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This will be a 7 chapter book about Merder and their relationship progressing. It may take a while to be finished, but I'll try-#1mcdreamyfan753

Say Yes
Chapter 1

Meredith VO: There's this quote "You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving." -Amy Michael, and I guess it's true.

Izzie:(Banging on Mer's door) Mer, you're going to be late.
Derek: She's a little busy right now.
(Hears Meredith laughing in the background).
Alex: Leave her alone. If she wants to be late, then that's her problem.

(Flashes to locker room. You see Meredith rushing to get ready for rounds).

Bailey: Grey, you're late, don't let it happen again.
Meredith: Sorry Dr. Bailey.
Cristina: Someone's in a crabby mood. You up late last night?
Meredith: Shut up.
Cristina: Point proven.
Meredith: Shut up.
Cristina: Do tell.
Meredith: Nothing to tell. I just think we're moving forward.
Cristina: Don't go all happy on me.
Lexie: That's so great Mer.
Cristina: Go do charts.
Lexie: (Embarrassed) Alright.
Meredith: Be nice I am her sister. Well, half, at least.
Cristina: Like that's ever stopped you before.


George: Mr. Hamelton- Massive tumors from lung cancer in the brain, lungs and abdominal areas.
Derek: Now how should we treat this?
Cristina: Remove the tumors, and remove a portion of the lung where the cancer is at its worst.
Mr. Hamelton: Wait, remove my lung?

(Mark walks into the room).

Mark: Hello Mr. Hamelton, I'm Dr. Sloan. The plastics attending here at Seattle Grace.
Mr. Hamelton: So will you take out my lung?
Mark: Yes, I will replace it with and artificial lung part.
Derek: Isn't there a risk of infection with that?
Mark: It will be completely sterilized.
Derek: Dr. Grey, how will we remove the brain tumor?
Meredith: Drain the fluid in the tumor, and hope we can remove it from the brain.
Derek: Good, Yang and Karev, you can scrub in. Take good care of Mr. Hamelton.
Alex and Cristina: Yes, sir.


Meredith: Why are you scrubbing in?
Cristina: Your boyfriend likes me better.
Meredith: Shut up.
Lexie: All the charts are done Dr. Yang.
Cristina: Alright, now go.
Meredith: Lex, it's ok.
Lexie: No it's ok, have you seen George anyway?
Meredith: No, but check with Izzie.

(Flashes to Derek and Mark standing around the nurses station).

Derek: I'm going to do it.
Mark: Do what?
Derek: Pop the question.
Mark: Ok, but then I'll have to sleep with her.
Derek: Not if you want to be on the ground bleeding.
Mark: Very funny, very funny.

(Flashes to the middle of Mr. Hamelton's surgery).

Derek: Dr. Yang, can you assist me?
Cristina: Yes.
Derek: If I ask Meredith to marry me, do you think she'll say yes?
Cristina: No, but maybe.


Cristina: He asked me if I thought you would marry him, that was why he wanted me to scrub in.
Meredith: What did you say?
Cristina: No, but maybe.
Meredith: Oh, he is in so much trouble. And by the way, I would.

(Flashes to Meredith chasing Derek down a hallway).

Meredith: I told you, you don't get to have Cristina on your side.
Derek: What?
Meredith: You asked her if I would marry you.
Derek: Do you want to marry me?
Meredith: Yes

(Derek gets on one knee and grabs a scalpel).

Derek: Meredith Grey, will you marry me?
Meredith: Yes.
Derek: Seriously?
Meredith: Yes.
Derek: It's settled then, you will now be known as Meredith Grey-Shepherd.
Meredith: Why Grey-Shepherd?
Derek: Well, you remember when Addison was still my wife, and everyone got confused, so they called her Mongomery-Shepherd.
Meredith: True.

Making Plans
Chapter 2

Meredith:(Frantic) My alarm was off. If I'm late Bailey's going to kill me.
Derek: I shut it off.
Meredith: Why would you do that? You know Bailey.
Derek: We have the day off today, and I'm only going in if they absolutely need me. You can come with me then or stay here.
Meredith: Ok then, what are we going to do today?
Derek: Plan.
Meredith: Plan?
Derek: The wedding.
Meredith: Oh, ok.


