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Airdate: May 19, 2011

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Unaccompanied Minor: Grey’s Anatomy Season Seven Finale Review

Definitely a finale with a lot of loose ends left untied. The Season 6 finale was different in that respect. It was action packed, exciting and full of drama; however most of the character storylines were more or less resolved. There was no cliff-hanger theme to last year’s finale. Shonda promised an episode which would focus on three of the original characters; and their personal dramas. Grey’s Anatomy wrapped up Season Seven leaving doubts and speculation as to what will happen next year. This year’s finale was an emotionally charged roller-coaster. After watching the episode last night, I am now counting the days until Season 8 premieres sometime in September.

The 757 crash story line was typical Grey’s Anatomy drama, however it was shocking to discover that nearly everyone died and the doctor’s were now in a position where they had to inform several families who were gathered in the cafeteria awaiting the news that their loved ones had died. One person survived and it was a child, an “Unaccompanied Minor” and she was rushed off to surgery straight away. Some of the families of the dead remained at the hospital to wait for and support the mother of the surviving child. It was definitely one of the most touching scenes on Grey’s Anatomy for a while.

In the opening scene when Derek and Meredith were waiting for the social worker and planning where the crib should go in the babies room evoked a feeling of sadness, as from the tone of Meredith’s narration, anyone who watches the previews and read the spoilers knew that things were about to fall apart for them. They begin their day at work as normal; and Owen bombards Derek with Alex’s drunken confession. It was not surprising when the Chief got to the bottom of the whole mess; realizing that Meredith did what she did for Adele that his attitude softened towards Meredith’s misdeed. He even admitted to pressuring Meredith to help Adele.

Derek could have been a bit more forgiving; however his feelings are understandable given how important the Alzheimer’s trail was to him. Meredith may have been helping Adele and Richard, but her mistake has threatened the trust in their marriage. As for dishonest, that supposition is debatable. When Meredith realised Alex knew, she knew she would eventually have to tell Derek; or the guilt would eat her up. As for Derek missing in action, well it’s normal to need space when you are angry and hurt.
Derek will be back, he just needs to sulk for a while. One he finds out about the adoption going through; he will be back with Meredith and Zola in a flash.

Meredith kicking Alex out was not a shock; however Meredith being the forgiving person that she is will most likely try to mend her friendship with Alex. This may take some time, as Alex seems pretty angry at everybody at the moment. Telling Lucy to go to hell at Joe’s was a classic and she deserved it. Meredith arriving home to find no-one at home was sad, and what she said to Zola was just beautiful.

She will make an excellent mother. As for Cristina finding out she’s pregnant. There was no doubt that a very difficult and emotional discussion was coming up. Owen knows how Cristina feels about having a child and Owen was right in saying that they needed to discuss it and make a decision as a couple. Owen felt that there was some way they could come to a compromise. Since when does Cristina compromise? And the only this was a situation which neither Owen or Cristina could win. Owen went as far as to offer staying home with the baby. It was inevitable that Cristina would decide to terminate the pregnancy. And as for discussing it with Owen before making the appointment; well that was probably a mistake on Cristina’s part. But if Cristina had of talked to Owen before scheduling an abortion; how do you think that conversation would have turned out. When Owen threw Cristina out of their house; that was over the line, his actions basically saying that the only compromise was for Cristina to do things his way, in other words; have the baby. It’s hard to say what will happen with these two. But I like Derek’s and Meredith’s chances of working out their marriage, better than this situation. Do you think this situation spells the end for Owen and Cristina?

April as chief resident was not a surprise. She really was the only contender in the end after considering everyone else’s attributes, talent and not to mention stupid mistakes. It was funny that Owen admitted to Alex being his first choice before he ratted out Meredith. At first it looked as though Meredith was the logical choice, however when Alex blurted out her secret; it became clear that Alex should have shut up. Owen is not at all fond of Meredith, so it raises doubt that she would have been considered at all. Will April cut it as chief resident; she certainly is not Bailey, which raises doubt as to whether she will be able to stick it out and get the other residents to respect her. She said as much to Jackson, after he congratulated her.

Mark and Lexie were as frustrating as ever. It seemed as though the whole “I’m letting you go,” speech between Mark and Lexie was total bull. Lexie as much as admitted that she would go running back to Mark, if he did not leave her alone. Lexie does not love Jackson, in the same way she loves Mark. Jackson deserves better and Lexie and Mark belong together.

I was hoping that Teddy would leave as I was angry with her over the whole feud with Cristina. Not once has Teddy been an adult and explained why Cristina has upset her. Teddy simply expects Cristina to read her mind. However if Cristina ends up alone she will only have her career and Teddy to (maybe) teach her. If Teddy had gone, Cristina would be without a cardio attending to teach her again. Besides Teddy and Cristina were once good friends. It was pretty clear Teddy had feelings for Henry during that heart surgery when Cristina removed a tumor. So Teddy made the right decision.

Bailey and Eli’s relationship creates mixed feelings. Bailey deserves to find someone and be happy and it would be good to see her have more of a storyline next season, however is Eli the right guy for her? All in all it was a good finale. It was a little depressing seeing our favourite characters in emotional turmoil. Given what was an extremely unique season containing many interesting and confronting events, including three weddings, babies, Callie and her baby almost dying and the drama of the Alzheimer’s trial and the race for Chief Resident. Season seven closed without all the of typical cliff-hanger scenarios, but it was a cliff-hanger finish nonetheless, with the focus on Meredith, Christina and Alex and what will happen in Season Eight. I can’t wait till September.

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