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Airdate: March 19, 2006

Recap of Events:

In the Operating Rooms one morning, we see the surgeons going about their various superstitious routines before their surgeries. Dr. Miranda Bailey prays before she starts; Dr. Addison Shepherd puts on a golden safety pin; Dr. Preston Burke asks a nurse about a missing lucky scrub cap; and Dr. Derek Shepherd puts on some good music and tells everyone that "it's a beautiful day to save lives."

Unfortunately, all four surgeons lose all four of their patients. The surgical interns, Doctors Meredith Grey, George O'Malley, Alex Karev, Izzie Stevens and Cristina Yang discuss a rumor started by a hospital mortician that string-deaths in a hospital always happen in groups of either 3 or 7. Because four patients died, three more should appear. Bailey then enters and gets the interns ready for their rounds. Meredith is approached by Addison and given a cup of hot cocoa out of thanks for her help in the ill-fated surgery. Meredith wonders aloud why, and Addison explains that hot cocoa is her "juju". Derek arrives and also receives some juju, and explains to Addison that she does not have to be friends with Meredith, but Addison doesn't mind. Meredith goes on, and throws the hot cocoa in the trash unseen.

Burke is panicking about his lost lucky scrub cap, and Cheif Webber gets a bit irritated when he sees surgeries being moved around on the surgery board. Meanwhile, Bailey and her interns are in the Emergency Room when Cristina makes the mistake of commenting on it being "dead quiet", which all the other interns and Bailey think is very bad luck. Just as Cristina tries to explain how jinxing doesn't exist, two women enter the ER, one of which is vomiting blood. Ambulances then start to arrive with new patients.

Cristina receives a man named Jesse Fannon who was in a car accident and hurt his head, but he doesn't want them to move him until he stops counting the beeps of the ambulance, which is a clear indicator of severe obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Meredith takes the other ambulance, which contains a woman with severe bruising who claims rather happily that she was struck by lightning.

The woman's name is Ms. Nikki Ratlin; Meredith and Bailey do not observe any lightning wounds on her body, but then the woman explains that a tree was struck by lightning and fell on her, which irritates Bailey. Nikki says that her boyfriend loved the tree. Meanwhile, Chief Webber talks to George about the woman vomiting blood in the ER. Her name is Ollie Warner, and it's clear that the Chief recognizes the name. He takes the case from George and receives a warm and personal welcome from Ollie.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Alex and Izzie are checking up on Denny Duquette, who has heard the rumor about the three expected deaths that could happen in the hospital. Izzie tells him that he might have a pulmonary embolism, and needs to page Burke.

In the elevator, Cristina and Meredith have their patients and begin to discuss Addison presenting Meredith with her juju. Jesse begins to repeat the word "juju" over and over again, while Nikki tells Meredith that she has no obligation to respect another person's juju. Meredith and Cristina roll their eyes at their patients. Nikki goes on to get an orthopedic work-up from Dr. Callie Torres, and regrets having gotten out of bed that morning, but she wanted to meet up her boyfriend. George enters and wishes to help out, but Callie gives him the cold shoulder because he did not call her. Meredith enters, and George immediately leaves as he does not want to be near her. Nikki seems to be enjoying watching the drama unfold. Callie, however, does not believe Nikki's story about a tree falling on her, and she explains that she was up in the tree when it was struck by lightning. She tries to explain that she was looking to see if her boyfriend was home while in the tree.

Cristina brings Derek up to speed with her patient and he orders a CT scan. Burke then appears and asks Cristina about his lucky caps, and it's revealed that she has one hostage. She wants him to kick George out of their apartment if he ever wants to see it back. She walks off, and Burke recruits George to find it.

Chief Webber meets with Ollie once again, and her female companion is a former alcoholic currently going through the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. The Chief explains to Ollie that she has cirrhosis of the liver which is why she was vomiting blood. She needs surgery, and Ollie says that it's just another reason she should have "laid off the sauce." She asks what Chief Webber has been up to lately, and he begins to tell her about Meredith working at the hospital and how Ellis has Alzheimer's disease. Ollie makes the Chief realize that he's been lying to everyone about a secret emotional affair with Ellis, and it's revealed that the Chief had once been an alcoholic, and Ollie was his sponsor.

