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Character on Grey's Anatomy: Derek Shepherd

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Patrick Dempsey - Grey's Anatomy
January 13, 1966

Hails from:
Lewiston, Maine. Attended . Dominic Regional High School; his mother was a secretary there.

Currently lives:

Relationships and family:
  • Parents are Amanda Dempsey Lowell and Howard Lowell (stepfather)
  • First married to Rochelle Parker (1987 to 1994, divorced), and has two stepchildren from the marriage (including actor Corey Parker, who is actually one year older than Dempsey.)Dempsey, and actually was his best friend at the time.)
  • Married to Jillian Fink in July 1999, they have one daughter Tallulah Fyfe, born in Jan 2002. They became proud parents of twin boys, Darby Galen and Sullivan Patrick Dempsey February 1, 2007.

Maine Fundraiser (12-30-08):
Patrick Dempsey has announced plans for a 100-mile bike trek fundraiser for the cancer center at Central Maine Medical Center called "the Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope & Healing." This center opened in Spring 2008. Patrick Dempsey provided a $250,000 donation to the center. The fundraiser will be held in October 2009 in Lewiston, Maine. It will be a bike ride and a 5 kilometer walk/run. Learn more >>

Acting credits (movies, television, stage)

Movies Television Stage
Enchanted-Robert The Practice-Dr Paul Stewart (3 episodes)
American Stroke Assocation commercial
Freedom Writers-Scott Casey Karen Sisco-Carl (1 episode)
Voiceover for Mazda
Brother Bear 2-Kenai Once and Again-Aaron Brooks (4 episodes)
Shade-Paul Parker Will and Grace-Matthew (3 episodes)
Iron Jawed Angels-Ben Weissman The Super Mario Brothers: Super Show-The Plant (1 episode)
Lucky 7-Peter Connor Fast Times-Mike Damone (? episodes)

About a Boy-Will
Sweet Home Alabama-Andrew Hennings Greys Anatomy (season 1,2,3,4)
The Emperor's Club-Louis Masoudi

Rebellion-Tyler Rae



Chestnut Hill-Micheal Eastman

Scream 3-Mark Kincaid

Me and Will-Fast Eddie


There's No Fish Food in Heaven-Stranger

Crime and Punishment-Rodya Raskolnikov

The Treat-Mike


Hugo Pool-Floyd Gaylen

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea-Pierre Arronax

The Escape-Clayton

The Player-Griffin Mill

Odd Jobs-?

A Season in Purgatory-Harrison Burns

The Right to Remain Silent-Tom Harris

Outbreak-Jimbo Scott


With Honors-Everett Calloway

Ava's Magical Adventure- Jeffrey

Bank Robber-Billy

JFK: Reckless Youth-John F. Kennedy

Face the Music-Charlie Hunter

For Better and For Worse-Robert Faldo

Mobsters-Meyer Lansky

Run-Charlie Farrow

Merry Christmas Baby-?

Coupe De Ville-Robert Libner

Happy Together-Christopher Wooden

Loverboy-Randy Bodek

Some Girls-Micheal

In a Shallow Grave-Daventry

In the Mood-Ellsworth Wisecarver

Can't Buy Me Love-Ronald Miller

Meatballs III: Summer Job-Rudy

A Fighting Choice-Kellin Taylor

The Stuff-Underground Stuff Buyer #2

Heaven Help Us-Corbet

Made of Honor- Tom

Middle Name:

Likes to race as a hobby

Best quote:

Fan club sites:
Patrick Dempsey IMDB

Upcoming movie roles:
Can be seen in the movie Freedom Writers with Hilary Swank. He once acted with her in 2004 in Iron-Jawed Angels (HBO).


  • He auditioned for the lead role in House.
  • Came in second in International Jugglers Association's convention when he was 15(Lost to a kid who later joined Cirque du Solei).
  • Didn't finish high school.
  • He is Dyslexic
Patrick Dempsey - Grey's Anatomy