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Grey's Anatomy Catch Me up

PUSH Recap
Episode Recap6:17


Airdate: March 11, 2010
Author: Katia2525

Recap of Events:
So Mark is pretty frustrated and unhappy with life these days. He is trying not to sleep with everyone in the hospital, like Callie suggested, but it’s hard for him to change his ways. Callie wants him to have a mature, adult relationship. Callie is working on an experiment involving Cartilage and she thinks today will be her breakthrough.
Owen is dealing with a patient who has a giant tumor wrapped around her organs. Richard guilts Owen into giving him the patient by saying he is an old man and this might be his last bug tumor. Christina then talks some sense into Owen, and Owen tries unsuccessfully to get the patient back.

Derek, still Chief, decides they should each present him with a plan, and he will choose. Christina says she wants to work with Richard, but it’s really just to spy on him for Owen.

Ben asks Bailey out on a date and convinces her to say yes.

Jackson and Alex have a patient who seemingly has no heart beat. When they call Teddy for help, they discover that he has had his lung removed and his heart has floated down to about where his kidney is. So the only solution is to put implants in his chest, which the patient fears will give him breasts. He and his girlfriend are fighting about the issue of marriage.

Owen and Richard tell their tumor patient they want to operate and she resists saying that she just wants to live one more month to see her daughter get married. But then she agrees when they tell her she might not live another month without the surgery.

Callie suggests that Mark asks out Teddy in an effort to have a respectable relationship, but he blows it and she turns him down. Then when Teddy tells Arizona, she tells her to go for it. That he is like candy: eat it and forget about it.

Richard knows that Christina is spying for Owen and he offers her some privileges on the surgery if she stops and really spys for Richard. Christina says she needs to think about it.

Callie teases Bailey about going on her 3rd date with Ben and tells her that the 3rd date is the sex date. She gives her the name of a place where she can get a bikini wax and Bailey looks outraged but she accepts the info just the same.

Lexie and Arizona have a little boy with abdominal pain and they can’t figure out what is wrong with him. The parents are fighting about who should have caught it first.

Taking Arizona’s advice to heart, Teddy accepts a date, understanding that it will only be about sex. Mark is surprised she doesn’t want to go to dinner and get to know each other but rather, just wants to grab a drink at Joe’s. When Teddy realizes that he wants a real date, she says no again. Owen overhears this and tells Mark that Teddy isn’t just another of his women and he needs to treat her with respect. Meredith also watches this scene.

Karev is still totally freaked out by Mark. When Mark is nice to him Karev is convinced that he is up to something and won’t even talk to Lexie in the same room as Mark. He is even scared he might try to stab him in surgery. So Lexie is convinced that Mark has it out for Karev because he is still obsessed with her and he just can’t get over her.

Mark helps Teddy with the implant patient and he still thinks that she thinks of him like a piece of meat.

The parents of Lexie and Arizona’s patient learn that it was a ruptured cyst that caused all of their child’s pain. The mother feels extremely guilty after realizing that a bear hug game they were playing caused the cyst to rupture. When the child comes out of surgery ok, the parents are super relieved. Arizona seems affected by this case.
Owen and Meredith realize that Christina is now working for Richard and plan their counter-attack. Richard has a very well thought out plan about how to proceed with the surgery, while Owen’s plan is more to just go in there and see what happens.

Bailey realizes she can’t go get a bikini wax and she confides to Callie that she is worried that she won’t be able to start the whole dating/relationship thing again. But Callie comforts her. Bailey later pages Callie to ask her if she should bring condoms and if so, can Callie get them from the clinic for her?

Owen and Richard get ready to present their case to Derek and they bring Jackson into it because of his connection to Harper Avery (they all think this surgery could put them in a good position for the award). Derek eventually chooses Owen’s plan because it makes more sense to him, and Richard is pissed. But then later when Owen is explaining his plan to the patient, Richard backs him up.

During the surgery, Richard ends up scrubbing in to help when complications arise, and the patient ends up surviving after all. Owen says he couldn’t have done it without Richard. Later, Meredith calls Owen out for being jealous when he heard Mark ask out Teddy and she warns him not to hurt Christina.

Callie finally grows cartilage after experimenting all day and she is celebrating with Arizona when they get to talking about their future. Callie brings up having a house with a yard and kids, etc. and Arizona says she is not interested in having kids. She sees how freaked out the parents get when something happens to their child and she is not interested.

Teddy tells Mark that she will go out with him, but he says that he is taking her to lunch in a crowded restaurant in broad daylight and get to know each other because he wants to build a life with someone and he wants to see if Pushthey want the same type of future.

Bailey goes over to Ben’s house and starts lecturing him about how she plays by her own rules and doesn’t conform to society’s expectations, etc. and he interrupts her and tells her to stop lecturing him. He tells her that they should instead have a conversation. It comes out that they both don’t take sex lightly and want to wait. But the do share a smokin’ hot kiss though…
Alex has overheard Mark ask out Teddy and he tells Lexie that Mark is over her. She acts cool with it, but then bursts into sobs in the bathroom with Meredith.

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