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Airdate: October 7, 2010

Recap of Events:

Cristina sneaks into Meredith's bedroom in the middle of the night, apologizing for intruding, but Meredith invited her to lay down. Derek later noticed two women in his bed and doesn't seem particularly shocked.

Perkins tells a group of attendings that Cristina should be put on low-stress cases and administrative duties. Derek stands up for Cristina, saying she won't go for that kind of arrangement. He finally says, "If she goes, I go." Derek comes out of the meeting and tells Cristina she's working with him.

Derek's sister shows up at the hospital looking for Derek. She tells Sloan she's in Seattle because "Derek's an ass who won't return my calls." She tells Sloan that she brought Derek a gift: a brain tumor.

Callie asks Teddy to see if Hunt is going to be leaving their apartment soon. Teddy breaks down because she's gotten attached to Perkins and he's about to leave. Derek runs into his sister, who we learn is also a brain surgeon, and after some tense introductions Derek refuses to take the case. The patient is a guy his sister hooked up with. Alex doesn't follow the chief into the elevator.

A man in a car outside the hospital is refusing his wife's demands that he get out of the car. He's hiding something and asks Bailey if she can "help with these." She peeks inside and, mildly shocked but trying not to show it, says, "Yes." He gets out, and when Lexie sees his hands -- which look like massive, wart-filled claws (and warts all over his face), she yelps and quickly apologizes.

Lexie apologizes to Bailey again and is given an assignment to sit by the man all day.

Another woman is anxious and thinks she might have cancer. She's getting married in a week and they giggle when asked if she could be pregnant. She's a virgin and is waiting for the big night.

Sloan can't stop staring at Lexie, but Callie reminds him that Lexie's last words to him were, "Leave me alone, leave me alone."

When looking at scans of the the brain surgery patient's head and Cristina refuses to give any ideas about how to approach it. Derek's sister wants to scrub in and Cristina is more than willing to let her, but Derek won't let it happen and demands that Cristina book an O.R.

Sloan tells the wart guy that he'll need regular surgeries to keep the warts under control. They'll continue coming back. He hesitates, but his wife tells him he either has the surgery or she leaves him, because she's sick of staying in the house every night because he refuses to go out.

Derek explains to Meredith, who is wondering why he's so short with his sister, that she once stole his prescription pad and wrote herself a prescription for pain pills, totaled his car and OD'd, forcing him to save her. This was shortly after his dad died.

Cristina tells Hunt that Derek is all over her, then she asks him if she wasn't a surgeon. He says he'd love her if she was a plumber, but doesn't know if she'd love herself if she wasn't a surgeon.

"I don't know, maybe," she says, before telling him she can't sleep when Hunt isn't in bed with her.

The chief passes Alex running up the stairs. Callie asks Meredith to talk to Cristina about getting her own place with Hunt. Meredith says Cristina's career "is hanging on by a thread," and that she's got a bunch of problems. "You really want to put her out of her house?" Meredith asks. Callie tells Arizona they're "monsters."

Teddy goes on about how the virgin is smart for not having sex with her fiance because she avoided getting "hooked" (like she is with Perkins). After some digging, they find out what's wrong with the virgin: She's got a condom in her lung. Avery, Meredith, Alex and Cristina peek through the window of the wart patient's room to see Lexie treating him and looking like she's going to gag. Meredith says she wishes she could be in there because a case like that doesn't come around very often. This leads to jokes about how often 27-year-old virgin brides come around and April suddenly defends the woman, saying it's possible she is, in fact, a virgin.

Hunt asks Derek if he thinks it's weird that Cristina is sleeping in his bed with Meredith, and Derek takes the chance to compare Meredith and Cristina's bond to the "weird and disturbing" bond between Elliot and E.T. in the movie. Then he said Derek and Hunt are like the government guys in the white Hazmat suits trying to steer them in the right direction.

The doctors start talking about their first time, and April looks nervous. She leaves before it gets to her turn to talk, but the doctors catch her and force her to claim that her first time was "on the beach at sunset." They start to make fun of her because they've figured out she's a virgin, but Meredith stops them, telling April that "the beach at sunset is very nice."

Derek's sister, Amelia, confronts Derek about how he won't talk about his own shooting or her father's, which happened when she was 5. Cristina shows up to the surgery late and Derek relents, allowing Amelia to scrub in. Meanwhile, Sloan is still staring at Lexie, even as they slice warts off their patient's hand.

