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Richard Webber - Grey's Anatomy
What we know:
He has proudly served as Chief of Surgery at Seattle Grace Hospital for years, but as a consequence of being married to his work, his real marriage at home has suffered. In Season 2 his wife gave him an ultimatum: You get to keep either your job or your marriage, but not both. He offered the job of Chief of Surgery to Derek Shephard but was turned down. Derek felt that the Chief's job wasn't done and he had more to bring to Seattle Grace.

Key episodes:

Medical specialty:
  • Most cardio, but he has experience with a lot of medical specialities.
  • Neuro is the one thing he doesn't have experience with.

Relationship roller coaster:
Wife, Adele Webber.

Current crush:
  • Ellis Grey (Meredith's mother), a former star surgeon who he had an affair with years ago!
  • His wife recently left him due to his involvement with the hospital. She knew about the affair with Ellis and stayed with him despite this.
  • He has now dyed his hair black to attract "the ladies."

  • He lived in his office for a few weeks
  • An affair with Ellis Grey
  • Didn't tell Bailey he was stepping down because he thought she wasn't ready for the job as she has a famiglia.

Defining moments:

Characteristic quotes: