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Episode 6:23 & 6:24


Airdate: May 20, 2010

Recap of Events:

Are we happy about this or are we exercising the right to choose, Cristina to Meredith I hope it has his hair.

Meredith tells Cristina that she is pregnant, a total accident, but Derek doesn’t know it yet.

The man from an earlier episode who is suing the hospital for unplugging his wife, enters the ER looking for the Chief of Surgery.

Arizona talks with a young girl’s family about surgery.

Both Teddy and Owen join up after receiving a page. Teddy is angry about Owen asking the chief to give her job away.

Another patient talks with Dr. Percy and Bailey about treatment for her colostomy bag.

A frantic wife enters the room where Owen and Teddy are treating her husband who has a gunshot wound. The man crashes, but

Owen allows his wife to say goodbye before they wheel him off to surgery.

The older man continues to look for Derek, but nobody helps him. He then asks Reed, who dismisses him. She’s flip with him, so he pulls out a gun and shoots Reed in the head. Alex walks in and asks what’s going on. The man shoots Alex in the torso. Leaving a trail of blood, Alex crawls out of the storage room into an elevator.

Derek pages Meredith to meet up with her. Meredith tells him to come home for dinner tonight as she has lots of stuff to talk to him about.

Owen asks Cristina to scrub in on his surgery, she declines and leaves. He follows her out of the surgery, and Cristina asks if he loves her or Teddy. When he doesn't reply, she tells him that they're done.

Derek's assistant, April stumbles over Reed's body. She is covered in blood. She wanders into Derek's office, mumbling about Reed. She tells Derek that Reed has been shot.

The man enters an elevator with Cristina and asks her where Derek's office is. Cristina tells him where his office is. He thanks her and they continue to ride in the elevator silently. The man gets out, turns to Cristina and tells her to have a nice day.

Derek calls the police and institutes a lockdown. Derek leaves his office.

Richard is in a coffee shop as he sees the police cars speed by toward the hospital.

The staff receives pages, notifying them of the lockdown, despite the fact they do not know why. Arizona and Callie are confined to the same floor.

In surgery, Derek checks on Owen's team. Derek calls Avery out and discreetly tells them that they are under lockdown. Avery returns to the surgery with shaky hands, but does not tell Owen what was wrong.

Meredith sees Cristina in a hallway, and they make light of the lockdown, thinking its some sort of drill. Meredith decides that she's going to tell Derek now. Cristina tells Meredith that she broke up with Owen.

As a nurse asks the shooter to stay in the area, he pulls a gun and fires at the nurse. Panic ensues. Mark grabs Lexie and takes her to an elevator. The doors open and they see Alex lying in a pool of blood.

Police are gathering outside of the hospital when Richard arrives. The police fill him in on what's going on and he panics. The SWAT team arrives.

Lexie and Mark carry Alex into another room and they try to treat his wounds.

Meredith and Cristina are roaming the empty hallways, clearly oblivious to what is going on. Derek bursts into the hallway, chastising them about violating the lockdown. He puts them in a small room, telling them that there is a shooter loose and he will come back for them.

Outside of the room where Bailey is, the shooter is firing at people. Percy bursts in and Bailey tells him to hide and the patient to play dead. She hides under the bed. The man uncovers the patient and sees the body, but thinks she's dead. He breaks down, talking to himself. He walks into the bathroom where Percy is. He asks Percy if he's a surgeon, and when he says yes, he shoots Percy. As he's gasping for air, staring at Miranda under the bed, the shooter pulls her out by her feet. He asks her if she's a surgeon and she tells him that he's a nurse. He apologizes for the trouble as he reloads his weapon. He leaves the room.

Mark puts a chest tube in Alex. Lexie tries to quiet him during the painful procedure. She gags him.

Callie and Arizona are moving children to one location and they continue to bicker with each other.

Bailey treats Percy's wounds as she tries to talk her patient into pulling herself together and helping her. Tears are streaming down Bailey's face as she works.

