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Airdate: September 22, 2011

Recap of Events:

Voiceover Meredith explains when her mom left her dad, she didn't tell him she was leaving until they'd landed on the other side of the country. "In those days, it was called family troubles," she says. "Today, it'd be called kidnapping." Bailey tells the chief about "The Gunther." She says the fifth-years are at each others' throats. He gives Callie the clearance to do the Gunther.

Henry shows up and tells Teddy he's getting "the thing" put in.
Derek wants to know why his pager keeps going off. A nurse tells Derek he's got a call. It's about the baby. Bailey explains the amputee patient to the fifth-years and tells them not to screw this up. They all rush into the room. Owen comes to the room and sees the scene. He doesn't want any part of the Gunther.

Derek can't get in touch with Meredith. He asks Cristina where she is. Cristina doesn't know.

Teddy is worried about Henry. The chief tells her not to worry about him. The chief has paged Bailey to spend some time with the mice.

The husband of the amputee is worried about his wife. Owen tries to tell the man his wife has "an incredible team." Meanwhile, they're still arguing over the woman and how to best treat her. Arizona, Sloan and others watch the fifth-years. Arizona explains the Gunther is a reference to the doctors, not the patient. Whichever of them steps up to lead is the Gunther, which is a reference to the first time this was done and the doctor's name was Gunther. They then place bets on which doctor will emerge. Sloan thinks "it's gotta be Yang." Arizona says "Kepner's kind of a dark horse these days." They put $50 on it. Cristina cuts into the woman's chest.

Teddy sits with Henry before his procedure and gets teary while telling him how much she loves him. He's worried it's a goodbye.

Derek tells Owen that Meredith left with Zola. He's worried about Meredith's erratic behavior.

Sloan watches and calls out Christina as "The Gunther," after she's taken over. Teddy is worried this is the opposite of what Cristina needs. Bailey says some doctors are race horses. Cristina is one of them. Suddenly, Alex screams in pain then holds up his own bloody hand. He collapses to the floor.

"Race horse?" Teddy asks Bailey.

"My bad," Bailey replies.

Alex has no pulse while laying on the floor. Cristina is treating him while Avery has taken the lead on the patient. Bailey and Teddy come in. Avery tells them not to. Cristina shocks Alex into consciousness. His first words are, "You crazy *****. You almost killed me!"

Derek talks to his patient -- the father of the boy from the sinkhole -- and tells him he can't go see his son just yet. The man starts talking about how his child just slipped away while they were walking down the street. Derek, upset, leaves the room. Arizona apologizes on Derek's behalf, then tells the man he'll take him to see the boy.

Back in the O.R., Sloan finds out Avery is The Gunther. Sloan tells him, "Good job, son. I'm right here if you need anything." Sloan adds, "My guy won. We're gonna be great together."

Cristina asks Avery how it went with the patient and he says she'll be fine. Teddy walks up and asks Cristina how Alex is. Cristina starts to make an excuse before coming clean and saying, "I was going too fast and I made a mistake." Cristina gets a page. She finds Meredith hiding in some dark corner of the hospital. "I think I stole a baby," Meredith says.

Cristina starts to try to give Meredith a string of excuses for what she did -- why she was AWOL for four hours.
Cristina says "people make mistakes." She tells Meredith she almost killed Alex in the O.R. with a cc of eppie. Teddy comes into the chief's O.R. and demands to know why Henry was rushed into the procedure. He tells her to get out of the O.R.

Arizona visits Alex and tells him he needs to go make up with his friends. She says she doesn't want to have to worry about him.

Owen asks Cristina if she wants to talk. She says she does but she has to go take care of something. She asks him to please believe her.

In the chief's O.R. Bailey asks why they're operating on Henry in such a rushed way. He asks Bailey to place the device in. She does. The chief leaves.

Cristina goes to Alex's hospital room and tells him to get up. He screams at her for almost killing him and says she has to forgive him for messing up. She says he's forgiven.

Derek comes to the chief's office to find the chief talking to Jennings, from the hospital board. The chief has told Jennings he was actually the one who tampered with Derek's trial.Meredith was just covering for him. The chief apologizes. Derek just stares at him.

After Jennings leaves, Derek asks the chief what the hell he's doing. The chief tells Derek that Meredith "was trying to save Adele, she was trying to save me. Now when are you going to stop punishing her for that?"

Teddy lays in Henry's hospital bed. They talk about how she was such a mess, "like any ordinary wife would be," when he went into surgery.

Callie finds Bailey and tells her "something happened with the chief."

Derek finds Meredith. She immediately says, "I'm sorry." Alex is checking Zola, who appears to be fine.

Bailey goes to see the chief and yells at him for taking the fall for Meredith. She tells him the FDA is not going to want anything to do with him. It's the end of his eyelet cell trial. The chief hands her a binder. He tells her to read it. The artificial pancreas trial now belongs to her.

Alex claims he wanted to check Zola because her white blood cell count seemed abnormal. Meredith says she forgot her phone and had to turn in her pager. As Alex continues to cover for Meredith, Derek buys into the story and plays along for Janet, who was waiting for answers.

Alex apologizes to Meredith, who then talks to Derek. She tells Derek she just had to take some time with Zola to figure out "how everything got so screwed up." She says Derek should take Zola. He tells Meredith she's not fired. The chief is taking the fall for her. Derek tells her to let him protect her, especially if she wants to keep the baby.

The husband of the woman who lost her leg goes to her room. They both cry while they talk about everything that happened. Cristina tests Alex's heart.
Avery introduces Bailey to the mice and starts getting her caught up on the trial.
The man whose son was found at the sinkhole sits with him.

Meredith sits with Zola while Sloan and Arizona wonder if they could just take the baby away. Owen sees Cristina. They go into the stairwell to talk. He tells her he knows she didn't have the abortion yet. She says she hasn't changed her mind. Hunt asks her if she's cut off his leg for him. She says she "wouldn't botch it like that guy did." He asks when her appointment is. When she says it's "now," he says, "OK, let's go." She starts sobbing.

Janet asks Meredith and Derek about the crazy day they've had. Derek steps up and defends Meredith, saying "she loves people so much that she'll do anything for them." She says social services needs time to evaluate their situation. In the meantime, Zola can't stay with them. She gives them a minute to say goodbye.

Cristina sits in place for her abortion. Given one last chance to confirm she's "absolutely sure" it's what she wants to do, she just closes her eyes and puts her head back. Owen's eyes water, but he stays by her side while she turns to her.

Derek hugs Zola one last time before Janet comes back in and says it's time to go. Meredith tells Zola that Janet is a nice woman who is going to find her a nice family to stay with for a while. She hands Zola to Janet and tells her some of the things the baby likes. Janet takes Zola and leaves.

Meredith Grey's Closing Quote: "You think that true love is the only thing that can crush your heart; that will take your life and light it up or destroy it. Then you become a mother."


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