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This is a FanFic of what i think(or hope) the last episode ever will be like. Hope you like it.-#1mcdreamyfan753


Meredith VO: The game. They say a person either has what it takes to play or they don't. My mother was one of the greats. Me, on the other hand…I'm kinda screwed.

Derek: (Coming out of surgery)Where is she?
Chief: With Addison-In labor.
Derek: What room?
Chief: OR 1
Derek: Complications?
Chief: Yes
Derek: No!(Rushes to OR)
Derek: What happened
Addison: Don't worry she'll be fine, but
Derek: But what?
Addison: You are now the proud father of twins
Meredith: Oh Derek, how great. A girl for me and.....
Derek: A boy for me?
(Meredith nods)
Meredith: I'm so happy.
Derek: How much do they weigh?
Meredith:The boy is 7lbs-2oz
Addison: The girl is 4lbs-1oz
Derek: Small
Meredith: But so beautiful
Addison: Sorry to interrupt, but...
Alex: Twins, especially unexpected ones, and a small one could have health problems.
Addison: Dr. Karev, lets go see how these little ones are doing.
Derek: Well what should we name them?
Meredith: Lets name the boy...
Derek: Maxwell and the girl should be an extraordinary woman
Meredith: Like who
Derek: Well I was thinking you.
Meredith: It's settled Maxwell and Meredith
Derek: M&M


Addison: You only needed me to stay until Mer is back on her feet, but I want to stay
Chief: All right, welcome back to Seattle Grace
(Later in Meredith's room)
Christina: Mer, you know how sometimes it's about you and sometimes it's about me, well this is about me. Guess who's coming back to stay?
Meredith: Your mother
Christina: Never
Meredith: Then who?
Christina: Burke- Soon the wedding will be back on.
Meredith: He finally called didn't he.
Christina: He told me the biggest mistake of his life was leaving me.
(Flash to CT)
Alex: George page Dr. Shepherd
George: Got it
Derek: What is it
Alex: It's little Meredith
Derek: What?
George: She has a tumor
Alex: A brain tumor
Derek: Your kidding me
George: Look at the scans
Derek: If we don't operate now she may never have the power of speech


Derek:(to George) Go get Mer and Richard
George: Got it
Meredith: What is it?
Derek: Look at the scans
Meredith: Ohh a tumor, are we going in, that will make my day perfect
Derek: Look at who's in the CT
Meredith: NO!!(Starts to cry)
Derek: Tell the chief where we are at then have him page me (takes Mer out of the room)
(A few seconds later the Chief walks in)
Alex: Chief, little Meredith has a tumor
Chief: REALLY!!
Alex: Yes you are supposed to figure out what to do and then page Dr. Shepherd
(Flashes to Mark and Izzie)
Mark: Dr. Stevens just the surgeon I was looking for
Izzie: I'm on to you, what do you want?
Mark: Hey, take it easy. I was just wondering if you would like to assist me on a facial reconstruction surgery
Izzie: I'm in. What happened?
Mark: Burn victim
(Flashes to Chief)
Chief: Miranda, what should I do?
Bailey: Are you that much of a blind moron that you don't know what to do?
Chief: I guess
Bailey: You've got one choice and one choice only. Your two attending neurosurgeons are Derek and Meredith, who are family, so you let them both go.
Chief: What?
Bailey: They can hold each other together that way.
Chief: Thanks, Miranda. You really know how to help me when I need it.


Chief:(to Derek and Meredith) I know the rules, but we're going to break them today.
Derek: What are you talking about?
Chief: I want you both in little Meredith's surgery today
Derek and Meredith:(in unison) Really?
Chief: You will be assisted by Dr. Sloan and Dr. Yang
(Flashes to Mark in surgery)
Mark: Excellent surgery Dr. Stevens
Izzie: Thank you, Dr. Sloan
Mark: Can you close here, I've got another surgery to scrub in to.
Izzie:(Disappointed look) Oh, all right
Derek:(Scrubbing in, talking to Meredith) Do you know that this is the only time that I take this ring off in the 2 years we've been married? And I wouldn't if I didn't have to.
Meredith: It's the same with me, I don't ever want to take off the token of our marriage.
Derek: All right lets go save our little girl.
Meredith: Right with you(smiles).
Derek:(to the OR Staff) All right everyone, it's a beautiful night to save my daughter's life, lets have some fun.
Meredith: Lets go
(Goes to the middle of the surgery)
Meredith: This is going smoothly
Derek: Thats a big plus, you want to take over here?
Meredith: You go ahead and finish, cause your doing fine.
Nurse: Vitals are dropping
Meredith: Derek your too far in
Derek: I know. I can't do this, this is crazy.
Meredith: Derek, let me take over.
Derek: Here
Mark: Calm down, you can do this Derek. Guide Meredith and work together to save your child
Christina: Mer, you can do this. Just do your dark and twisty thing
(Flashes to the end of the surgery)
Addison: How was it?
Meredith and Derek:(in unison) A huge success
Addison: That's great, have you seen the Chief?
Derek: No idea where he is


Chief: What do you need Addie
Addison: I know I told you I was coming back to stay, but I can't. I miss him, and they are so happy, and that is all I wanted with him. Give the attending position to Karev
Chief: Karev really?
Addison: Yes, he knows how to handle it, trust me
Chief: Dr. Karev come here please.
Alex: Yes?
Chief: The attending OBG/YN position is open, do you want it
Alex: Definitely
Chief: Alright Addie, you were right
Addison: Always am
(Flashes to Christina in the middle of open heart surgery)
Christina's pager goes off
Nurse: Your pager says turn around
Christina:(Turns around) Burke!!!!
Burke waves
(Flashes to end of surgery)
Burke: Oh how I've missed you
Christina: Not as much as I've missed you
Burke: I have one question to ask. Will you marry me?
Christina: Yes
Burke: YESSS
(Flashes to the meeting hall where they hold M&M's)
Chief: I have an announcement to make everyone, I'm stepping down.
All of the Crowd: (shouting) No, who's gonna be the next chief. We need you, ect.
Chief: My successor is Derek Shepherd.
Derek: Really?
Chief: Yes, today is my last evening at Seattle Grace.
Meredith: Way to go chief, all in one day we had twins, saved our little girl's life, and had you become chief.
Derek: I need Alex, George, Christina, Izzie, and you to meet me outside of OR 1
(Flashes to OR1)
Derek: You guys are going to get different placements now. Alex you are the attending OBG/YN surgeon. George and Izzie, you run the clinic together. Christina you are the attending Cardio surgeon. Mer, you run Neuro for me.
Everyone: OK Chief
Derek: I like that


Chief: I'm going to miss this place.
Derek: I can't believe your stepping down
(Burke walkes up)
Burke: Chief, Richard, hello
Derek and Richard: Burke!!!! We've missed your hands.
Burke: I was wondering if I could have a job here
Derek: Yesss!!!! You'll have to share the attending position with Christina though
Burke: Perfect


(Shows Meredith and Derek asleep in Mer's hospital bed, Christina and Burke embracing each other, George and Izzie asleep together, Mark chasing after Addison, and Richard with Adele.)

MeredithVO: I can think of a thousand reasons why I should be a surgeon, but I can't think of a single reason why I should quit. They make it hard on purpose. There are lives in our hands. There comes a moment when it's more than just a game, and you either take that step forward or turn around and walk away. I could quit but here's the thing, I love the playing field.

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