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Season 2 - Grey's Anatomy

Episode 2.1: Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Joe-Subarachnoid bleeding, aneurysm, stand still operation
Julie-Twin-Twin transfusion syndrome

Episode 2.2: Enough is Enough
Man-skull fracture, internal bleeding, pericardiocentesis, pericardial window (patient doa but George works on him)
Mr. Seibert-bowel repair, liver transplant
Scott-no major injuries, give's liver to father
Lea-Perinephric hematoma
Mr. Hubble-bowel obstuction

Episode 2.3: Make Me Lose Control
Mr. Gaston-resection non-small cell carcinoma, thoracotomy, broken heart
Kelly Roche-ETS for treatment of her erythrophobia hyperpyrexia
Ellis Grey-diverticulitis, liver needle biopsy
Baby-invasive mass
Cristina-extra uterine pregnancy, ooherectomy, exploratory laparotomy, unilateral salpingectomy

Episode 2.4: Deny, Deny, Deny
Kalpana-ventricular arrythmia, syncopal episodes, Munchausen's syndrome
Jeremiah Tate-mass in his mid-epigastrium, pancreatectomy
Samuel Linden-gun shot wound

Episode 2.5: Bring The Pain
Henry Lamott-pain management for herniated disc
Pete Willoughby-gun shot wound, pericardiotomy in elevator
Verna Bradley-stress cardiomyopathy
Anna Chue-myxopapillary ependymoma

Episode 2.6: Into You Like A Train
Man-leg amputation
Brooke-3rd degree burns, c-section
Bonnie-pole through her, crushed spinal vertabrea, paralysis, traumatic aortic injury,
Tom-pole through him
Mary-broken rib
Yvonne-dies of untreated internal bleeding

Episode 2.7: Something To Talk About
Kimberly Griswold-beating heart quadruple CABG, heart attack, heart catches on fire
Nicole Verma-cystoplasty, pain procedure

Episode 2.8: Let It Be
Speed-Marfan's syndrome, dissected thoracic aorta
Stu Vargas-fall from 5 story window, broken legs
Esme Sorrento-cholecystitis, gallblader cancer
Savannah-bilateral prophylactic oopherectomy, double mastectomy

Episode 2.9: Thanks For The Memories
Holden McKee-permanent vegetative state, temporal parietal scalp lac with associated hematoma
Unknown Patient-3rd degree burns
Levi Johnson-swallowed wishbone whole
Mr. O'Malley-gun shot wound to the butt

Episode 2.10: Much Too Much
Robert Martin-subdural hemorrhage, Rathke's Cleft Cyst
Dorie Russell-c-section (quints)
Steve-priapism, tumor

Episode 2.11: Owner Of A Lonely Heart
Charlotte-underdeveloped lungs, collapsed lung
Kate-no major problems
Lucy-brain shunt to reduce spinal fluid
Emily-underdeveloped heart, mitral stenosis, restricted atrial septum
Karl Murphy-multiple skin melanomas
Constance Ferguson-swalled razor blades, swallowed a light tube, thoracotomy, perforated windpipe
Robert Martin-central pontine myelinolysis

Episode 2.12: Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer
Tim Epstein-subdural hematoma, intra cerebral bleed
Nadia Shelton-bleeding ulcer
Justin-heart transplant
Unknown Man-gastric perforation
Unknown Man-strangulated hernia

Episode 2.13: Begin The Begin
Denny Duquette-heart transplant (not performed)
Rebecca(Bex) Singleton-invasive mass, discovery of testes
Mauer Paskowitz-bowel obstruction, mercury poisoning

Episode 2.14: Tell Me Sweet Little Lies
Rick Freeark-amputation of fingers
Sophie Larson-patient who wont leave
Yumi Miyazaki-hiccups, torn esophagus
Naomi Cline-porcine valve degeneration, carcinoid tumor

Episode 2.15: Break On Through
Claire Soloman-muscle biopsy, necrotizing fasciitis
Grace Bickham-end stage COPD
Cheyenne Wood-C-section, fetal spine tumor, exit surgery

Episode 2.16: It's The End Of The World
Mirande Bailey-Labor
Tucker Jones-chest contusion, depressed skull fracture, temporal epidural hematoma
James Carlson-gun shot wound

Episode 2.17: As We Know It
Mr. Carlson-gun shot wound, tramatic aortic injury
Tucker-brain surgery

Episode 2.18: Yesterday
Chuck Eaton-stage 3B non small cell lung cancer
Jake Burton-advanced craniodiaphyseal dysplasia
Mark Sloan-Facial laceration
Pamela-spontaneous orgasms

Episode 2.19: What Have I Done To Deserve This?
Keith Paulus-angiogram, coronary artery aneurysm
Shawn Begleiter-traumatic brain injury, brain is bleeding
Addison Shepherd-poison oak
Denny Duquette-Acute dysrhythmia, synchronized cardio-version
George O'Malley-Disclocated shoulder

Episode 2.20: Bandaid Covers The Bullet Hole
Denny Duquette-flash-pulmonary edema. LVAD insertion
Mrs. Gibson-C-section
Sylvia Booker-minor stab wound, brain aneurysm, double barrel brain bypass
Heath Mercer-broken finger, amputated finger

Episode 2.21: Superstition
Jesse Fannon-car accident, blunt head trauma, ocd
Nikki Ratlin-internal injuries, ruptured spleen
Olive Warner-upper GI bleeding, portacaval shunt
Denny Duquette-pulmonary embolism, blood clot

Episode 2.22: The Name Of The Game
Unknown Female-endopronchial mets
Molly Thompson-pregnant, baby with congenital diaphragmatic hernia
Andrew-Brain cancer, craniotomy

Episode 2.23: Blues For Sister Someone
Eugene Foote-pacemaker removal
Denny Duquette-portable LVAD
Rose Ward-pregnant with 7th child, C-section, "complications" resulting in sterilization
Ms. Graber-seizures, brain mapping

Episode 2.24: Damage Case
Noah Reynolds-right knee pain, patella fracture
Mel Reynolds-pregnant, teardrop fracture, internal organ damage, unsalvageable spleen
Millie Johnson-chest pain
Big Jim Johnson-leg and arm pain, scalp lac
Marshall Stone: closed head injury, wrist
Denny Duquette-overexertion, depression

Episode 2.25: 17 Seconds
Doc-osteosarcoma in his leg
Denny Duquette-possible heart transplant, cut LVAD wire
Larry-gun shot wound to shoulder
Neal Hannigan-possible graze wound to the right back
Deborah Fleiss-through and through to the right upper arm
Will-Lower left leg deformity from GSW, ORIF
Kendra Thomas-GSW to the head, hematoma, brain is herniating, brain dead, human incubator, organ donor
Brad-lacerations from glass, killed by GSW
(Episode involved 2 dead and 14 injured at restaurant shooting)

Episode 2.26: Deterioration Of The Fight Or Flight Response
Denny Duquette-LVAD wire is cut, heart not pushing out blood, SVT, heart transplant, excessively dialted left ventricle
Preston Burke-GSW to right shoulder, pseudo-anuerysm in the subclavian artery, possible paralyzation, wake-up during surgery
Petey-self-inflicted GSW to the head
Camille Travis-passed out during sex, ovarian cancer, cancer has spread to liver, lungs and bowel

Episode 2.27: Losing My Religion
Camille Travis-cancer
Preston Burke-tremors resulting from his surgery
Denny Duquette-new heart, died
Doc-cancer spread into his brain, euthanized

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