George rummages through Cristina's locker and tries to make deals to get the scrub cap back. Cristina just wants him gone, and George refuses. Meanwhile, Meredith and Bailey are examining Ms. Ratlin's scans and Meredith says that the woman is probably a stalker, but not a violent or pathalogical one. She then asks Bailey about the myth of the seven deaths and Bailey simply tells her to keep working.

In an OR, Burke is doing an awake exploratory procedure on Denny but realizes that his clot is quite large, and he requires surgery. Cristina's patient is explaining to the psych resident about his OCD symptoms, and it's quite clear that Cristina is becoming irritated with him.

Chief Webber explains to Ollie that she requires a very unique procedure with only a 50% survival rate, a surgery he's only performed successfully 4 out of 9 times. Ollie reasons that she will be his 5 out of 10, and so agrees. Nikki, meanwhile, is refusing to have surgery before midnight because she believes that her horoscope predicted her death. She pleads with Meredith to call her boyfriend.

Alex is prepping Denny for surgery, and starts to go on about how Izzie likes him, which Denny at first thinks is a good thing. But then Alex begins to tell Denny all the reasons that he's most likely going to die, and suggests that Denny back away from Izzie before she gets too attached for her own good. Denny clearly believes this.

In the cafeteria, George is acting disgusting next to Cristina to try and get her to reveal the location of the scrub cap. Meredith and Cristina wonder about Izzie's feelings towards Denny, and she acts as though she's just being a thorough doctor. Izzie shrugs off the idea of a "death cluster" of seven.

Derek talks to Jesse about his upcoming surgery to repair the damage from the crash. Cristina is annoyed at Jesse, but he goes on to explain that Cristina is very similar to him and that's why she can't stand him. George tells Cristina to let the patient get through his ticks before they take him to surgery.

Ollie has an AA meeting in her room before her surgery, and asks that Chief Webber participates. At first he refuses, but he does so anyways. Meanwhile, Denny is being wheeled into surgery, and when Izzie comes to see him she becomes frightened when she sees how defeated he seems, even going so far as to refer to her as Dr. Stevens. She tries to convince him that he's not going to die in the surgery, but he doesn't seem so sure. Elsewhere, George follows Cristina into the women's washroom to see if she has the scrub cap on her person, and he feels her up to know for sure. While the two wrestle, Callie emerges from a stall and asks George if he realizes he's in the women's washroom. He says "Yes, ma'am!" to which she walks out. Cristina laughs at him, saying "Dude, you called her ma'am! She'll never sleep with you now!"

Embarrassed, George speaks to Izzie and when she learns that Cristina has one of Burke's lucky scrub caps, she finds Cristina and threatens to assault her unless she hands it over. Defeated, she hands it over to Burke and says that the reason she keeps it is to use it for inspiration, and she tells Burke that he doesn't need some stupid lucky charm. Burke agrees, but as soon as she turns around he puts his scrub cap on and tells George to scrub into the Duquette surgery.

Meredith tries to convince Nikki to have surgery, but when she asks about her boyfriend Meredith tells her that he said they were broken up. Nikki seems sad. Meanwhile, Izzie confronts Alex in the scrub room and asks why Denny was so defeated, and Alex asserts that Denny's a corpse. Izzie breaks up with Alex and says that Denny is a much better man than he is. Burke notices their anger and kicks them out of the surgery.

While Jesse, Denny and Ollie are all being operated on, Nikki begins to crash and Meredith lies and says that her boyfriend called to try and convince her to go into surgery. However, she flatlines and they try to revive her. Izzie is waiting in front of the surgery board trying to find out who is dying. The other interns and residents make bets on who is going to die. Meredith and Bailey come out and sadly declare that Nikki passed away, which makes 5 deaths. Meredith says she heard a 6th died.

Chief Webber visits the AA group and proudly says that Ollie survived her surgery; however, in Derek's OR, Jesse did not. Izzie is shown to be crying, but it's revealed that Denny survived and that only 6 people died, which broke the myth. Izzie is so incredibly relieved, but sadly says that she can't let herself fall for a patient, to which Denny responds with "Good luck with that." They kiss.

In the intern locker room, Alex screams at George and insults his manliness, telling him to grow up and move on from his pouting about Meredith. Alex begins to make threats, but leaves everyone silent and stunned. George decides to finally call Callie, and asks her out, to which she accepts. Outside the hospital, Cristina tells Burke not to kick out George from the apartment. Addison comes around to give Meredith more juju to console her for Nikki's death. Derek meets her and Meredith watches the two leave before she throws the juju into the trash.

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