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A fan fic of the long awaited merder hookup-

Previously on Grey's Anatomy: Where have you been?! I've been waiting and waiting for you! And I did this stupid, embarrassing, humiliating, corny thing............................I have to go speak with Rose, I want my conscience clear so I can do more than kiss you.

Meredith VO: They say life is short. Some people say that you can lead a long happy life, but it's hard to be happy, so life is too short.

Derek: Rose, we need to talk
Rose: Ya
Derek: I'm sorry
Rose: Why
Derek: It's over, I'm sorry
Rose: You can't live without her can you
Derek: I'm really sorry, but.........
Rose: Save the excuse(walks away)

(Thatcher's house)

Derek rings the doorbell and Lexie Grey answers

Lexie: Dr. Shepherd?
Derek: Dr. Grey, would your father happen to be home?
Lexie: Yes he is. Dad?
Thatcher: Ya Lex
Lexie: Come here please

Thatcher walks up

Thatcher: Um, Hello
Derek: Hello
Thatcher: You need something Dr. Shepherd
Derek: Yes, I have a big question to ask you.
Thatcher: Well what is it?
Derek: You may want to sit down. I want to know if I can ask Meredith for her hand in marriage.
Thatcher: Its a little sudden but go ahead I don't care
Derek: She loves you more than you think
Thatcher: Right

(Back at Derek's Trailer)
Derek: The kitchen, living room-a little small, the room where the kids are going to play, where's our bedroom?
Meredith: Oh, you're back. How'd it go with Rose?
Derek: It's over. And I have to ask you something.
Meredith: What is it?

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