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Season 3 - Grey's Anatomy

Episode 3.1: Time Has Come Today
Giselle Toussant-leaking spinal fluid, dura laceration, craniotomy, flu, possible plague, died
Omar Toussant-flu, possible plague
Baby-petechia, inner abdominal bleeding, rare blood condition

Episode 3.2: I Am A Tree
Ms. Seabury-aggressive lung cancer
Benjamin O'Leary-brain tumor pressing against frontal lobe, no impulse control
Harley Hernandez-internal injuries, broken pelvis, removed a kidney and portion of his bowels

Episode 3.3: Sometimes A Fantasy
Megan Clover-fell has laceration to leg and an older injury to arm, lack of pain sensation, internal bleeding
Tyler Tressel-corpus colostomy, seizures
Jasper Hovie-ankle replacement, cancelled

Episode 3.4: What I Am
Shawn Sullivan-bypass surgery to remove mass from his LAD, burns on face and hands
Rebecka Bloom-pregnant, c-section
Meredith Grey-appendicitis, appendectomy

Episode 3.5: Oh The Guilt
Mrs. Niles-breast cancer, mastectomy, breast implants, depression
Sonja and Adam-stuck together when his piercing attaches to her diaphragm
Adam-heart attack

Episode 3.6: Let The Angels Commit
Pruitt Byrd-trans-auto plantation, Humpty Dumpty surgery
Noelle LeBatt-pregnant with twins with different due dates, delivered one child
Gretchen-burn to hand, 72-hour psych hold

Episode 3.7: Where The Boys Are
Eric-swallowed monopoly pieces, perforated his intestines, surgery to repair perforation
Daniel/Donna-sexual reassignment surgery, breast cancer
Jamie Carr-broken arm, miscarriage

Episode 3.8: Staring At The Sun
Harold O'Malley-broken clavicle, severe abdominal pain, cancer in esophagus and stomach, aortic valve leak
Mia Hanson-crush injury, ran over by car, blunt head trauma, blood in the ear canal, bleeding brain
Frank Jeffries-pectoral enhancement surgery, seroma formed

Episode 3.9: From A Whisper To A Scream
Mr. Dickerson-broken leg, spinal stenosis, crushed windpipe
Janelle Duko-lacerations from glass, pregnant, shard of glass in chest, traumatic cardiac tamponade, tear in heart wall
Unknown Patient-dead

Episode 3.10: Don't Stand So Close To Me
Preston Burke-hand tremors
Harold O'Malley-esophageal cancer, severe aortic regurge, porcine valve replacement
Molly-emergency c-section
Laura-juinal atresia, hole in intestines
Pete and Jake-conjoined twins, separation surgery

Episode 3.11: Six Days-Part 1
Harold O'Malley-trans-hiatal esophagectomy, removal of cancer which has spread to most of the internal organs
Preston Burke-post-op from removal of compressive hematoma to brachial plexus
Heather Douglas-VADER's syndrome, removing kidney stones,
Laura Thompson-Juinal atresia, perforation of bowel

Episode 3.12: Six Days-Part 2
Heather Douglas-surgery to remove a portion of her spine and fix the curvature
Laura Thompson-recovery from surgery
Harold O'Malley-tube replacement, removed the tube and let go
Preston Burke-recovery, no tremors

Episode 3.13: Great Expectations
Jillian Miller-cervical cancer, cancer spread to bladder
Jim-semi comatose, decubitus ulcers (bedsores)
Steve Beck-patellar dislocation, legs cut open, muscles breaking down

Episode 3.14: Wishin and Hopin
Ellis Grey-lucid day, chest pain, runs of SVT, coronary artery disease
Marina Wagner-colon cancer, toxic blood
Man-hurts when he pees
George O'Malley, Olivia Harper, Lab Tech. Richard Webber, Addison Montgomery, Derek Shepherd, Preston Burke, Alex Karev, numerous other nurses and support staff-sick from contact with toxic blood
Kelley Hanson-first period

Episode 3.15: Walk On Water
(Ferry boat accident there are many dead and even more injured)
Carly Height: laceration to abdomen
Businessman: Leg laceration
Jane Doe-pregnant, crushed by pylon, crush injuries to right torso, upper extremities and severe facial deformities
Rick-crushed under car, blown pupil, seizures

Episode 3.16: Drowning On Dry Land
Carly Height-surgery for abdomen laceration
Jane Doe-cardiac tamponade, tear in heart wall
Rick-seizures, depressed skull fracture, inter-cranial bleed, burr holes, craniotomy
Meredith Grey-drowning, hypothermia,

Episode 3.17: Some Kind Of Miracle
Meredith Grey-drowning, hypothermia, possible brain damage, wakes up
Ellis Grey-agitated, dies of heart failure
Jane Doe-amnesia, injuries from accident

Episode 3.18: Scars and Souvenirs
Jane Doe-surgery on eye to remove bone fragment floating near eye socket, vaginal bleeding, cervix sewn shut to prevent pre-term labor
Mr. Scofield-bullet left in from the Korean war, bullet damaged scapula, surgery to remove bullet
Helen Crawford-pariphalseum meningioma along saginal sinus, saginal sinus bypass, air in the left ventricle, open cardiac massage, venus air embolism
Unknown Patient-arterial switch operation for a TGA

Episode 3.19: My Favorite Mistake
Jane Doe-facial reconstruction, calverian bone harvest
Cathy Rogerson-fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, severe internal bleeding
Doug Kendry-diabetic, gangrene foot, amputation

Episode 3.20: Time After Time
Unknown Patient-ventricular reconstruction
Charles Redford-hetratopic heart transplant, "piggy back" transplant
Jane Doe-swelling from face transplant
Hannah-acute myeloid leukemia, bone marrow transplant
Isobel Stevens-bone marrow donor

Episode 3.21: Desire
Larry Jennings-supra pubic tenderness, fluid build up in genitalia, candiru fish in his urethra, surgery to remove fish
James Benton-Runny nose, nasal lavage, leaking spinal fluid, brain surgery
Jane Doe/Ava-Pre-eclamptic, C-section

Episode 3.22: The Other Side of This Life
Susan Grey-hiccups, esophagus sewn together, chlormaprozine, Bacterial endocarditis, IV antibiotics, toxic mega colon with a perferation, sepsis, died
Lisa-pregnant, DNA testing, placenta accreta, emergency c-section, uterus rupture
Addison Montgomery-fertility testing

Epsiode 3.23: Testing 1-2-3
Dale Winick-severe frostbite, dual hand amputations
Andy Meltzer-broken ribs, severe frostbite, extensive antero-lateral flail chest, four osteosyntheses
Jack Vaughn-spinal injury, severe frostbite, fragments in spinal cord, internal fixator
Adele Webber-car accident, pregnant, bleeding
Rina-pregnant with twins, severe heartburn
Lonnie-hypothermic, axe in his skull

Episode 3.24: Didn't We Almost Have It All
Adele Webber-miscarriage
Rina--aortic dissection, c-section
Lonnie-axe removed from his skull, brain surgery to repair damage

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