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Grey's Anatomy Catch Me up



Airdate: April 1, 2010

Recap of Events:

Voiceover Meredith started the night by saying psychologists believe that everything people think and do is based on their relationship with their parents. Speaking of parents, Derek told Meredith she was pretty and then said he was thinking about how pretty their children would be. This sent Meredith into a mini-panic and she had to ask Alex--who was in the shower--for advice. He told her Izzie wanted a divorce. Derek came in and told Alex his brother showed up at the front door.

Alex's brother said it had been seven years since Alex visited home. His brother, Aaron, showed him some kind of condition where his belly button was covered by a lump and asked if he should be worried about it.

Arizona awkwardly interrupted Sloan and Callie while they talked. After Arizona left, Callie said it was awkward because of the kid situation. Sloan told Callie the sex with Teddy was mind-blowing. In the elevator, Teddy was telling Arizona that Sloan was a legend for a reason. There was an awkward moment in the elevator when Owen came and left. Teddy explained to Arizona that Owen was going through something that Cristina didn't understand.

Dr. Webber was working with a patient with cancer who'd fainted. Lexie said the woman was anemic. Dr. Kepner started to get involved in the diagnosis.

Aaron told Alex that he didn't have insurance. Cristina told Meredith that Owen was back in his dark place and Meredith told Cristina the thing about Derek wanting a baby. A shot female police officer came to the E.R. in an ambulance, but she'd shot three guys before she went down. They were also brought to the hospital.

Inside, the cop's lieutenant said she should have waited for backup and she was suspended. She panicked and her heart rate went up.

Webber was operating on his patient and Dr. Kepner was surprised to see Derek observing from the gallery. Webber told her that the only person observing her was him, so she needed to focus.

Alex went to Bailey, who was in the daycare area playing with her son, and asked if she'd do his brother's surgery pro bono. He offered to schedule her surgeries for the next month, which she later told Tucker she would have done anyway, "but he just kept talking."

Bailey checked out Aaron and he shared that Alex was in and out of foster homes most of his childhood. He started sharing all kinds of information about Alex's troubled childhood, including that he'd been in juvenile detention. He also shared that their father was just a bad guy.

The cop's husband was worried about her because she was more focused on giving her statement about the shooting to keep her job than she was on getting treated and saving her life. He hoped for the moment when they could settle down and start a family.

Webber's patient was unconscious and Kepner explained that she'd changed some settings on her ventilator. The woman may have stroked out. Her husband came into the room and he talked to her while she was unconscious. Derek checked the patient's scans and said he couldn't do anything about the woman's stroke. He left to get coffee with Meredith.

In surgery, Hunt noticed a certain type of bullet lodged inside the cop that was designed to explode on impact. He told everyone to be careful. A conversation about having babies started, and Teddy said she was "waiting for the right guy." Cristina bluntly said she didn't want kids and Owen quickly glanced at Teddy. Cristina said she thought she felt one of the bullet pieces and Owen told her not to touch it. She did, and it exploded in the cop's chest.

Arizona met Aaron and spilled the fact that Alex got married. Lexie came over and kept spilling more information, about Izzie having cancer. She kept spilling more information until Meredith told her to stop talking.

Back in the OR, Owen was upset with Cristina and told her that "when your commanding officer tells you to stand down, you stand down." She said she isn't in the Army, "and you're not my commanding officer." He kept yelling at Cristina, who said nothing.

Alex was upset with Lexie for telling Aaron he'd been married. Alex told Aaron not to worry about it and just get his free surgery and leave. Aaron was upset, though, and said Alex walked out on his family and then walked out on his wife, "like father, like son." They fought and Alex punched Aaron in the face.
Webber asked Lexie to explain the stroke to their patient's husband. Kepner explained that her heart was only beating because of the machine that was keeping it going. Her husband pleaded with them not to unplug her, but Webber said she'd signed a DNR. The man grew angry with Lexie, because she'd already told him his wife's surgery went fine. Bailey said she was impressed that Alex became a doctor despite everything he'd been through.

Lexie asked Sloan how she could try to not care about what happened with Mr. Clark and his wife. He said it's the hardest part of the job and he's still learning.

Something was going wrong in the cop's surgery and Hunt grumbled that, "if we hadn't been distracted by artillery in the O.R., we would've found this a lot sooner." Teddy told him, "Not now." Cristina said nothing.

After surgery, Cristina and Owen didn't speak, and she ended up talking to Teddy. Teddy told Cristina that Owen was in love with her but needed time. Teddy told Cristina not to tell Owen what to do (as in, get therapy), "just tell him how you feel."

Bailey told Callie that the best time to have kids is never. She said they take everything and you've got nothing left for you. But hearing him pronounce the "k" sound when he told her to "wake up" that morning filled her with pride. "If you wait for the perfect time to have kids," she said, "you're never going to have kids."

Meredith told Alex that his brother's hernia surgery went well, but Alex said nothing.

Derek met with Mr. Clark, Webber, Lexie and Kepner in his office. Derek told him they were bound by law to follow her orders. Mr. Clark said that if they unplug her, they'll be killing her. Derek told him to take all the time he needs to call family. Mr. Clark said they had no family, no kids. It was just him. Kepner had enough and left the room, and Lexie followed her. Kepner was humiliated and asked Lexie to forget what she saw.

Alex sat next to his brother's bed. Aaron and Alex had a nice little heart to heart.

Owen, Cristina, Callie and Teddy told the cop about her surgery. It went well, but there were complications. In order to stop the bleeding, they had to remove her uterus. They realized they could never have kids and Callie was stunned watching them react to the news.

Mr. Clark had been at his wife's side for about three hours. Webber told Lexie it was time. Lexie went into the room to break the news. He told Lexie he was hoping there was even a one-percent chance she'd start breathing on her own when Lexie turned the ventilator off.

Lexie cried as she told him she was "so sorry," and turned off the machine. He pleaded, "Please, wake up."

Webber asked Derek if he was checking up on him in the surgery, but Derek said he was just observing. As they looked at Mr. Clark, Derek bluntly said there was nothing the could have done and left to go home to his wife. "You should do the same," Derek told Webber. Kepner saw this and looked a bit stunned.

The cop told the doctors she was quitting and that she and her husband were going to adopt 10 Haitian orphans, or maybe eight. That's when the lieutenant came in and said the review board wanted her back on the job. A bunch of cops streamed into the room and she smiled and thanked them. Callie looked at the cop's husband, who stood silently in the corner.

Meredith came home and told Alex he was nothing like his father. He told her she's nothing like her mother. "You're good," he said. "You'd be good. You'd be a good mom."

That night, Callie told Arizona she wanted to have a baby. They said they were going to talk about it.

Cristina came home to find Owen making dinner. The first thing he mentioned was her quip about not wanting to have kids. His sausages were burning in the pan. Cristina tried to help move them but he got upset and slammed the pan into the sink. Cristina flinched as he turned toward her. He asked if she was scared of him and she said, "I don't want to be." He realized he had to go back to therapy.

Derek told Meredith he didn't want her to be alone if anything happened to him. She said they'd make pretty babies. Sloan and Teddy were getting it on -- and it involved chocolate -- but she said she had to be honest about something. He said that if she was honestly enjoying herself, that was as honest as she had to be. The doorbell rang repeatedly. It was Little Sloan, who said her baby was coming now.

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