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A couple of hundred years ago, Benjamin Franklin shared with the world the secret of his success. Never leave that till tomorrow, he said, which you can do today. This is the man who discovered electricity. You think more people would listen to what he had to say. I don't know why we put things off, but if I had to guess, I'd have to say it has a lot to do with fear. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, sometimes the fear is just of making a decision, because what if you're wrong? What if you're making a mistake you can't undo? The early bird catches the worm. A stitch in time saves nine. He who hesitates is lost. We can't pretend we hadn't been told. We've all heard the proverbs, heard the philosophers, heard our grandparents warning us about wasted time, heard the damn poets urging us to seize the day. Still sometimes we have to see for ourselves. We have to make our own mistakes. We have to learn our own lessons. We have to sweep today's possibility under tomorrow's rug until we can't anymore. Until we finally understand for ourselves what Benjamin Franklin really meant. That knowing is better than wondering, that waking is better than sleeping, and even the biggest failure, even the worst, beat the hell out of never trying. << Back to Quotes Page

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Episode Quote
1.1 A Hard Day's Night Derek: "This is..."
Meredith: "... Humiliating. On so many levels. You have to go."
Derek: "Why don’t you just come back down here and we’ll pick up where we left off?"

Meredith: "You know, we don’t have to do the thing."
Derek: "Oh, we can do anything you want."
Meredith: "No, the thing... exchange the details, pretend we care..."

Meredith: "Look, I'm going to go upstairs and take a shower. Okay? And when I get back down here, you won't be here. So goodbye, um..."
Derek: "Derek."
Meredith: "Derek! Right. Meredith."

Cristina: "That's the Nazi?"
George: "I thought the Nazi would be a man."
Meredith: "I thought the Nazi would be... a Nazi."
Izzie: "Maybe it's professional jealousy. Maybe she's brilliant and they call her a Nazi because they're jealous. Maybe she's nice."
Cristina: "Let me guess. You're the model."

Katie: "You are so lost."
Meredith: "I am not lost. Okay?"
Meredith: "Just go to sleep."
Katie: "I can't sleep, my head's all full."
Meredith: "That's called thinking. Go with it."
Meredith: "Just go to sleep."
Katie: "I can't sleep, my head's all full."
Meredith: "That's called thinking. Go with it."

"If I hadn't taken the Hippocratic Oath, I would Kevorkian her with my bare hands."

Meredith: [about Derek] "You can't make a face, comment, or react in any way. We had sex."
Cristina: [about patient] "What about an aneurysm?"
Meredith: "No blood in the CT."
Cristina: "No drug use. No pregnancy. No trauma. Was he good? He looks like he’d be good. Was he any good?"

Cristina: "You know... don't be, don't do me any... don't do me any favors, its fine."
Meredith: "Cristina-"
Cristina: "You know what, you did a cut-throat thing, deal with it. Don't come to me for absolution. You want to be a shark, be a shark."
Meredith: "I'm not!"
Cristina: "Oh, oh, oh, yes you are. Only it makes you feel bad in your warm, gooey places."

George: "007. They're calling me 007, aren't they?"
Meredith: "No one's calling you 007."
George: "I was on the elevator and Murphy whispered 007."
Cristina: "Okay, how many times are we going to go through this, George? Five, ten? Give me a number or else I'm going to hit you."
George: "Murphy whispered 007 and everyone laughed."
Izzie: "He wasn't talking about you."
George: "Are you sure?"
Meredith: "Would we lie to you?"
George: "Yes."

Cristina: [about George] "Total 007."
Izzie: "007? What's 007?"
Meredith: "Licensed to kill."

Meredith: "Did you let me scrub in for this operation because I slept with you?"
Derek: "Yes. Just kidding."

Meredith: "We should forget it ever happened."
Derek: "What? You sleeping with me last night? Or you throwing me out this morning? 'Cause both are fond memories I'd like to hang on to."
Meredith: "No, there will be no more memories. I'm not the girl in the bar anymore and you're not the guy. This can't exist. You get that, right?"
Derek: "You took advantage of me and now you want to forget it?"
Meredith: "I did not take-"
Derek: "I was drunk vulnerable and good looking and you took advantage."
Meredith: "Okay. I was the one who was drunk and you are not that good looking."
Derek: "Maybe not today, but last night I was very good looking. I had on my red shirt, my good-looking shirt, and you took advantage."
Meredith: "I did not!"
Derek: "Would you like to take advantage again, say Friday night?"

Cristina: "You should get some sleep, you look like crap."
Meredith: "I look better than you."
Cristina: "That’s not possible."
1.02 "The First Cut Is The Deepest"
1.03 "Winning a Battle, Losing the War"
1.04 "No Man's Land"
1.05 "Shake Your Groove Thing"
1.06 "If Tomorrow Never Comes"
1.07 "Save Me"
1.08 "Who's Zoomin' Who?"
1.09 "Who's Zoomin' Who?"

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