Cristina: Mer gets the day off, sucks.
Izzie: Give her a break, she's finally going to be happy.
Cristina: Still. (Walks into ER) Never mind, guy with a door in his stomach is mine.

(Flashes to Derek and Meredith).

Derek: Should Mark be my best man, again?
Meredith: Yes.
Derek: Yeah, I guess you're right.
Meredith: Cristina's my maid of honor, and Izzie, Lexie and Bailey are my bridesmades.
Derek: Bailey? I like it. And it's great you want Lexie as a bridesmade.
Meredith: Ok.
Derek: Now when is the wedding going to be?
Meredith: As soon as possible.
Derek: Yes, before you change your mind.
Meredith: How about next month on Christmas Eve.
Derek: That sounds good.
Meredith: Ok then.
Derek: Lets write all the invitations.

(Shows them writing, then flashes to the hospital).

Chief: This is bad.
Bailey: We need all the hands we can get.
Chief: Everyone is working.
Bailey: Derek and Meredith?
Chief: No.
Bailey: We need them.
Chief: All right Derek has multiple consults anyway.

(Derek has turns on the TV).

Derek: Whoa.
Meredith: What?
Derek: Massive freeway accident.
Meredith:Holy cow.

(Both pagers go off).

Meredith: The chief needs us pronto.
Derek: Lets go.

Stress and Getting More Yes's
Chapter 3

(Meredith and Derek at the hospital).

Derek: Where do you need us chief.
Chief: Multiple consults, trauma room 1 and 2.
Meredith: What about me?
Chief: Grab a patient.
Meredith: Got it.


Meredith: You want to be my maid of honor?
Cristina: Ok.
Meredith: Izzie, Lexie, and Bailey are my bridesmades.
Cristina: Bailey, seriously?
Meredith: It will make her happy.
Cristina: Whatever.
Meredith: Where's Izzie?
Cristina: Try the on call room, with Alex.

(Flashes to outside on-call room).

Meredith: Izzie I need to talk to you.
Alex: She's a little busy right now.

(Izzie laughs in the background).

Derek: Let her go, you can ask her later.
Meredith: WHOA! Where did you come from?
Derek: You want to scrub in on a craniotomy?
Meredith: Oh, yes.
Derek: Meet me after Mr. Hamelton's surgery at one.
Meredith: Got it.

(Flashes to Meredith and Bailey).

Bailey: What do you want?
Meredith: I kind of need to ask you something, but it's not medical, more personal.
Bailey: What, Grey, I don't have all day.
Meredith: Would you like to be one of my bridesmades?
Bailey: Seriously?
Meredith: Yep.
Bailey: (Smirks) Well allrighty then.

(Flashes to Derek and Mark).

Mark: Well are you going to ask me?
Derek: What?
Mark: To be your best man.
Derek: That depends, will you sleep with Meredith?
Mark: Maybe.

(Derek gives him a playfully angry look).

Mark: Kidding.
Derek: Fine, you can be my best man.
Mark: When's the wedding?
Derek: December 24th.
Mark: A month? Are you crazy? Why so fast?
Derek: Ah. No, I'm not crazy. I'm just going to do this before Mer changes her mind.
Mark: Unless she's stupid she won't.

(Flashes to Meredith and Cristina).

Meredith: Hey where's Lexie?
Cristina: I don't know.
Meredith: You are her resident.
Cristina: So?

(Lexie walks up).

Lexie: You paged me.
Cristina: No.
Meredith: I did. I need to ask you so meting.
Lexie: What?
Meredith: Do you want to be one of my bridesmades?
Lexie: Ah. Yes! Thanks.

(You see Mer walk up to Izzie).

Izzie: Hey, sorry about before. You wanted to ask me something?
Meredith: Ya, do you want to be one of my bridesmades?
Izzie: Sure. It's so great you get to finally be happy.
Meredith: Thanks.