April gets nervous as she prepares to tell the virgin about the condom in her lung, mostly because the woman's fiance is in the room. Meredith steps in to explain about the condom in the lung and the fiance gets furious, saying he'd waited two years and she's been sleeping with someone else. She protests, but he walks out of the room.

In surgery, Derek tries to involve Cristina and she's not really into it. Something goes a bit wrong and he asks Cristina to pack a bleeder with gauze and she refuses. Amelia steps in and Cristina steps away. The chief catches Alex taking the stairs again and tells him he stinks. He forces him to go take a shower before going into his O.R.

The virgin bride's fiance comes back asking for his mother's engagement ring back. April stumbles through explaining that Gretchen, the patient, inhaled the condom while trying to put it on a banana with her mouth during her bachelorette party. She cries in embarrassment and her fiance laughs and hugs her.

In the O.R., Cristina wants nothing more than to leave and Derek lets her. Amelia calls Cristina "a dud," and Derek gets angry and kicks her out after saying that Cristina saved his life and he owes her "everything."

In the wart surgery, Avery notices that they've amassed 12 pounds worth of warts and cracks a joke about selling them on eBay. Lexie laughs and Bailey starts to tell them they are doctors and have to be able to handle anything the human body throws at them. Then, a spider crawls out of one of the man's warts and Bailey flips out. Lexie moves it off the table and stomps on it. Bailey shivers and thanks her.

Derek finds Cristina playing Solitaire. He tells her they're family and he worries about her. He tells her she's "flaming out" and it's not OK, especially considering her potential. She says she can barely remember the process of taking the bullet out of his chest. Then she walks out.

The chief catches Alex taking the stairs again, and tells him he knows it's because of his shooting in the elevator that he's avoiding taking it. Then, because he might one day have a critical patient and need to take the elevator, he forces Alex to ride the elevator with him repeatedly until he's no longer scared, "just bored."

Sloan tells the wife of the wart guy that there isn't enough regular skin available for skin grafts and they might have to revisit the possibility later. He says it could take six months to a year. The conversation happens while the man is sleeping. Sloan tells her they'll both need to be patient. She said she needs to live her life, but "love isn't enough anymore." She asks Sloan if it's possible "that two people can love each other and it just isn't enough."

Derek brings Cristina to a cadaver and walks her back through the process of how she operated on him. He forces her to take a scalpel and do it again. She hesitates, then makes the first cut. He asks what happened next and she continues the process.

Derek meets up with his sister outside the hospital and tells her the story of when their father was shot. As he told her the story, she recalled trying to move toward her dad, "but I couldn't move." He told her he was holding her so tight she couldn't budge. He also tried to keep her quiet as the men left.

"You were so little," he says, adding that he's probably always wanted her to remain "the little one -- quiet and safe." But she's neither. She's "loud and fearless and it scares the crap out of me," he says. He says he didn't want to tell her he'd been shot because he didn't want her to know that pain exists.

Callie, Arizona, Teddy and Bailey are drinking Bailey's brandy when they turn toward Teddy and ask if she's said goodbye to Perkins. Suddenly, he walks in and the room clears out, except for Teddy. He asks her to dinner, but she says they should settle for "a peck on the cheek and a wave goodbye." She said she didn't want to like him as much as she does, and she wonders what's wrong with her. He tells her she goes for men who are unavailable, "engaged or only in town for a few weeks."

Alex continues to ride the elevator with the chief. Sloan watches the wart guy's wife give him a soft kiss on the cheek before leaving.

At the bar, Meredith is wondering where Cristina is. They all make fun of April being a virgin, but she turns the tables on them. She points out that Alex was afraid to ride the elevator, Avery can't sleep and Meredith is worried Cristina will never be the same. Then she tells Lexie that Sloan doesn't think she's crazy and is in love with her.

"We all have stuff we don't talk about," she says. "I am a 28-year-old virgin ... that doesn't make it drinks conversation. We all have stuff we don't talk about."

"Oh, April," Meredith says. "I'm liking you more and more."

Hunt gets back to the apartment and Cristina tells him she thinks she could be happy being a plumber. Callie and Arizona walk in giggling and kissing before ripping each other's clothes off in front of Hunt and Cristina, who finally says, "We have to get our own place."

Lexie tries to surprise Sloan at his apartment, but when she arrives he's with Derek's sister and they're kissing. Lexie says nothing.


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