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What's reality and what's hollywood smoke-and-mirrors? Here's a handy chart we can all add to so we can bunk and de-bunk life in Seattle in Grey's Anatomy vs. real Seattle.

According to Grey's Anatomy...

In Real Life...

Seattle Grace Hospital is...

Seattle:  Fact and Fiction - Grey's Anatomy

A hospital.

An airport.

Many of the dramatic external building shots of Seattle Grace Hospital are actually the Sea-Tac airport! Sea-Tac stands for Seattle Tacoma, and the airport is named Sea-Tac because it's half way between Seattle and Tacoma. It seems that lots of outside shots were taken before the airport completed construction on its dramatic new terminal in 2005/2006.
Washington State Ferries

Seattle:  Fact and Fiction - Grey's Anatomy

McDreamy's romantic commute of choice, with wind streaming through his gorgeous carefree locks.

Riding the ferry is not carefree, especially the inevitable lineups, sniffing guard dogs, seriously reduced/nonexistent food service, and wi-fi that costs $30 a month.
Seattle:  Fact and Fiction - Grey's Anatomy Back of glass elevator shows "Pike Place Market" in the background. Most Seattle Hospitals are located on what is known as "Pill Hill." Pike'sPike Place is downtown and there's no room for a hospital there. About a block away are three or four "adult" bookstores, video arcades and what not.

Seattle rain always comes in a thunderstorm. We seldom, if ever, have thunderstorms

There's also a great sarcastic piece I found with more fact vs. fiction on the Metroblogging Seattle blog.