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Episode 6:09


Airdate: November 12 2009

Author: mdashes

Recap of Events:

Meredith's back at work, when in walks...Izzie! Her hair's a couple of months longer, and she's pushing an elderly man in a wheelchair. It's her high school science teacher, Dr. Singer, who's the reason she became a surgeon. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer's (he thinks Izzie's 15) but Izzie thinks he has a bleed, so he stole him away to bring to Derek for evaluation. All this time Izzie's been in Chehalis (100 miles or so from Seattle), incommunicado. Meredith gives her a couple whacks on the arm and tells her they've been worried about her. Izzie tries to make a hasty retreat, and Meredith says she has to see Alex.

"New History": Teddy and MarkJackson chases down Cristina and begins to say, "About the kiss..." when she cuts him off. "There was no kiss; I don't know what you're talking about." The two go to see Owen, who's paged Cristina. He has someone for her to meet: a new cardio goddess, who deep into someone's chest cavity when Cristina sees her in action for the first time. Her name's Teddy Altman, and she served in Iraq with Owen. Oh, and they seem quite familiar.

Bailey runs into the Chief's wife, Adele, in the lobby. He didn't come home the previous night, and she's trying, impatiently, to find him. At that moment, Lexie rushes up to Bailey, also looking for the Chief, which confirms to Adele that her man is MIA.

Derek examines Dr. Singer, who recounts his modest life history. Izzie tells Derek that Dr. Singer's on all sorts of meds and doesn't believe that dementia is the cause of his confusion. She doesn't get to finish her therories because Cristina comes up and demands to know where she's been and why she's missed her treatments. Izzie's been going to a different hospital for treatment, but this conversation stops when Alex walks toward the group and sees Izzie. He drops a chart at the desk and doesn't say a word.

Cristina tries to get some background on the new cardio goddess. Teddy says she's been in Baghdad, and as Cristina grills her on her experience, the skies open up and Teddy runs to revel in the rain. "That is not a cardio god," says Cristina, who's dubious that Teddy and Owen didn't have a history. "I guess you do have a boyfriend," says Jackson to Cristina.

Charles has the test results for Dr. Singer -- to Izzie's surprise, everything's normal. Charles suggests that Izzie thought she'd get her job back if she made a great neuro save. Dr. Singer wakes up and flies into a confused fit. He ends up face down on the ground, wondering what's happening to him. Izzie demands a spinal tap for Dr. Singer from Charles, and threatens to tell Reed of his love for her if she doesn't get it.

Bailey finds the Chief in the break area asleep. She hands him a latte and tells him his wife's there.

Teddy has an elderly patient in ER and says she hasn't put in a temporary pacemaker in ten years, because she's worked on soldiers not the elderly. Cristina excuses herself to talk to the Chief. She finds Bailey talking him through the story she'll tell his wife and hardly has a chance to complain about Teddy when Bailey interjects that Cristina wanted a cardio attending, and she got one. She accuses Cristina of running off all the attendings.

After Chief goes into surgery, Adele approaches Bailey and wants to know if she's having an affair with her husband (she is awfully wife-like with him). Bailey laughs it off, but Adele points out they spend all their waking hours together. Callie explains that they're each other's work wife and husbands, which doesn't help the situation. Adele reveals that Chief hasn't been home all week. The last time he did that, it was an affair with Ellis Gray. Adele says, "Wife wife to work wife: Someone in this hospital is sleeping with our husband."

In surgery Teddy asks Cristina to demonstrate a procedure and it becomes obvious that Teddy isn't up to speed on the latest technology, thus feuling Cristina's ire.

Bailey has a little chat with the Chief -- she knows he's been under a lot of pressure and he has certain needs. He asks if she's hitting on him, and she tells him about the confrontation with Adele. She wants to make it clear she doesn't care what he does in his private life, and that she wasn't hitting on him.