Meeting the Family
Chapter 4

Meredith: You ready.
Derek: Yes, lets go to OR-1.
Meredith: Ok.

(Flashes to the middle of surgery).

Meredith: Craniotomies are incredible.
Derek: I know. I need to ask you something.
Meredith: You've got a bleed.
Derek: Her brain's hemorrhaging. Push one of attripine.
Nurse: Yes Dr.

(After Surgery).

Meredith: I can't believe we saved her.
Derek: It's a miracle, but yes.
Meredith: Well I'll keep you posted on her condition.
Derek: Wait, I need to ask you something.
Meredith: What?
Derek: You need to meet my family. They're flying in for Thanksgiving tomorrow, so...
Meredith: Time to cook a turkey dinner.
Derek: (smiles) Yep.


( It's now Thanksgiving day).

Meredith: Iz! Where's Derek?
Izzie: He got paged in for an emergency consult.
Meredith: Damn. I need his help.
Izzie: Are you cooking? Or trying to cook?
Meredith: Trying to.
Izzie: Let me do it.
Meredith: Thanks Iz, you're a lifesaver.
Izzie: You want to make it up to me?
Meredith: Yes.
Izzie: Ask Alex if he has anything planned for us.
Meredith: Got it.

(Flashes to when Derek gets home).

Derek: I'm so sorry.
Meredith: It's ok.
Derek: Hows dinner?
Meredith: I was having trouble, so Iz said she'd make it.
Derek: Great, she's a good cook.
Meredith: Tell me about your family.
Derek: I have a mom, Carolyn, and four sisters. Nancy, Kathleen, Anna and Nicole.
Meredith: Ok, what should I talk about.
Derek: Whatever you do, don't mention Addison or Mark. Other than that, anything.
Meredith: Easily done.

(Flashes to Mer getting ready).

Alex: Hey, can I ask you something.
Meredith: Sure.
Alex: Would Izzie like to go to see a movie, or a dinner.
Meredith: Dinner.
Alex: I'm going to take her somewhere. The question is where?
Meredith: Isn't there a new restaurant by the hospital? Take her there.
Alex: Right, thanks Mer.
Meredith: Welcome.

(The doorbell rings).

Derek: You ready?
Meredith: As ready as I'll ever be.
Derek: (Kisses her on the cheek) Don't worry. I love you, so so will they.
Meredith: (Hugs him) You're right. And I love you too.

(Meredith opens the door. A flood of people come in).
(There are a lot of hugs and kisses for Derek).

Carolyn: Oh my baby, I've missed you.
Derek: (Turns a little red). Hi Mom.
Carolyn: I can't believe you made history.
Derek: We, actually.
Carolyn: What?
Derek: I couldn't have done it without Meredith.
Meredith: Aw, thanks Derek. Hi, I'm Meredith.
Carolyn: Hello.
Derek: Mer, these are my sisters Kathleen, but you can call her Kathy, Anna, Nicole, and you've met Nancy.
Nancy: Hello, Meredith.
Kathy: Wow, Derek, you find good women.
Anna: I agree.
Nicole: So you guys are getting married? That's so awesome.
Meredith and Derek: Yes, thanks.


(Meredith's pager goes off).

Meredith: George? I'm going to call him and see what he needs.
Derek: Ok.
Carolyn: She seems nice.
Derek: She means the world to me.
Carloyn: Well, as long as you're happy.
Derek: I've never been happier.
Carolyn: Addison?
Derek: Meredith is ten times better than Addison.
Caryolyn: Derek Christopher Shepherd, don't say that.

(Alex walks in).

Alex: Sorry to interrupt, but have you seen Iz?
Derek: No, I haven't. Mom, this is Alex, my roommate and one of my residents.
Carolyn: Hello.
Alex: Hello.

(Mer walks back in).

Meredith: Mrs. Seth coded. CT showed that her brain hemorrhaged.
Derek: Crap.
Meredith: It's ok.
Derek: No, it's not. What went wrong?
Meredith: It happens. It's ok.
Derek: You're right. Thanks. (Walks up and kisses her).
Meredith: (Smiles). Welcome.
Izzie: Mer, your dinner's ready.
Meredith: Ok, I'll go get that ready.
Derek: I'll help you.
Meredith: Iz, can you show them to the dining room?
Izzie: Sure. Hi, I'm Izzie. One of the doctors at Seattle Grace.
Derek: What do you think?
Meredith: They're nice, but do they like me?
Derek: Definitely.
Meredith: Give me something to talk about.
Derek: The Giants.
Meredith: What?
Derek: The football team.
Meredith: Ok, I actually know a little about them.

(At dinner).

Carolyn: So Meredith, where did you go to school?
Meredith: Dartmouth.
Carolyn: Good school.
Meredith: Yep.

(Carolyn is cutting her turkey when she accidentally cuts her hand).

Carolyn: Ow!!
Derek: Mom are you all right?
Carolyn: No, I cut myself.
Derek: That's a big gash, we need to get you to the hospital for stitches.
Carolyn: I'll be fine.
Meredith: Derek, we need to stop the bleeding.
Derek: Right.
Meredith: (Rushes over). Here, I'll stop it, you go get the car.
Derek: Ok.

(Derek gets the car and everyone piles in).

(They are now at the hospital).

Meredith: I can't stop the bleeding.
Derek: More pressure.
Meredith: I can't.
Derek: Look at me. (She does). You can.
Meredith: Ok. It's slowing.
Derek: Get her to the ER. I'm getting a suture kit.


(They are suturing Carolyn up).

Kathy: I don't feel so good.
Derek: Crap. Blood makes you sick. Turn around.

(Kathy falls and hits her head. Mark and the chief walk in).

Chief: What the hell are you doing.
Derek: My mom accidentally cut herself at dinner. We came here to stitch it up. My sister, Kathy, fainted, and now she's seizing. OH MY GOD!!!! She's seizing.
Mark: Well, that's not good.
Carolyn: What does it mean?
Derek: It means something is wrong with her brain.
Carolyn: Can you fix it?
Derek: I don't even know what's wrong.
Chief: Meredith finish the sutures, then get Kathy down for a CT. Derek, my office, now.

(Carolyn is worked up in the background.

Derek: Mark, please try and keep my mom calm.
Mark: How exactly do you want me to do that?
Chief: Do it.

(Derek and the chief are in the chief's office).

Chief: I shouldn't do this, but I'm going to.
Derek: Do what?
Chief: Break the no family in the OR rule.
Derek: Seriously?
Chief: Seriously. If Meredith, Bailey, Mark, and myself are in that OR.
Derek: Done.


Meredith: Scans are up.
Derek: Here we go.
Mark: You want your mom to see?
Derek: Why not?
Meredith: Here it is.
Carolyn: What is it?
Derek: Sub-arachnoid hemorrhage.
Meredith: Like Katie Bryce.
Derek: Exactly.
Carolyn: Can you fix it?
Mark: He'll do his very best.

(Flashes to Kathy's room).

Kathy: Derek, what's wrong with me?
Derek: You have something called a sub-arachnoid hemorrhage.
Kathy: Is that bad?
Derek: Very, but Meredith, Dr.Bailey, Mark, and the chief are going to fix it.
Meredith and Mark: Ok.

Chapter 5

(Shows Meredith and Derek by the OR Board).

Derek: Who would have thought?
Meredith: It's ok.
Derek: Do you think my family family can stay at your place?
Meredith: Our.
Derek: What?
Meredith: It's our place. Until you build me a house that is.
Derek: Seriously?
Meredith: Seriously.
Derek: There goes our plans.
Meredith: Plans?
Derek: I was going to take you to dinner and have a little fun afterwards, but..............
Meredith: Skip dinner, go with the after.
Derek: The bed squeaks.
Meredith: I got someone to fix that.
Derek: Ok, I like this plan.

(Flashes to Derek and Carolyn).

