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Tegan and Sara

Tegan and SaraNames/Band Members: Tegan Quin (vocals and guitar), Sara Quin (vocals and guitar), Rob Chursinoff (Drums), Ted Gowans (guitar and keyboard), Chris Carlson (bass)

D.O.B.: September 19, 1980

Genre: Indie rock

Career History:

Awards: Outstanding pop record (Western Canadian Music Awards) for album If It Was You.

Top Albums: So Jealous - Named by Rolling Stone in the top 50 albums of 2004.

Hit Songs: Time Running, I Hear Noises, Monday, Monday Monday, Walking With a Ghost, Speak Slow

Interesting Fact: Canadian identical twin siters.sisters. Tell lots of stories on stage (because they didn't used to have enough material to last an entire show).

SongGrey's Episode
You Wouldn't Like Me1.2
I Won't Be Left1.3
Where Does the Good Go?1.4
Fix You Up1.8
Take Me Anywhere3.1

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