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Episode Quote
3.01 "Time Has Come Today"
3.02 "I Am A Tree"
3.03 "Sometimes A Fantasy"
3.04 "What I Am"
3.05 "Oh, The Guilt"
3.06 "Let The Angels Commit"
3.07 "Where The Boys Are"
3.08 "Staring At The Sun"
3.9 "From A Whisper To A Scream"
3.10 "Don't Stand So Close To Me"
3.11 "Six Days (1)"
3.12 "Six Days (2)"
3.13 "Great Expectations"
3.14 "Wishin' and Hopin'" PRESTON: "Are you saying yes?"
CRISTINA: "Y-yeah."
PRESTON: "I'm not letting you scrub in tomorrow."
CRISTINA: "Well, I'm not wearing a ring."
PRESTON: "Okay."
CRISTINA: "Okay then."
3.15 "Walk On Water" PRESTON: "Meredith. This is about Meredith."
CRISTINA: "She doesn’t know yet."
PRESTON: "Meredith?"
CRISTINA: "She’s my person."
PRESTON: "Right. And if Meredith doesn’t approve, then what?"
CRISTINA: "This... this is not about getting her approval, it's about…"
PRESTON: "What?"
CRISTINA: "Telling her makes it, makes it…. If I murdered someone she’s the person I’d call to help me drag the corpse across the living room floor."
PRESTON: "Okay, now you’re linking someone here to a corpse. I’m done."
CRISTINA: "She’s my person."
3.16 "Drowning On Dry Land"
3.17 "Some Kind of Miracle"
3.18 "Scars and Souvenirs"
3.19 "My Favorite Mistake"
3.20 "Time After Time"
3.21 "Desire"
3.22 "The Other Side of This Life (Part 1)"
3.23 "The Other Side of This Life (Part 2)"
3.24 "Testing 1-2-3"
3.25 "Didn't We Almost Have It All?"

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