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Disclaimer:None of the actual events you are about to read are real.No spoilers.This fanfic displays content from Season 5 of Grey's Anatomy right after the episode 5.05 titled "There is no I in Team".

Episode Title:Right Here Right Now

Sypnosis:Meredith and Derek celebrate their anniversary.George deals with Lexie and stubborn interns.The Chief uses Christina to entice a certain doctor.Callie and Erica deals with certain rumors about their relationship.

Meredith:Everybody lives in the moment.In such a short amount of time you go from one place to another.You stop for a minute and you take in the moment to realize how far you've journeyed.(Mer is standing at the nurses station and she looks around and sees Christina screaming at her interns,Lexie ignoring George,Alex and Izzie laughing)
You almost wish that it never ends and you hold on for as long as you can until.
(Someone taps Meredith's shoulders)

Derek:Hey What are you doing?
Meredith:Nothing I'm just...
Derek:Are you free tonight?
Meredith:Yes why?
Derek:Nothing it's a suprise
(Derek walks away)
Meredith:What suprise tell me?
Derek:You'll see

Bailey assigns Izzie and Alex to work with Derek and Mark who's workinng on a blind patient.Meredith is with the Chief.Christina is with Hahn.George is with Bailey.

(Christina and her interns presenting a case)
Christina:Emma Thompson 19 years old she's here for cardiopulmonary bypass
Emma:Sweet can you like record my surgery.It would really mean alot to my teacher and my friends.
Hahn:Dr.Yang will take care of that and she will also prep you for surgery.
(Dr.Hahn leaves)
Emma looking at Christina:You're like a surgical resident right.That's really awesome.I'm a medical student in University of Washinton.Trying to be like you someday.So can we like get this surgery underway i'm oozing with excitement.
(Lexie smiles)

(Izzie and Alex presenting a case)
Izzie:Trevor Neilson 35 years old he's here for a conrela transplant.
Alex:We've already taken his EKG,X-rays,and blood work and it all came out okay.
Derek:That's good we'll have you seeing in no time Mr.Neilson.
Mr.Neilson:That's good to hear Dr.Shepard I can't wait.
Derek:Dr.Stevens and Dr.Karev will prep you.Dr.Sloan will be assisting me and i'll see you in the O.R.

Callie hears some of the nurses whispering around her.Erica talks to her and Callie expresses her concern about rumors of their relationship.Callie wants to come clean to the Chief about their relationship but Erica doesn't want her too.They get into a fight and Callie storms off.

Christina:How can i put this in a way in which you people would understand.The post op goes in the right pile while the pre op goes in the left.It's not exactly rocket science that you people with no brain can't figure out.
Owen:Well looks like sombody's having fun.
Christina to the interns:All of you go to your proper corners
Owen:I always had a thing for dominating women
Christina:Excuse me and by the way why are you here?
Owen:I'm in town for a while and your Chief offered me a job i couldn't resist so i decided to see if it was worth the trip and by the looks of it might be just what i'm looking for.See you around femme fatal.
(The Chief sees them talking and talks to Christina)
The Chief:Yang I didn't know you knew Owen Hunt.
Christina:I don't really...
The Chief:I need your help in convincing Dr.Hunt to take the job that i offered him.Just show him around and give him a tour of the place.
Cristina:But Sir i don't really...
The Chief:Yang don't do it for me do it for the hospital.A doctor like him is what the hospital needs right now.

Meredith:Izzie did Derek happen to mention any kind of suprise?
Izzie:He did but he swore me to secrecy.
Meredith:You have to tell me
Izzie:Look all he did was pay me and Alex some money to get the hell out the house before you get home.He didn't exactly spill all the details but it's gonna be something special.Your even lucky to have a person who is willing to throw you suprises.
Meredith:You have Alex
Izzie:But you know Alex his idea of a celebration is me on my back.I just want a Derek
and Alex is something that i have to take slow or else if i take it too fast i might freak him out with my needs of romance.
Meredith:Well atleast your together.Alex has never been one to be considerate but he does have his redeeming qualities
Izzie:Yeah he does

George:You can't keep ignoring me Lexie.I am in this hospital with you everyday,I live wth you,and all i want is to talk to you.
Lexie:I am not ignoring you George.I just need some time away from you.I can't avoid you forever I know that because you're in my life whether i like it or not but i need a moment to breath because when you're around me i can't.I don't expect you to understand but if you give me some time things will be back the way you want it to be.So give me a moment.
(Lexie walks away)

Christina:The Chief wants me to lure in a doctor that i barely even know.
Meredith:You did make out with him atleast you know a little something.
Chrtistina:He wants me to be a tour guide like "Hi Welcome Seattle Grace how may i help you?"
(Mer chuckles)
Christina:I don't even know what the Chief is offering him.
Meredith:Think of it this way The Chief is fishing and your the bait.
Mark:Are you busy tonight want to catch a drink?
Derek:Actually i am busy.I'm planning this dinner for Meredith to celebrate our anniversary.
Mark:Oh the Meredith and Derek milestone.That's nice.
Derek:She doesn't know so don't tell her.
Mark:Isn't it suppose to be the other way around.The chick plans this stuff and you just show up for the sex.
Derek:That is so generic Mark and i want to do this for her for us.We've been through alot.It's worth celebrating something i though would never happen.

(Callie approaches Christina)
Callie:When you and Burke were like you and Burke how did you go about revealing to everyone that you two were a couple?
Christina:Well it was Burke who wanted to come clean and i wanted to keep it private as possible.
Christina:Have you met me.He told the Chief regardless of my consent.At first i didn't like it but after he did it and everything was out in the open it felt real.
Christina:Why are you asking me this?Are you dating someone?
Callie:Sort of
Callie:No! more like the opposite.......... gender
Christina:Oh you mean you and
(Callie nods)
Christna:Oh did not see that one coming.
Well if you want to tell the Chief you should because he's coming right at us.
Chief:Yang how's the hunt for Owen Hunt
Christina:Very good sir i think he's really starting to like it here.
Chief:That's good
(Chief walks away but Callie stops him.)

Lexie:Is it okay if sit here?
Alex:I heard you were avoiding O'Malley.
Lexie:Only until i can get my head straight because when i'm around him i'm not myself.
Alex:I can see that you like George.
Lexie:You like Izzie so i don't think you should be talking.I'm waiting for my liking of George to pass.It will pass.
Alex:You don't know that what if he's the only thing that your heart for the orthe only thing that your mind thinks of.It's not easy getting someone out of your system.I would know.
Lexie:Alex he doesn't even feel the same way.Im just opening up myself to a relationship that is doomed from the beggining.
Alex:Maybe so but why stop when you've aready taken the first step.Seize the moment Lexie
Lexie:You're right George makes me happy.What about you which person makes you happy?
(Alex looks at Izzie through the glass)
Lexie:Don't lose her Alex i see you when your with her.She brings out the caring Alex the one i actually get along with.A person who can actually keep you tame should be rewarded.

(Standing outside of Trevor's room)
Alex:Hey i was thinking since we're both free tonight i would take you somewhere special.
Izzie:Special is that code word for hotel
Alex:Actually no.
Izzie:Well i'm happy to as long i get to spend time with you

George(to a nurse):Have seen you my interns?
Bailey:O'Malley you lost your interns
George:I didn't exactly lose them i just don't know where they are.
Bailey:Interns are like strays you tie them up for a reason.You teach them to respect and look up to you.
George:I don't know how to make them do that?
Bailey:When i first got my set of interns all of them didn't have time of day to do what i said.Until i got fed up and i made sure that they wouldn't see the inside of an OR.You find ways George.You let them know.

Christina:My patient wants me to record her surgery like it's a homevideo.You should see her she's so excited as if she's going to get a lollipop after surgery.She doesn't even care that she has like 25% chance of survival.
Meredith:She's a medical student we were just like her before.She has passion for surgery the same passion that reminds me of a certain someone.
Christina:I am not like her she's in La La Land where they videotape surgeries to show to their friends.
(Izzie and Alex sits down)
Izzie:Have you guys heard about Hahn and Callie?
Alex:They're an item.
Christina:I knew that Callie told me which by the way this is just me confirming what i already know.
Izzie:God does George know?
Christina: He doesn't and he won't because here he comes.
(George sits down)
George:Lexie is still mad at me.
(Everyone stares at George)

Christina:Hey what's wrong!
Emma:I don't think i can do this surgery it was fun at first but i'm scared.
Christina:Listen everything will be fine Dr.Hahn will operate and you'll live to see another surgery.
I remember when i first wanted to be surgeon it was all i could think about then when i first got to touch a scalpel i knew i was hooked.Then when i first got to cut i was so nervous i couldn't even remember my name but once it was over i've never felt better.After this surgery you'll feel better and you'll be able to do your own surgeries.

(Emma has her surgery and so does Mr.Neilson)

Callie:I think I did something bad
Callie:I told the Chief about me and Erica without Erica's consent.
Mark:Oh that is bad
Callie:What am i gonna do?I just I panicked because i started to hear all the other nurses talking about me and my relationship with Hahn and it became centerspread in this hospital.
Mark:Oh about that i accidentally let it slip to one of the nurses that you and Erica might have something going on.
Callie:What which nurse?
Mark:The one i've slept with
Callie:You're unbelievable
Mark:I know right

(Emma wakes up)
Christina:You're awake and alive.
How does it feel?
Emma:It feels awesome and being alive isn't so bad either.
(Christina smiles)
Christina:I have something for you.(She pulls out the videotape)
When you back go to school you can show everyone what a true surgery looks like.

