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Airdate: September 30, 2010

Recap of Events:

Meredith was struggling with the image of seeing Derek and talked to Dr. Perkins about it. The newlywed Cristina and Hunt laid in bed together, but something wasn't right with the new bride. Lexie wanted everyone to stop asking her if she was OK, even though she'd yelled and patients and freaked out.

Derek showed up at the hospital smelling like pee, while Callie and Arizona were arguing over the decorations around Callie's apartment. Arizona wanted it to be a little more "fiery" or "edgy."

Alex still had the bullet from the shooting in his chest, and Bailey wanted him to get it out. Teddy was pulling for a major heart procedure on a patient who'd been treated by Burke and Cristina in the past, but the chief was hesitant. The patient was a familiar face from the past, who'd last heard that Cristina was getting married to Burke. Hunt was in the room, making for a bit of an awkward moment. She congratulated her on her actual marriage.
Some people came in after someone was struck by lightning while they were playing flag football.

Sloan was asking Callie what the appropriate time to wait was before proposing. She said it was "a long time." Derek came to check on one of the lightning patients, who was suffering from a sort of paralysis. The patient wanted to see if "Kerry" was OK. Kerry, though, was getting an impromptu "I love you" from another guy who was on the flag football team. She, in turn, wanted to know if a guy named Warren was OK. He wasn't her boyfriend, but he was the one she was most concerned about.

Cristina's heart patient was worried about having surgery again, and her husband asked Cristina for advice: "If this was your husband, would you let Dr. Altman tear his heart apart?" Cristina said yes and supported the aggressive form of treatment.

Warren was surprised and excited to hear that Kerry was asking about him. The guys all then started to argue over Kerry and made their way over to her bed. Warren collapsed as he was about to say his piece to her.

Cristina told Teddy she was excited for the big heart surgery, but she seemed a little hesitant, though, and Hunt gave her a kiss.

Arizona asked Teddy how things were going with the "amazingly hot trauma counselor." Teddy said he was a great listener, and she seemed to hang on that thought for a moment.

Kerry was being wooed by another one of her flag football teammates when she started crying. Lexie thought she was crying because her teammates were looking at her differently as a result of the lightning strike, but Kerry said she was crying because she was worried about Warren.

The doctors saw a TV news report about the lightning crash, which had footage of the incident. Lexie was struck (no pun intended) by something she saw on the report.

The chief figured out that Derek had been in jail all night for reckless endangerment. Still amped up on his reckless driving, Derek talked about it excitedly and offered to take the chief out to try it.

Lexie came in and told Derek, Sloan and the chief that Kerry was paralyzed and was not going to get any better, based on what she'd seen on the news footage.

Bailey kept Alex from doing any surgery until he was "lead-free." Cristina, meanwhile, dove into her surgery.

Lexie showed Kerry the news footage, which showed that Kerry went down before the lightning even struck (and after having been bumped by Warren). Derek slated her for surgery. Kerry regretted never having told Warren how she felt about him.

Alex was feeling bad about Lexie's situation and Meredith tried to assure him he wasn't to blame.

A tray fell over in the O.R. during the heart surgery, and Cristina had some kind of flashback to the day of the shooting. When Hunt and Teddy called for Cristina, she'd panicked and we next saw her laying on the floor.

Derek told Lexie she did a job catching Kerry's malady.

Meredith ran down into the O.R. to comfort Cristina and talk her through her situation. Cristina said she couldn't "be there," and Meredith took her hand.

Callie tried to talk Sloan down from making any rash moves, like proposing to Lexie, by saying he shouldn't try to "skip steps," the way she did with Arizona. Still, he wanted Lexie to be his wife.

Meredith talked to Derek about how worried she's been about him and everyone, saying, "Nobody's alright." She said his reckless behavior was making her more worried every time he pulls out of the driveway. Then she told him she was pregnant the day of the shooting. They hugged.

Cristina told Hunt that she couldn't be in the O.R., and if she couldn't be in there she didn't know where she was supposed to be. He tried to comfort her, to little avail.

Warren had a visitor -- it was Kerry. He told her he was sorry for bumping her over on the field, then he told her he realized he was struck by lightning. She told him she loved him, and she'd loved him forever.

Bailey forced Alex to let her take the bullet out of him because it was a constant reminder to her of the shooting, and she didn't need that.

Teddy went to Perkins and asked whether she was talking too much and using him to make herself feel good because he listens so well. He said something sweet to her and they kissed.

Sloan went to talk to Lexie, presumably to propose, but she wanted him to leave her alone. She said she had a good day because she saved Kerry and she didn't need him to take care of her anymore.

Bailey took the bullet out of Alex and they both marveled at the fact that they made it through the shooting alive, saying they just had to find a way to be grateful.

Cristina and Meredith talked things out and by the time Hunt showed up to make a big speech to Cristina about how he understood if she was upset at everyone and everything, including him, but he wasn't going to leave her. She asked him to take her home and Meredith told him it was a good speech, but she'd already fixed Cristina before he arrived.

Meredith had her last meeting with Perkins and effectively gave up trying to prove to him (or anyone else, apparently) that she was OK. With that, he signed a form and told her she was cleared for surgery.


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