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Airdate: May 15, 2006

Recap of Events:

When Preston Burke awakens in the OR, he panics, choking on the tubing and struggling. Derek Shepherd and Chief Richard Webber scream at Cristina Yang to calm him down but she just turns around, unable to watch. They need him to move his fingers. As he starts to do it successfully, Cristina leaves without a word.

Meanwhile, Erica Hahn, Miranda Bailey and Alex Karev are working on Denny Duquette and for a while it looks like he isn't going to pull through but Hahn is patient and the surgery is successful. From the gallery, Izzie Stevens cries in relief.

Elsewhere, Addison Shepherd tries suggesting treatment plans for Camille Travis to Chief Webber but it seems very hopeless. Chief Webber lets Addison give the bad news because he needs to deal with the Denny situation. The five interns line up in Chief Webber's office and all of them except Alex try to take the blame. But none of them come clean. Chief Webber tells them they are barred from all surgeries and galleries until they confess, and they have to do whatever Camille says.

The interns are all grateful that they weren't fired, but Alex is pissed off that he has to cater to a teenage cancer patient. Bailey turns the corner with Camille's best friends who want to build Camille her own prom right in the hospital. They begin pitching ideas to Alex and George O'Malley while Meredith Grey and Cristina reminisce about what they were like during their proms. Cristina doesn't want to talk about Burke, so Meredith brings up how her vet and current flame Finn Dandridge thinks that there's something between her and Derek.

Izzie goes to visit Denny, and the two are happy to see each other. The two have small talk until Denny brings up the fact that he proposed to her. Izzie decides to give him an "out" because he was dying and she was saving him, but he reiterates his proposal. He says that they should date and have sex first, but he stops her and insists that he wants to marry her. She doesn't say anything.

The Chief is talking to Bailey, and decides that he is going to interview each of the interns seperately. He then tells Bailey that she had better go to the prom, and when she expresses disdain the Chief proclaims that everyone on the surgical floor better be at the prom. Camille's friends are having trouble with the details, and Alex tells them to get a life. Camille's friends equate him to the boy who dumped Camille because of her cancer, and they tell him to leave them alone because they're just trying to make their dying friend happy. The interns ask Bailey to help with the details and she comes up with a plan for the prom and makes them go blow up balloons.

While George is making balloons, Callie Torres comes in and asks what went down the previous night and becomes very frustrated when George doesn't tell her. He tries asking her to the prom but she refuses.

Finn drops by to talk to Meredith, and she invites him to the big prom and he accepts. However, he has bad news concerning her dog, Doc; his bone cancer has spread to his brain and he doesn't have much time.

The Chief begins his interviews of the interns. He starts with Alex, who begins a metaphor about being on a bad football team. Sure, the team isn't what he'd hoped for, but they're his team and he'd never out them to the coach. Next, the Chief interviews Cristina and recognizes that she's a surgery junky and will probably snap if she's not given a chance. Suddenly, Cristina asks the Chief his secrets about doing the job so well. She says she used to be amazing and now she's an emotional wreck with loyalties and guilt. She had an edge and lost it, and she wants to know how to get it back. He simply excuses her, saying that he doesn't want to be responsible for her being less human.

Next is Izzie, who randomly says that she's a "pretty girl". The Chief is trying to get information out of her but all she can talk about is how Denny proposed to her, and how he makes her feel so happy. George is the next interviewed, and all the Chief tries to do is stare him down until he cracks. At first he starts to ramble on, but it's clear that George is thinking about reciprocating his love to Callie, which leaves Chief Webber confused. Meredith is the last to be interviewed. She tells Chief Webber that she's figured out that her mother was in love with him, and that it was his affair that ruined her family.

Meredith confronts Derek and tells him that Doc needs to be put to sleep. At first Derek seems uninterested but he asks what time it will be done. Izzie goes to see Denny and although Bailey tells her to go away, Izzie cannot wait and accepts the proposal and promises to come visit during prom. Cristina goes to see Burke to talk about prom, but Burke was already visited by George. Burke then tells Cristina that if she were to leave him, he wouldn't hold a grudge. He also tells her that he hasn't yet told Derek about the troubles with his hand.

At the vet's, Finn tells them how the drugs will work and Meredith and Derek discuss how they will bury him. Derek suggests a clearing at the trailer. Addison is paged away before it starts, and Derek and Meredith seem to get a bit close as it happens. Meredith cries and prepares to leave; Finn says he's sorry but Meredith says that Doc was Derek's dog. Derek says that he was both of theirs.

Cristina and Bailey are at the prom, and it's clear Cristina doesn't want to see Burke. Finn and Derek see Meredith in her dress and both admire it. Finn meets with her while Addison speaks to Derek about her high school prom. They go and dance. Chief Webber goes to dance with his niece. She talks about how her boyfriend loves her, and how everyone should get to be loved once in their life. She thanks him for the lovely prom.

George sees Callie in the halls and she tries to blow him off but he follows. Callie thinks that George has been avoiding her, but it's not true. However, he still can't say he loves her back, but he holds her and says that when he tells her he loves her he wants to mean it and he just needs a bit of time.

Meredith is dancing with Finn and talks about how he's not the kind of person who makes plans ever since his wife died, but he has plans with Meredith. She seems okay with this at first, but she won't stop looking at Derek on the dance floor, who is also looking back at her. Suddenly, she breaks away from Finn and Derek breaks away from Addison. The two meet up in the halls of the hospital and go into an exam room. She yells at him, telling him to stop looking at her. He then tells her that he doesn't want to be looking at her, and he doesn't want to be jealous of Finn because he feels that he has responsibilities to Addison. The two stand silently for a moment before kissing and having sex.

Izzie, in her full prom gown, goes to see Denny. He is waiting patiently for her before something seems to go wrong and he goes limp.

When Meredith and Derek are done, he asks her what their encounter means. Callie enters unexpectedly and catches them, but simply tells Meredith that there's something about Izzie she needs to help with. She helps Meredith clean up and gives Derek a look before leaving. Bailey enters an OR gallery where Chief Webber is sitting and reflecting. However, Bailey says sadly that Denny had passed away earlier.

George, Meredith, Cristina and Callie all go into Denny's room to see Izzie lying with his corpse. She says softly that he could have had a clot that gave him a stroke. She says that she had changed her dress three times for him. The others tell her she needs to leave. Alex then arrives and tells her that he's dead and he wouldn't want her to do this. She says that she had just accepted his proposal and now he's dead, and she begins to sob. Alex lifts her off of Denny's corpse and carries her to a nearby chair and comforts her.

Cristina goes to see Burke and comforts him as he struggles with his hand. Derek goes back to see Addison, who is talking with Finn. Chief Webber and Bailey arrive and ask for the whereabouts of the interns. They all promptly show up, and Izzie turns to Chief Webber and confesses to cutting the LVAD wire. She says that she doesn't think that she's a surgeon, and quits.

Finn tells Meredith that they should go, but she doesn't move. Instead, she looks from Finn to Derek, and back to Finn. It's clear she has to choose one.

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