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Grey's Anatomy Catch Me up

Episode 6:22


Airdate: May 14, 2010

Recap of Events:

The staff of Seattle Grace is having a party at Derek and Meredith's. Owen tells Cristina they should live together and she agrees. Later, Teddy walks in on Mark and Reed in Mark's apartment.

Callie and Lexie are working on an elderly lady, Betty, with a broken forearm. Across the ER, Owen and Teddy are working an elderly man, Henry, with a heart problem. As Callie and Lexie wheel Betty across the ER, Henry recognizes Betty as a long, lost friend.

Bailey rides the elevator wi
th Mark and Derek, singing happily. The docs notice her up mood as she leaves. Shortly after, Bailey's boyfriend enters the elevator also singing. Mark and Derek realize their relationship.

A young teen girl is admitted to the hospital. She is obviously disturbed and threatens to plunge a needle in her heart. Alex talks her out of it, acknowledging that there is something going on with her and that tests are needed. Her parents believe she is mentally disturbed. Derek consults with the parents, influencing them to allow more test for her daughter.

Another young woman, Amber, is being examined by Mark, Meredith and Bailey after a car accident.

Henry and Betty separately reminisce about how their lives separated long ago. They each tell their stories to the staff and how they ended up with different people. The two are moved next to each other to "catch up."

The teen girl is having her brain scanned as Alex, Arizona and Derek discuss her case. Arizona and Derek believe she is "crazy," while Alex believes there is something else wrong. They give Alex four hours to come up with a real diagnosis.

Lexie confronts Alex and asks him what they are. She tells him that she is over Mark. Alex kisses her and tells her, "We're a thing. Yeah, we're a thing. Whatever."

Alex is discussing Haley case with Meredith over lunch. Lexie sits down and gives Alex info to look up with respect to Amber's case. Cristina comes over and accuses Meredith of thinking she's Thatcher and Owen is Alice Grey in their relationship.

Using special goggles, Alex runs a test on Haley and believes that he's diagnosed her. It is a small hole in her inner ear. they determine that she is not schizophrenic.

After Bailey runs into her boyfriend flirting with another woman, she becomes disturbed. Later she asks Mark if Teddy wasn't good enough for him. She questions him more and Mark tells her that he and Teddy were never exclusive. He asks her if Bailey and her boyfriend were exclusive, and she tells him, "We're not talking about me."

Henry asks Betty to live together. She tells him that she got over him and she apologizes before being wheeled off to surgery.

Cristina asks Meredith if her mom ever got over the chief. Meredith tells her that her mom loved Richard until the day she died. Cristina asks what Meredith was trying to tell her about Teddy and Owen. Meredith tells her that it used to be her and Cristina and now there is a Meredith and Derek. She can't tell Cristina about what she knows because there is a Meredith and Derek.

Amber wakes up from surgery and has an emotional moment with her best friend, telling her she is scared.

After watching the two elderly patients who were separated 50 years ago, Callie encourages Mark to go after Lexie.

Cristina confronts Owen about Teddy. He tells her that he doesn't know what he feels for Teddy, because she's all wrapped up with things from the war experience, etc. He tells her that this is the reason he asked Derek to hire another doctor. Just then, a beeper goes off, and Owen and Cristina realize that Teddy was in the hallway.

Betty comes back and tells Henry that she'll move in with him. Henry earnestly asks her how long she needs him to wait before he proposes.

Haley wakes up and tells her parents and Alex that she's good.

Jay explains to Miranda that he flirts with the nurse because she helps him with scheduling and work matters. Flirting makes his work easier. They makeup as Jay tells her that he's in this for real.

Mark approaches Lexie and tells her that he's in love with her and wants another chance. She tells him that she has a boyfriend and he tells her that he's there if she wants a husband.

Arizona enters the elevator and runs into Callie. They kiss.

Cristina interrupts Derek and Meredith and takes her old spot beside Meredith in bed. She tells Meredith that she won't be moving in with Owen. Meredith shows Cristina's "room" in her new house in the woods. They hug.

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