Derek: It will be ok, Mom.
Carolyn: (Clings to him). You have to save her.
Chief: Derek, why doesn't your mom watch from the gallery.
Derek: Breaking all the rules today, Chief.
Carolyn: Ok.
Derek: Mer, take my mom to the gallery, then scrub in. I need a minute.
Meredith: You ok?
Derek: I'm about to cut into my sister's brain, what do you think?
Meredith: (Kisses him). You'll do fine.
Derek: Ya, thanks.

(Flashes to the middle of Kathy's surgery).

Derek: We're almost done here, you want to close?
Meredith: Sure.
Derek: Ok.
Meredith: You've got a bleed.
Derek: Crap. I can't do this.
Meredith: Look at me. (He does). You can do this. You can save your sister.


(After the surgery).

Carolyn: Derek, you did it! You did it! And you, Meredith, you kept his head in it. Now I see why you want to marry her.
Meredith: Thanks.
Derek: Mom, if you want, you can stay at our house until Kathy is healed.
Carolyn: Really? Is there enough room?
Derek: Well, there isn't, so Meredith and I are going to stay at the trailer, and you can stay in the house.
Carolyn: Are you sure?
Meredith: Completely.
Carolyn: Ok. I don't think I'll be able to thank you guys enough.

(Carolyn walks away).

Meredith: The trailer?
Derek: Dream house.
Meredith: Ok.

The Day Of....
Chapter 6

(It is now the day of the wedding).

Derek: You ready?
Meredith: Nope.
Derek: I'll see you at the altar.
Meredith: Wait there for me.
Derek: (Kisses her). You did, so I will.

(Derek's pager goes off).

Derek: Hmm? Hope I'm not late.
Meredith: You better not be, or I'm marrying Mark.
Derek: Never.

(Derek's at the hospital).

Derek: Chief.
Chief: I'm sorry to do this, but I need you.
Derek: Yes?
Chief: Trauma room 1. Skull cracked in half.
Derek: Mark?

(Mark walks in).

Mark: Right here Mr. Groom. Lets save a life so you can get married.
Derek: (Mumbles). Well, at least Mer can't marry you.
Mark: What?
Derek: Nothing.

(Mer's House).

Meredith: Cristina, I'm kind of freaking out here.
Cristina: Well, at least you still have eyebrows.
Bailey: Now everybody just calm yourselves down.
Izzie: Yeah, you need to get ready.

(The phone rings).
(Izzie goes to get it).

Izzie: I've got bad news.
Meredith: What?
Izzie: Derek got pulled into emergency surgery.
Meredith: WHAT?!?!
Izzie: He said he's not going to be late.
Meredith: I'm ok, I'm ok.

(Flashes to the middle of Derek's surgery).

Derek: Damn it.
Mark: What?
Derek: It's 12:30.
Mark: So?
Derek: The wedding's at 2:00 and we're not even close.
Mark: We'll get you there in time.
Derek: Yeah:
Mark: Some bachelor party.
Derek: I cut into brains every day.
Mark: Skull cracked in half?
Derek: True.

(It's now 1:30).

Derek: What am I going to do.
Mark: Let's just finish.
Derek: We'll be done in ten minutes and it's a twenty five minute ride to the church.
Mark: Speed.
Derek: Alright. Let's close.

(At the church).

Meredith: Is he here yet?
Cristina: Nope.
Meredith: He better be here.
Bailey: He will.
Izzie: I know he will.

(Derek and Mark are on their way).

The Wedding
Chapter 7

Izzie: He's here.
Meredith: Ok, we ready?
Cristina: I guess.

(The music plays and Meredith walks down the isle).

Derek: I"m so sorry.
Meredith: Are you wearing your scrubs under your tux?
Derek: Yep, and Mark is too. We had to change on the way, so they stayed on.
Meredith: Well, lets do this so we can get our "romantic getaway".

Meredith VO: You can give and it feels good, but at the end of the day, it pays to be loved.

The wedding procedes and Derek and Meredith go on their honeymoon. Read The Last Episode Fanfic to find out what happens long after this.

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