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Episode Love6:13


Airdate: February 4, 2010
Author: mdashes

Recap of Events:

6.13 State of Love and TrustDerek dresses, with Mer's assistance, for his first day as the new Chief; he has to make an announcement to the staff. She's mad at him, thinks he stabbed Richard in the back and Derek knows that everyone feels that way.

The residents file down the hallway, and Alex suggests that the Mercy Westers had better prepare to get sacked, since Derek hated the merger.

In the OR, Bailey and Meredith have a young woman cut open, when the patient's heartbeat goes through the roof. Bailey roots around through her intestines to figure out what's gone wrong. Uh oh, the woman is awake, and freaking out. Bailey yells at the anesthesiologist to get her back to sleep.

Derek stands before the assembled doctors and talks about how he's going to bring the hospital back to its former glory. Enter Richard, who leaves in disgust.

6.13 State of Love and TrustAs the meeting breaks up, Teddy puts Jackson on her service instead of Cristina. And Arizona snags Alex to join her on peds. Lexie approaches Mark, who very maturely acts as if he can't hear her and walks away.

Larry and Derek meet with Richard and urge him to go to rehab or cut his ties to the hospital. A nurse interrupts to call a matter to Derek's attention: the woman who awoke in the OR.

Bailey, Meredith and the anesthesiologist are in a panic. He says, "With any luck she won't remember a thing" (i.e., won't remember to sue them). "Very chiefly," says Bailey. Derek and Bailey go to see the patient, and she remembers very clearly the entire episode. Derek turns to stone.

The anesthesiologist (a new guy) gets a stern reprimand from Bailey, who tells him the surgeons expect "the gas man" to know enough to keep the patient unconscious.

Arizona's ped patient is a teen boy with abdominal pain. His father thinks he's faking to get out of his responsibilities.

Cristina confronts Teddy about leaving her off her service. The response she gets is frosty.

Bailey's patient, Leslie, won't let her surgeon near her. She remembers how she panicked in the OR and gets so agitated that she breaks open her incision, which Meredith is there to tend.

Lexie complains to Callie about Mark's childish behavior, and Callie lets out that Mark slept with Addison more than once. Ooops.

6.13 State of Love and TrustAlex and Arizona speculate that the teen, Brad, has a condition that would require exploratory surgery to confirm. Problem is, his father is unlikely to pay for the procedure.

The residents gossip about why Richard was booted from the Chief of Surgery role. Derek tells them to get back to practicing medicine and presses Richard to make a decision. The men argue, with a large audience outside, and Derek admits he wanted the job.

The Gas Man comes to Bailey to extract an apology. Leslie metabolizes anesthetic drugs too fast, something they couldn't have known before the surgery. Bailey's distraught over the fact the patient won't let her touch her.

After having sex with Owen in some steamy room (boiler room), Cristina has a burn that's making her walk funny. She snags Mer to treat her wound. Owen's being very caveman-like, she says. Lexie has to take over for Meredith, and she can't help but reminisce over her own sex injuries with Mark. "Please don't cry on my ass," requests Cristina.

Owen is making a point of avoiding Teddy.

When Brad's docs tell his dad about the surgery, he flips out. Arizona tells Alex that a big part of the peds job is advocating for the patients. He goes to Brad's dad and forcefully explains that if their hunch is correct and the take the boy home, he could die. "You think he's faking," he says. "How sure are you? How sure?" Arizona's delighted with this advocacy.

Bailey and Meredith talk with Leslie about the need to return to surgery, but she insists she won't have Bailey operate again. She tells Mer, however, that she can operate. That's like a slap in Bailey's face. "You have to promise me she won't touch me," she says.

Owen, Derek and Mark get comfy in Derek's new digs when talk turns to Owen's hickey, which leads to a walk down the long memory lane of Cristina's past beaux. Owen's a bit... stunned? intrigued?

Meredith goes to Richard to see if he thinks she's ready to do the surgery on Leslie. She also tells him that if her mother were there to see this she would kick his ass for even considering leaving. Meredith expresses her doubts about doing the surgery to Bailey, who gives her some encouragement: the last surgeon Richard mentored was her.

In exploratory surgery, Alex and Arizona find nothing and brace for the conversation with the dad. Brad ends up in ICU because he became unstable and they had to put in a chest tube. While talking with the parents about it, Brad's chest tube fills with blood. Alex says he has to open up the boy right then, and graps a scalpel. The parents are right there, saying, "Get away from our son."

Teddy pages Cristina while she's getting amorous with Owen. He pleads with her not to go, and she stays to be ravished. Meanwhile, in the OR, Teddy puts off the other residents because she wants to work with Cristina. And Alex found the problem and "may have worked a miracle," according to Teddy. Jackson convinces her that he can help.

In Leslie's surgery, The Gas Man tries to ingratiate himself to Bailey, who explains that when she's scared, she yells. Closest to an apology he's going to get.

Callie goes to see Mark about Lexie. He jumps all over her because Lexie's the one who broke up with him, then jumped in bed with Alex, right when Mark was stepping up and taking responsibility for his life.

Bailey chats with Derek and tells him that 9 times out of 10 they can make a lawsuit go away simply by apologizing.

Cristina talks with Teddy and realizes that Owen is trying to sabotage her.

Arizona tells Brad's parents that his heart ruptured, and the heart issue presented as abdominal pain, which is extremely rare. Instead of being grateful, the dad's critical and Alex tears into him before Arizona pulls him away.

Bailey goes to Richard, who can't make a decision. Derek and Jennings want to make him admit he's an alcoholic. Drinking feels like all he has left. Bailey tells him to be the man she knows him to be, be the Chief.

Arizona tells Alex that he gets to advocate for kids, not berate their parents. Then she tells him saved that kid's life, and "welcome to peds."

Derek goes to the locker room to address the residents. He wants them to know he has their trust. He apologizes and says everyone has a clean slate from this point on. But he says there will be cuts down the line.

6.13 State of Love and TrustCristina accuses Owen of "trying to screw me into submission." He says, "I'm trying to love you but I don't know how." He asks about Burke, and she brushes him off initially, then says Burke took little pieces of her over time. Yet she would have married him, she says. Then she tells Owen she loves him, she loves him more than she loved Burke, but when he asked her to ignore Teddy's page, he took a piece of her, and she let him. That will never happen again, she cries.

Richard goes to Derek's office and hands him his decision: he's going to rehab, and Derek's Chief of Surgery, for now.

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