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Episode 6:14


Airdate: February 11, 2010
Author: Katia2525

Recap of Events
So on this lovely Valentine’s Day, Owen and Derek have convinced a reluctant Meredith and Christina to go with them on a romantic date to celebrate the holiday. The girls luck out when on their way they spot a ton of ambulances headed toward the hospital and finally get paged back to the ER.

Back at the hospital, all scheduled procedures have been pushed to make way for the crowd coming in. Luckily, Arizona and Callie had dinner earlier and exchanged gifts. Dr. Warren –The Gas Man -- tries to invite Bailey out for a date, but she says no, that she is busy most nights with surgery. Then despite Callie and Arizona teasing her about liking him, she doesn’t change her answer.

Mark asks Callie to help him set up the crib as Sloan is coming home tonight and he wants to have it ready for her. Then he promptly leaves Callie to go hit on a new blond he sees who turns out to be…Lexie, who just dyed her hair. Lexie freaks out when she realizes that Mark didn’t recognize her and was trying to hit on her.

The cause for all the chaos at Seattle Grace is that a roof collapsed on a local restaurant and reporters are waiting outside for a statement. Several doctors come to Derek asking him for his Chief-like approval, but he just wants to go work on patients. Finally he puts on his jacket and heads outside to talk to them.

Alex is working on a waiter with a broken leg, who slips him a fifty to get put in a bed next to a women across the room. When he makes that happen, the man explains that he just thought the woman, who has been coming into his restaurant ever Friday for years, might want a familiar face just until she found out if her husband would be ok. Meredith and Alex then make a bet to see if his patient is going to hit on her patient. Later, that patient reveals to them that he is in love with her, and that he feels like her and her husband have been growing apart and are unhappy.
6.14 Valentine's Day Massacre
And guess who is back?! Dr. April (from Mercy West, who got fired in the chaos of the former Chief after accidentally killing a patient.) Well, apparently she was one that Derek rehired and she is acting as his secretary. She starts asking Meredith questions about this important breakfast meeting tomorrow and she can’t believe it when Mer says she might not be going. Apparently Meredith is not yet settled into the role of “Chief’s wife”. Later she comes up to them again and says that since Mer might not make it home before the event, she’ll go into her closet and pick something out for her to wear and then drop it back off. Clearly, Meredith is not having any of it.

Callie runs into Sloan at the hospital and agrees to give her an ultrasound when she realizes that the free clinic is closed. The baby looks fine and Sloan asks Callie for that information in writing, which she then confesses if for the adoption attorney. No she hasn’t told Mark and Callie isn’t allowed to either. When they run into Mark on their way out, he is really excited to see the ultrasound print out and keeps talking about how the child has the “Sloan nose.”

6.14 Valentine's Day MassacreLexie and Avery are working on a dishwasher who lost his arm when the roof collapsed. They are working on saving the arm when they get to talking about Mark and her new hair-do etc. Avery tells her that if she wants to change and be less mousy, she is going to have to change more than her hair – she is going to have to really change. Later they are told that even though the arm is viable, the stump is too damaged so the patient will lose his arm. But Avery pushes Lexie to tell Mark and Owen that there is a (rare) procedure they can do that will save his arm, and they finally agree.

Arizona arranges it so that Dr. Warren is working on the same surgery as Miranda. And proceeds to play Cupid all throughout the surgery, complimenting them both, talking about romantic date places. Etc. Eventually Bailey kicks Arizona out of the surgery room and just then, her surgery gets complicated.

So Callie corners Sloan into telling Mark about the adoption. And out of the blue, Mark decides he wants to keep the baby. And when Sloan says she wants him to have a whole family, Callie chimes in that she will help. Sloan says she’ll think about it.

Meredith tells Derek that she can’t make it to the breakfast because she is going into surgery and Derek agrees that she shouldn’t go. 6.14 Valentine's Day Massacre

Teddy and Owen run into each other and Teddy starts telling him about everything that’s going on in her life: her new house, her pet fish, her bikini wax, etc. She tells him that he used to be her best friend and she can’t understand why he won’t even look at her anymore. He tells her that when he talks to her he feels like he is cheating on Christina.

Mark gushes to Derek that he is going to be a father. He is very excited about the idea.

So Lexie and Avery’s patient wakes up to find a stump where his arm should be and is clearly upset…not as upset, however, as when they show him that his arm is being kept alive for a few days until the stump heals and they can reattach it. The way they’re keeping the arm alive? By attaching it to his leg! He freaks out and tells them they should have left him without an arm. He doesn’t want to be a freak.

Callie goes home to find Sloan sneaking out with all of her luggage. She says if she gives the baby to them it will still be her baby and she wants a clean slate (like the one her father got with her). Callie gives her a wad of money telling her to take her vitamins and not miss doctors appointments. And Sloan leaves.

When Meredith’s patient comes to, Mer informs her that her husband had some complications in surgery but they are working on him, and that the waiter had to be rushed to surgery and they are working on him too. The patient tells Meredith that she used to go to the restaurant because she knew the waiter had a crush on her, but then she met Bob, her husband and she loves him. And she keeps going back because he loves that restaurant, and marriage isn’t all that terrible after 15 years. In the end, her husband lives and when the woman finds out that the waiter is dead, she cries.

Dr. April tells Derek that she is really upset over having killed a patient and she doesn’t know if she should go back into surgery. He then brings her into surgery with him, and when the patient doesn’t make it, he gives her a pep talk.6.14 Valentine's Day Massacre

Bailey admits to Dr. Warren that she likes him and will go on a date with him,.

Lexie’s patient is happy when he realizes that since he is “special” his case has attracted press and with it, a lawyer that thinks the restaurant owes him a lot of money.

Lexie and Alex commiserate over their hatred of Valentine’s Day and inevitably make out.

Teddy tells Owen and Christina that she wants to be friends again and she wants him to forget what he said about loving him, etc. They both know you can’t “unring” the bell, but they are going to try.

In the end, Meredith gives her surgery to Christina to go and support Derek at the Brunch, but when she sees that they they have written “Mrs. Derek Shepherd” she is not pleased. Although, it looks like they will both adjust to their new roles after all.

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