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Airdate: April 2, 2006

Recap of Events:

The episode starts at Joe's Bar, where the bartender Joe and Derek Shepherd are watching Meredith Grey attempting to knit. The two try to convince her to have a drink and be normal, but she says that she's trying to be celibate, and alcohol doesn't help. She explains that her recent sexual endeavors have been complete disasters and that the knitting is just a distraction. Meanwhile, Izzie Stevens is hanging out with heart patient Denny Duquette, and it's clear that she's incredibly irritated with Meredith and how she "broke" George O'Malley. She's knitting a sweater to make it look like Meredith is succeeding at her knitting, which she is not. Denny flirts with Izzie and the two are having a good time.

At Preston Burke's apartment, Callie Torres, George, Burke and Cristina Yang are playing a game of Taboo and it's clear Cristina hates losing to Callie and George. She gets obsessed with Burke losing to the clue 'Madonna' and talks about it to her fellow interns. Izzie wants Cristina to make George move back to Meredith's house, but Cristina says that Burke needs to do it.

Alex Karev is in surgery with Burke and they are operating on a woman's cancer, but they find that it is incredibly advanced and Alex says that "she's toast". Burke finds this comment incredibly insensitive. Cristina begins taking a skills lab that utilizes wires and computers to do practice surgeries. Chief Richard Webber decides to also attend the class, and it's clear that Cristina intends to ace it.

Addison Shepherd's newest patient, Molly Thompson, has a pregnancy with a few complications that will require some work-up, which makes her mother Susan a bit nervous. Addison puts George on the case, and as they leave Meredith's father, Thatcher Grey, is shown to be in the hall and it's revealed that he is also the father of Molly and that Susan is his wife. George knows who Thatcher is, but doesn't say anything.

At the surgical board, Miranda Bailey is expressing concern that she is being "mommy-tracked" and that attendings aren't putting her on their service, and so asks Derek to treat her like she's an intern and put her to work. Derek thinks she's freaking out a bit, but agrees. Izzie starts to gossip about Callie, but then Callie appears behind her and puts both her and Meredith onto orthopedic work.

Burke is explaining to his patient, Mrs. Beatrice Carver, that they couldn't get all her cancer because it had spread too far. She demands they go back in to get the rest, but then goes silent when her teenage daughter Amelia appears. It's clear that Mrs. Carver doesn't like to discuss it in front of her daughter. Meanwhile at the skills lab, Cristina and Chief Webber are participating in the practice surgeries, and Cristina seems to be doing much better at it.

Callie has Izzie and Meredith hold a patient while she pops a few hips back in, but Izzie seems to be prodding into Callie's life a bit too eagerly. Izzie goes and talks to George and asks if they could hang out, but he just wants to get over Meredith, which is difficult because he has just learned about Meredith's half-sister. Izzie seems a bit shocked.

Derek brings Bailey into an awake brain surgery on a young teenage boy named Andrew. He seems very nervous to be awake in surgery, but Derek keeps him talking until they learn that he is a champion speller. To keep him talking, Bailey and Derek start to challenge his spelling by giving him complex medical words like acetaminophen, fibromyalgia and omphalocele. However, during his attempt at omphalocele, his speech starts to slur and become unintelligible. Bailey steps in front of Andrew and tries to get him to speak clearly as Derek manipulates parts of his brain. He gets his speech back and spells omphalocele correctly, and Bailey begins to cry slightly in relief, which she blames on excess estrogen. Later, Andrew wakes up from surgery and Bailey greets him, but he doesn't remember anything that happened. Bailey tells him about her son, and that she's going to go home and talk about meeting the "best speller in Seattle."

Elsewhere, Addison is angry at George because it's clear he's distracted. He reveals to her how Molly is related to Meredith and she lets him off the hook. George then tells Cristina and they discuss it at the cafeteria until Chief Webber shows up to talk about the skills lab. He insists that although Cristina is very good at the lab, she still needs to know the basics. The interns sit awkwardly until the Chief leaves. When Meredith shows up, George bails. Cristina then tells her she has a sister. Addison speaks with Molly again until Meredith arrives, who comes to do the work-up without revealing her last name. Molly begins to talk about her family, and reveals she has a sister named Lexie. Meredith is overwhelmed with this information and goes into an orthopedic lab where she asks if she can smash bones. Callie gives her a cast to destroy, and Izzie asks her about George, and it's clear Callie is sick and tired of hearing condescending things from them.

Burke's patient is panicking and demands to leave the hospital, and Alex reprimands her concerning her daughter's ignorance and asks her if she'd be happy falling dead outside the hospital. Burke gets angry at him for his insensitivity. Mrs. Carver continues to lie to her daughter about her condition, and Alex tells her that she's going to die very soon and so she should be honest. Mrs. Carver insists that she's protecting her daughter and Alex doesn't believe it. Burke starts to berrate Alex again, but Alex says that he tells the truth despite everyone lying all the time. He says that the truth is the one thing he has, and says "you can't take that away from me, and call it a lesson." Later on, Mrs. Carver starts to tell her daughter important things like personal hygeine and which college to go to. At first her daughter thinks it's just morbid conversation, but when Mrs. Carver starts to discuss her daughter's wedding day she realizes that her mother is dying and the two cry together. Mrs. Carver makes her daughter promise that she will not be sad for her mother's death for too long and to live a happy life.

Back down at the final skills lab, Chief Webber and Cristina are clearly competing against each other now, and limber up. Cristina sees that Chief Webber pulls off the entire lab with his eyes closed, and the instructor rates his performance as flawless. He gets right up to Cristina's ear and whispers "That's why I'm the Chief." He then showboats out the door.
Susan Grey confronts Meredith and reveals that she recognizes her. She says that Thatcher thinks of Meredith all the time. Meanwhile, in front of the surgical board Chief Webber finds Thatcher reading it and reflecting upon when Ellis was a resident. The Chief tells Thatcher about Ellis' Alzheimer's. Thatcher then meets up with George and tells him a bit about Ellis and Meredith, and George realizes that Meredith had met with her father the day they slept together. He starts to say kind things about Meredith to her father while she listens from a distance. George tells Thatcher that Meredith went home, and she thanks him.

Izzie presents her knitted sweater to Denny. They flirt back and forth, smiling all the way. Cristina meets up with the Chief and says how inspired she is by his success and he reminds her to always stick to the basics. Using this advice, she walks around Burke's apartment naked which shocks both Burke and George, and Burke promptly throws George out. George is at the hospital and calls Callie, but he can hear the ringtone and catches her living in the hospital basement. She insists that she's not crazy, she just thinks it's easier to live in the hospital, but George simply asks her to cut his hair. The two kiss.

Meredith is knitting in the waiting room of a vet clinic, waiting for her dog, Doc. She then meets the attractive Finn Dandrige.

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