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03.04 What I AmMeredith: "McSteamy! Woo hoo!"
Mark: "McSteamy? That's what you're calling me now?"
Meredith: "Yes... but I don't think you are supposed to know that."
Mark: "How's my favorite dirty mistress?"
Meredith: "No, now I'm an adulterous whore!"
03.05 Oh the Guilt"Oh, this is awkward." --Said to Derek and Addison upon coming out of the shower while wrapping a towel around his waist. Always living up to that McSteamy nickname.
03.07 Where the Boys Are"Derek's damaged goods. I know because I'm the one that damaged him. But ask yourself, do you really want to drink out of a poisoned well?"
03.08 Staring at the SunAddison: "What is this?"
Mark: "Lunch. Want my pickle?"
03.10 Don't Stand So Close to MeMark: "Thought you might be fun to look at while I worked."
Izzie: "Will you be working on the nerve graft and the skin reconstruction?"
Mark: "Yes, and I think I'll handle them a whole lot better with a little caffeine in my system. Get me a blueberry scone and a bone-dry cappuccino, and a lil' something for yourself."
Izzie: "There's a cafeteria on the second floor and a coffee cart in the lobby."
Mark: "Fiesty."
03.10 Don't Stand So Close to MeDerek: "It'd be nice if every love triangle could be fixed with a scalpel."
Mark: "If they could, you would have stabbed me with a ten blade a long time ago."
03.12 Six Days, Part 2"If you'd had the baby, we'd be together in New York right now; it wouldn't be raining and even if it was, we wouldn't care because we'd be together. We'd be together. And I'd have a family instead of walking pneumonia and an ex-best friend who hates me."
03.14 Wishin' and Hopin'"Aren't you gonna get in there? If you wanna be chief, you gotta fight with the big boys."
03.15 Walk on Water"I’m gonna go save lives!"
03.17 Some Kind of MiracleAddison: "You know, sometimes I think what a waste it is to throw away all that history."
Mark: "I'm a flawed and I'm a... a wreck, but you... it wasn't a game."
Addison: "60 days. Go 60 days with no sex, no other women. You go 60 days cold turkey and maybe... I'll believe you."
Mark: "So I only have sex with you?"
Addison: "No. No sex with anyone. Grow up Mark. Find another way to scratch the itch."
Mark: "Say I do , you'll give us another try. A real try, the couple thing, no sneaking around, no booty calls."
Addison: "If you make it. Yes."
Mark: "Okay. We're on. Oh, and Addison, if I'm not having sex, neither are you."
Addison: "Who would I possibly be having sex with?"

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