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Episode 6:15


Airdate: February 18, 2010
Author: Katia2525

Recap of Events:
New Interim Chief Derek Shepherd has re-instituted Lecture Day at Seattle Grace! Up on the schedule are Bailey, a terrified-of-public-speaking Callie, and last minute addition Richard Webber. Apparently Richard thought that if he went to AA meetings (which he is doing) he would be reinstated as Chief, but Derek tells him that is subject to Board Approval, and the Board did not approve. Derek offers him a position under him as just plain ole’ surgeon, and he says no. But he does agree to give one final lecture.

[Untitled]The first speaker up is Bailey, who talks about when she was an intern in 2003. ”Mandy” has long braids in her hair and thick purple glasses and is painfully quiet and respectful, even though she knows what she was talking about. Her, the Chief and her Resident Dr. Balo are all working on a patient with abdominal pain who has been in and out of the hospital and no one can find what is wrong with her. It is clear that Mandy is the only one who has actually gotten to know the patient: she knows that she is vegan and probably doesn’t have a problem of high cholesterol.

She makes a quick enemy of her Resident because she seems to be a know it all, and she can’t stand up for herself. When Mandy diagnoses appendicitis, the Chief lets her operate. He tells her she is acting like a minnow, but in the hospital you have to be a shark. So it turns out there was no actual problem with the appendix, and they send the patient away with a diagnosis of depression. Mandy fights for more tests, but they all turn out negative.
6.14 Valentine's Day Massacre
When the patient comes back into the hospital months later and the doctors want to open her up again since they still don’t know what is wrong, Miranda snaps. She cancels her Resident’s surgery (a big no-no) and proceeds to put her in her place. She comes up with the diagnosis, one that the Resident doctor would have come up with, if she had listened more closely to the patient’s complaints. The Chief catches her yelling at her superior and takes her into his office and pretends to yell at her.

Morals of the story: Patient histories are important, sometimes the doctor has to be the patient’s advocate, and stand up for yourself.

Next up at the lecture series is Callie, who is a terrible public speaker, by the way. She mumbles through a story, with help from Karev and Arizona. Callie is in her 3rd year as a resident when she meets Alex Karev, who leads her to believe that he is that “famous” intern who saved the heart in the elevator. Well, big surprise, they start out hitting on each other. Ok, so Callie somehow ends up promising a patient with Clubfoot that he will walk again. The Chief did not like her arrogance and basically said that if she failed she would be fired.

Midway through his first surgery, he started to become unstable and they had to close him up. But after they surgery they realized that he was able to move his feet a little bit and he wants her to try again. She is doubting herself because of what the Chief had told her, but Alex gives her a pep talk. So she tries again, but this time he has heart complications during surgery. She needs Alex to basically do what he did in the elevator, but he has to admit that is was George. So eventually, they decide to fix him with a series of shorter surgeries and eventually they accomplish the impossible and he walks again. Callie and Alex celebrate by hooking up. Moral of the story: If you are scared of public speaking, throw away the notes and just tell your story…and if you need help from a friend who was also there, that works too.

And last but not least, we have the Chief who tells everyone about when he was a Resident in 1982, working 6.15 The Time Warpalong side Ellis Grey. Although they were both gifted surgeons, they were both discriminated against in a sexist and racist 1980s medical field. They were in a secret relationship at this point, hooking up in the On Call rooms and hiding it from their families and co-workers.

Their patient has GRID (1982 term for AIDS) which stands for Gay Related Immune Deficiency. When they explain this to their patient, he is super offended and leaves the hospital. He comes back in a few months with Kaposi’s Sarcoma, wounds on his face that are only caused by AIDS.

Meredith’s dad brings her into the hospital to visit her mom and Ellis pretty much ignores her. Later, when Richard says that their affair is wrong, Ellis says that their marriages are wrong, they are what’s right. She also makes it clear that her collegues treat her differently because she is a woman and a mother, and she is clearly not happy about it.

At this point in history, no one knows anything about AIDS, so no one wants to operate on a problem that the patient is having, except Ellis and Richard. They know it could be dangerous and that it won’t save his life, but they want to do it anyway. They do complete the surgery successfully, but of course the patient eventually dies.

Ellis tells Richard he wants her to leave his wife, but he says that he won’t. She also encourages him to drink.

Richard then finishes his speech with a recitation of his Physician’s Oath, and gets a standing ovation.

Moral of the story: The doctors around you are the biggest influences in your life, you can learn from them and teach them. Also, remember your oath, cause things can get messy and it’s easy to lose your way.

Derek offers the Chief the surgeon job again, and he says he’ll think about it.

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