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Grey's Anatomy Catch Me up



Airdate: DATE,February 20108, 2007

Recap of Events:
This episode opens with Meredith trying to deal (or not deal) with the fact that her mother is once again in an Alzheimer state--in other words, she doesn't recognize Meredith after being lucid for a short time last week. To Meredith, it's like she lost her mother all over again and she has to mourn. We see her in the bathtub, sunk deep down under water, and suddenly Derek is worried and pulls her out. She objects to being "rescued."

The Chief has to endure razzing by the other Attendings on the elevator--he died his gray hair black, thinking it'll help him with "the ladies." Addison comes to his rescue, feeling some

Cristina and Burke are arguing about who should tell the news about their engagement. Cristina is adamant she should tell her friends--especially Meredith--first, but even though she has many opportunities in the locker room, she can't quite get it out. Is she having second thoughts about the engagement, or is this another Cristina quirk?

The surgeons are gathered in the clinic for triage training, and are only half-heartedly paying attention when the Chief comes in and announces it's all hands on deck for a major catastrophe with multiple traumas.

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