New HistoryAfter Dr. Singer gets the spinal tap from Charles, Izzie tells him about Alex. "You've got to do what's good for you," says her mentor. If he cares for her, he'll understand. When the results come back, they're normal. Still no answers, but suddenly Dr. Singer is lucid, he's in the present. Izzie sends Charles to page Derek.

When comely young female doctors Lexie and Reed want to find the Chief Bailey intercepts them (this is getting really silly). One of his patients, a gall bladder surgery, has turned quite yellow. Lexie and Reed worry that Chief made an error in surgery. Bailey jumps to his defense and threatens the young doctors if they say anything to anyone.

Turns out Izzie was right -- Dr. Singer has a condition called NPH, a buildup of cerebral fluid on the brain. Derek can do an easy procedure that shunts the excess fluid to his stomach, but Dr. Singer has no money to pay for it. Izzie appeals to Derek to do the surgery pro bono; he says if she can get the Chief to sign off it, he'll do it.

Mark and Callie have lunch in the cafeteria and gossip about the Chief's possible affair. Teddy and Owen show up, and she says that Cristina may be the best resident she's ever seen. Mark shares that she drove off the last three cardio attendiNew Historyngs. When Owen leaps to Cristina's defense, Teddy puts it together that they're a couple.

At another table Cristina, Alex and Meredith talk about Teddy. Cristina's insulted that Owen brought in someone she feels is beneath her to be a mentor. She says she needs to break up with him. She drives Alex away with talk of Izzie.

Izzie makes her pitch to Chief. Since she brought $8 million into the hospital, she threatens to go to the board or the press if he doesn't have Derek do this surgery.

In ER Arizona has a cardiac patient -- a boy with asthma, or so they think. Teddy listens to his chest, asks a few questions and determines he has cardiac asthma, he's having a heart attack. Cristina doubts the diagnosis and Teddy lays it down: "When I say book and OR, book an OR!" Arizona says, "I like her."

Bailey goes to the Chief and wants to know if he'd had an affair with Izzie. To her, that explains so many of his decisions. He just laughs it off, but Bailey insists it's no laughing matter when patients may be paying the price. She hands over information about the gall bladder patient whose surgery he may have botched. Bailey offers to do repair the bile duct he may have clipped. She assures him that no one knows about this. She tells him she hopes he gets a handle on whatever or whoever is distracting him.

During surgery on the boy, Teddy explains to Jackson how she heard his ailment. And she asks Cristina to assist with the surgery, an offer that leaves her speechless. While she's operating, something goes wrong and they lose the heartbeat. Cristina asks Teddy to step in, but Teddy trusts that she'll know what to do. After defibrillating, the boy's heartbeat is back and the surgery continues. Cristina is shaken and proud and awed. She's found her cardio goddess.

Meredith tells Alex that Izzie's in the gallery watching Dr. Singer's surgery. If he wants an explanation, he has to go talk to his wife, Mer says. he goes to the gallery and sits behind Izzie. She thinks he got her fired. It was the one thing she had left, and he took it from her. Alex fumes that she didn't give him the benefit of the doubt, and he can't forgive her either.

Bailey finds the Chief watching the gall bladder patient. She'd done the repair and all would be well. He tells her that he's not having an affair but won't reveal what's happening. He has, however, decided to step back from surgery and asks Bailey to take his on.

Owen and Teddy sit outside and talk about Cristina. She asks about Beth and says, "I thought you would've called me. I gues it was all in my head." Uh oh... She says she can let the story in her head about her and Owen's great love affair go. Cristina skips out and kisses Owen, who tells her that Teddy gave up her attending position at Columbia and joined the military after her best friend was killed in the World Trade Center attack.

Alex attempts to drown his sorrows at the bar with Meredith. Nearby, Chief loudly orders a club soda, which Joe pours, along with a generous portion of liquor. He's already confiscated the Chief's keys and knows he's been sleeping at the hospital. In flashbacks to the Chief's recent stress, we see that the Chief has returned to an old love, the bottle.

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