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Grey's Anatomy Catch Me up

Perfect Little Accident Recap
Episode Recap6:16


Airdate: February 25, 2010
Author: Katia2525

Recap of Events:

First thing in the morning, Derek and then Meredith walk in on a very naked Lexie in Alex’s bed. Derek leaves immediately, but Meredith stays to give Lexie the lecture about not getting involved with someone like Alex but Lexie assures her that she is only in it for the sex. But, of course, Meredith doesn’t believe her.

ChristinaCristina and Teddy are becoming friends in addition to being close co-workers. ChristinaCristina urges Owen to be friends with her as well.

Just then a motorcycle accident victim gets moved from the ambulance into the hospital, and the EMT wheeling the patient slips on some water and falls. ChristinaCristina then gets stuck answering legal questions.

Arizona confronts Teddy about staring at Owen and invites her out to girl’s night, which she reluctantly accepts. Shortly after Arizona yells at Alex for having slept with Callie.

Derek (after walking in on Mark screwing a drug rep) tells Mark that he is no longer allowed to sleep with drug reps in the hospital. Apparently Mark is acting out because he is sad about Sloan having left him.

Jackson brings in a patient, his grandfather, also a doctor, a very important doctor, Harper Avery. And Christina without knowing who he was, tries to steal the patient from Jackson and misdiagnoses him. Then, Harper doesn’t want Meredith, Derek or Bailey to work on him, but he does specifically request Dr. Webber. When Derek suggests that Dr. Bailey operate on him, he says he will only accept Dr. Webber, and he wants to be awake during the surgery to watch it. Derek says no, of course, but Richard agrees.

Meredith and Jackson scrub in on the surgery, and of course the rest of the gang is envious. They bond over both having famous surgeon relatives.

In another ER, Callie is treating an elderly deaf woman and her daughter that scream to communicate, annoying everyone in the hospital. During her scan to check for injuries caused by a car accident, Mark realizes that he can do a simple procedure to fix her hearing.

Teddy, Arizona and Lexie are working on a cancer survivor that needs a lung transplant but is a very high-risk patient. ChristinaCristina and Lexie want to try an experimental procedure involving the reparation of discarded donor lungs. Later, on of Christina’sCristina’s patients dies, and she “steals” his lungs to use on the procedure, with Lexie as an accomplice. Teddy freaks out when she finds out what ChristinaCristina has done, but things change when she realizes that the once damaged lungs are actually viable.

Mark walks into the room and immediately yells at Alex to get out, essentially kicking him off the case. Later, Mark proceeds to kick Alex out of an OR and Callie tries to give him a pep talk about cleaning up his act.

Owen invites Teddy to have dinner with him and Christina in an effort for all of them to try and be friends.

Jackson confides in Meredith about how annoying it is to be related to a medical legend like his grandpa. Harper Avery pages Jackson to try to convince him again to go practice at the best hospital in the country and work for him. Jackson doesn’t want to, but Harper is insisting. Just then, Harper looses consciousness.

Harper Avery has some complications and he needs another surgery. This time, Derek refuses to let him be awake during the surgery, and he makes Jackson wait outside since he is family. Richard thinks it might have been his mistake and tells Derek to have Bailey do the surgery, that he just wants to drink. But Derek insists that he do it. It turns out that Harper had been allergic to the sutures that he himself had requested Richard use. So they were easily switched out and all was well.

In the middle of reattaching the repaired lungs, Teddy encounters some trouble and wants to quit. But Christina talks her into solving the problem and the surgery goes smoothly.

In yet another bonding moment, Meredith tells Jackson that if her mom were around, she would want to learn from her. So Jackson takes a group of his friends (Lexie, Christina,Cristina, etc.) to go meet his grandfather. It looks like they just might make peace after all.

Alex accuses Lexie of telling Mark that they were dating in order to make him jealous but Lexie denies it. She says that she isn’t dating Alex, she is just in it for the sex. Alex seems cool with that.

Mark tries to apologize to Alex for yelling at him and kicking him off cases when he sees that he is coming out of a call room with Lexie. Mark ends up seducing and sleeping with the daughter of the patient whose hearing he restored.

Owen compliments Teddy on the successful experimental lung surgery and he invites her to grab a drink but she says she has plans: girl’s night.

Harper Avery encourages Richard to pursue his research and Richard seems interested in the idea.

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