Izzie:Mr.Neilson you can see.
Mr.Neilson:I've waited for this moment to come all my life.I've been blind for 35 years and this only time i get to see what the world looks like and it looks pretty damn good to me.
(Izzie giggles)
Mr.Neilson:By the way that Dr.Karev is a keeper.
Izzie:How do you know about us?
Mr.Neilson:I many not be able to see but you don't need sight to know how somebody feels about you.I don't know much but i've relied in all my other senses for the one i do not have and i sense your in his heart.

(Wonderful by:Lady GaGa starts to play)

(At Joe's Bar Christina is drinking)
Owen:I'm still waiting for that tour your Chief promised me.
Christina:I'm not gonna give you tour.You have eyes.You know what the hospital looks like.
Owen:Your very hostile and your not really forthcoming.
Christina:Thanks! For the record the Chief only wanted me to give you a tour because he thinks i know you so he's pimping me to get you take his offer which by the way you should take.
Owen:Why?Give me reason
Christina:I graduate first in my class in Standford i had many options for choosing a surgical program but i choose Seattle Grace.It was the best and still is and i don't know anything about you but i'm assuming that your a great doctor and great doctors belong in Seattle Grace.Why do you think i'm in it?Plus you'll have me there.
(Owen gives her a dirty look)
Christina:As a friend

(Alex bring Izzie to secret spot closing her eyes)
Izzie:Alex where you bringing me?
Alex:Just keep your eyes closed you'll find out soon enough.
Alex:Now open them
(Alex sees a picnic set up by the grass)
Izzie:Alex what is this?
Alex:This is my lame attempt in showing you that i'm not all jerk in the inside.I know i've treated you like crap but you still stuck around.I've never had that before.I know i'm not the guy who opens up about everything but i'm hoping to be the guy you wanna be with so this is it.
Izzie:Alex Karev has a soft spot
ALex :Yeah don't rub it in
(Izzie kisses Alex)

George:Since none of you followed any of my orders.I have no choice but to put you all on the clinic tommorow.
Intern 1:Oh come on O'Malley we were just watching other surgeries it no big deal.
Intern 2:What's your deal anyways?
Intern 3:Can we have like a different resident?
(Bailey while charting listens)
George:Enough I am your resident and yet you
treat me like i'm below all of you like i don't deserve to have any kind of authority.
I am just as good as any resident in this hospital.All of you don't have any idea what i have been through in this hospital.I am not just George O'Malley,I am Dr.George O'Malley.I have earned the right to be called such that and i am entitled to
a little bit of respect.If one of you feels like you want to defy me i'll make sure none of you see the inside of an OR for a month Are we clear?
(Interns:Yes Dr.O'Malley)
(The Interns leave and George passes Bailey)
Bailey:I've taught you well O'Malley

Meredith:Everybody lives in the moment.We each have our moments where we shine.

(George enters the lockerroom)
George:Hear me out because i know your still mad at me which you have every right to be.I
just wanted to tell you that i do notice you and you are very important to me.Sometimes i may not show my appreciation as much but i want you to know that when i first met you right here i knew instantly that you were going to be something special and i was right.
George:When i'm around you i just want to smile for no reason.I don't want to lose that and i don't want to lose you
(Lexie starts to tear up)
George:I'm gonna kiss you know
(George kisses Lexie)

Meredith:Moments that we have been waiting for.

Christina watches as Owen shakes the Chief's hands.He's accepted the job as Head of Trauma.

Meredith:Moments that give us hope

Alex and Izzie are lying down watching the starts in the sky

Meredith:Moments that are unexpected

(Callie meets Erica)
Erica:You told the Chief.
Callie:I told the Chief and i'm sorry but for what it's worth it felt good telling him.
I know you're very private and i get that but i think what we have is real and i didn't want to keep it secret.Are you mad?
Erica:I'm not mad I'm actually relieved.You're right i don't like people knowing but sooner or later they will and if telling the Chief makes you believ in what we have then i'm down.
(Callie smiles and holds out her hand)
Callie:CmonI want to walk out in this hosptal with my girlfriend.
(Erica smiles and they both walk out holding hands)

Meredith:Moments that defines everything

(Meredith walks in her livingroom to find Derek and a table for two)

Meredith:Then there are those moments

Derek:I still remember i was lying here and you were lying there and we were both naked.
You didn't know what my name was so i gave it you and then you gave me your name and that is how we first met.You then told me to get out the house which is ironic seeing that i live here know.
Meredith:This is beautiful and you are so amazing for doing something like this.Your that guy who celebrates anniversaries and does suprising dinners.I am so not in your level.
Derek:Meredith you are.Let's just pick up where we started.
(Meredith and Derek sits down at the table)

Meredith:Those moments that last forever.

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