Owen finishes his surgery and becomes enraged when Avery tells him that they are under lockdown. Owen tells the team to stay in the O.R. as he and Teddy move the patient to a spcial recovery room.

Meredith and Cristina are in a storage room as they see the shooter outside the window. Meredith tries to keep from vomiting, but is unsuccessful as Cristina realizes that the shooter is after Derek.

The shooter, Mr. Clark, approaches Derek in the atrium and pulls a gun on him.

Meredith and Cristina roam the hospital looking for Derek. They spot the shooter with the gun held on Derek. The shooter tells Derek that somebody must protect people from Derek and that he doesn't get to be god. Derek tries to reason with him, telling him about how his father was murdered for his watch, which made him want to become a doctor to save lives. Just as he appears to calm down, April bursts in and the shooter fires and hits Derek.


The shooter points his gun at April, who begins to ramble on about her age and her family. He tells her to run. The shooter then turns his attention back to Derek. The SWAT team enters the building and the shooter runs.

Owen and Teddy are moving their patient, and as they do, Teddy tells Owen that she thinks he loves her and Cristina and that he must choose. The run across a fallen colleague.

Richard is outside with the police listening to the havoc coming inside.

Meredith and Cristina are hovering over Derek as he bleeds out. Cristina runs to get a wheel chair and finds April in the hallway still in shock.

Lexie is returning to Alex, but runs into the shooter in the hallway. He tells her that he didn't mean to shoot all those people. He only meant to shoot Dr. Shepherd, Dr. Weber, and Lexie for unplugging the machine. He points the gun at Lexie and a shot goes off. They both fall to the ground, but Lexie is unharmed. A SWAT team member had taken out Mr. Clark.

Lexie returns to Alex and Mark. She tells Alex that she loves him, and that it was her fault for unplugging the shooter's wife.

Callie and Arizona are treating a little girl when Mr. Clark walks in. He tells them, "they shot me." Callie slowly hands him some bandages and tells him to press them to the wound to stop the bleeding. He thanks her and leaves.

Cristina, Meredith and April get Derek to the ER. As he's lying on the table, he asks Meredith to kiss him.

Cristina and April go to the O.R. to find Owen or Teddy. Avery tells that they left, but they have a surgeon -- Cristina.

Cristina tells Meredith that she can't do the surgery with Meredith in the O.R. She tells April to do everything she can to keep Meredith out of the O.R.

Alex professes his love to Lexie, but he's hallucinating that she's Izzie.

Owen and Teddy make it out of the hospital, but Owen is still worried that Cristina is inside. Teddy tells him that it's ok for him to choose. As she does, Owen runs back into the hospital.

Mark and Lexie get Alex out of the hospital.

Cristina and Avery are working on Derek. She finds a bullet next to the aorta with a huge hematoma. It is an extremely difficult case. Cristina wonders what Teddy would do, she pulls herself together and moves forward.

Bailey and patient Mary have Percy at the elevator, but realize that the elevator is not working. Bailey throws a fit. She calms down and breaks into tears. She then pulls herslef together, turns around, and rests Percy's head on her lap. He asks her if he's dying, and Bailey tells him that he is. She tells him that he is not alone and that she will stay with him the whole time.

Owen enters the room where Meredith and April are. He tells her that he will look in on Cristina, but only scrub in if he she needs him. Owen enters the O.R. to find the shooter with a gun on Cristina, demanding him to stop. Meredith walks in the room and tells Clark to shoot her. He points the gun toward Meredith, but shoots Owen. Avery tells Cristina to stop operating and that the monitors will show Derek's death. He flatlines and the shooter leaves. Meredith is hysterical.

After he leaves, Avery reattaches the equipment and we learn that it was staged. Cristina tells Meredith to help Owen and remove the bullet.

Percy dies peacefully in Bailey's arms.

Meredith miscarries as she's working on Owen.

Richard enters the darkened room where the shooter's wife died. Clark begins to tell him the story about how he bought the gun and ammo. He drinks from his flask, telling Richard that he only has one bullet left. He was planning on killing Richard and then killing himself.


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