp in, he inadvertantly realizes that Joe and Walter are a couple.

Yang is punished by Bailey for removing her name from Burke's surgery. Izzie helps Cristina in order to escape her peer counsellor. Meredith is assigned to Mark's sexual reassignement patient.

While fishing, Joe tells Richard they're thinking about having children and Richard says he and Adele never did because she didn't want to raise them alone since he was always at the hospital. Joe says Walter says the same thing, since he's always at the bar, but that he'll do whatever it takes to keep Walter.
George discovers Burke's secret. Alex & George get in a fist fight.

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