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(Synopsis: It is 6 years after the shooting at Seattle Grace/Mercy West Hospital. Derek & Meredith have been married for almost 8 years & have built their dream home on Derek’s land and have now been living in it for almost 4 years. They got their marriage legalized soon after the shooting and have their rings engraved “Post-It Forever”. They now have a 3 year old son named Christopher and a dog, Doc II. Owen and Cristina got married 5 years ago and are expecting a baby girl very soon. Mark & Lexie got back together and are now engaged, after Lexie continued to date Alex for a while. Arizona and Callie got married 2 years ago and just adopted a baby girl. Bailey has recently remarried Dr. Ben Warren. Teddy transferred to Seattle Presbiterean after the shooting. Derek had stepped down from being Chief of Surgery after the shooting and gave the role back to Richard Webber. Just last year, Derek was renamed Chief of Surgery when Dr. Richard Webber retired.)

Chapter 1: All Seems Normal

Opening: It is a seemingly normal day in Seattle as all of the doctors are seen getting ready for work. Derek and Meredith are dropping Christopher of at day camp on their way to work. Arizona & Callie drop of there little girl at day care before heading to work.

Meredith (Voice Over): We all tell ourselves as doctors that we can handle anything because we have seen it all. But some days, some very bad days, we are proven wrong. One event can change the whole course of our lives and we never saw it coming.

The doctors are beginning to arrive at the hospital. Today seems like a seemingly normal day so far. It is raining, as it always is in Seattle, but not too hard. Derek and Meredith arrive at the hospital first. Today was going to be an easy day, or so they thought.
Derek: “Well, I have a surgery in an hour and I have some paperwork to do before. So I will see you later Mer.”
Meredith: “Ok. I have rounds, so I will see you later. I love you.”
Derek: “I love you too.” They give each other a quick, but soft kiss on the lips and parted in opposite directions. Arizona and Callie arrive at the hospital not too long after.
Arizona: “I have a busy day today, so I better get started.”
Callie: “Ok. I will see you later in surgery then. Love you.”
Arizona: “Love you too.” They exchange a kiss and got to their stations. Soon after, Owen and Cristina arrive, followed by Mark & Lexie.
Owen: “So, Cristina, how are you feeling this morning?”
Cristina: “Like a huge cow, but other than that, ok.” They share a chuckle. Mark & Lexie catch up to them.
Mark: “So, how are feeling Dr. Yang?”
Cristina: “Would everyone stop asking me that?! I am fine, so don’t ask me anymore!” She gives Owen a kiss and goes to the locker room. Mark looks at Owen, somewhat confused.
Mark: “What’s her deal?”
Owen: “Hormones. And on top of that, she is just being Cristina.”
Mark: “Oh. Ok. I was just trying to be nice, but I guess I get it. Hopefully Lexie won’t be like that, right honey?”
Lexie: “I hope not, and if I do get like that, slap me or something to snap me out of it.” The three doctors all exchange a laugh and part their separate ways as they enter the hospital. The day was going along fine. Derek’s surgery went well and so did Callie and Arizona’s. Alex is the new OB/GYN attending, Cristina is the new Cardio attending, as well as the head of Cardio, and Meredith is the new Nuero attending, but Derek still remains the head of Nuero as well as being the Chief of Surgery. Meredith gets a page from Derek. She arrives at his office.
Meredith: “Hey. You paged?”
Derek: “Yes. I just wanted to see you since I haven’t seen you since 5:30 this morning.”
Meredith: “Oh. Ok. Well, what are you up to?” Meredith takes a seat in front of his desk.
Derek: “Paperwork. What else am I ever doing, besides like 1 or maybe even 2 surgeries a day, on occasion. How has your day been so far?”
Meredith: “Well, I had a craniotomy that I just finished after my rounds, and since then I have been in the ER. Is there anything I can do for you Dr. Shepherd to make your day better?” She says with a grin on her face.
Derek: “Well, you can come over here and give me a kiss.” Meredith came over to his chair, sat in his lap and gave him a long, soft, passionate kiss. It was a kiss he needed to help him get through his never ending day.
Meredith: “Did that help?” She said it with a grin.
Derek: “Definitely. I would go further with you, but I just don’t have the time, even though I REALLY want to.”
Meredith: “Well, ok. How about tonight?”
Derek: “Sounds great. Looking forward to it.”
Meredith: “Ok. I have to get back to the ER now and you have to finish your paperwork. See you later. Love you.”
Derek: “Ok. Love you too.” He gave her a kiss and she was out the door. Later on, Cristina is seen sitting in the locker room. Owen finds her and sits down next to her. She seems quite upset.
Owen: “What’s wrong Cristina?”
Cristina: “It’s just that I can’t do anything anymore. I can’t do surgeries, I can’t even get up from here to go watch a surgery, I just want to go home.” She said through tears. Owen hadn’t seen her cry in a long time, not since her mother died in a plane crash 3 years ago. She had seemed so defeated, and his heart had just sunk into his chest watching her this way.
Owen: “Oh, Cristina. I am so sorry. Before you know it, you will be a mom and back to surgery.” He said, her head now on his shoulder with tears streaming down her face. He could tell that she couldn’t stand not operating. So he made a decision.
Owen: “C’mon, I will take you home.”
Cristina: “Really, you would do that for me?”
Owen: “Of course. Anything to make you happy.”
Cristina: “Thank you so much. I love you.”
Owen: “I love you too. Let’s go. I can’t be gone too long. I will tell Shepherd you are home once I get back. He offered you time off anyway.” As they leave the locker room, Arizona and Callie are seen filling out patient charts.
Arizona: “Looks like he is taking her home. Looks like she needed some time off. Shepherd gave it to her anyway.”
Callie: “Yea. She is tough, she will get through it. Before you know it, she will be back to her old self again.” They go back to work as usual. Derek is seen still filling out paperwork when his pager goes off. It’s a 911 in the ER. He rushes down to the ER to see a trauma coming in. He wonders why he was paged.
Derek: “What you got Meredith?”
Meredith: “63 year old woman, sever head trauma and some lacerations to her arms and face.” She saw as Derek’s face went white with fear. She now knew why. She thought the patient looked familiar, but the cuts on her face and her head wound made her unsure. But now the look on his face told her who it was.

Meredith (VO): Like I said, as doctors we think we can handle anything, but then we realize we can’t when one moment changes our entire lives.

(Have a couple more chapters. Tell me what you think.)

(Here is chapter 2. Enjoy!)

Chapter 2: Tragedy Strikes

Derek (VO): For a second, even when we don’t realize it, our hearts stop. Whether we are surprised or terrified, it stops, just for a second.

Derek was white. He could recognize that face even with the damage to it. He knew her. He loved her.
Derek: “MOM!!!!!!!” Once he said that, the whole ER stopped. It went silent. They had never heard their Chief of Surgery with such panic in his voice. “Get her to a trauma room now! It’s going to be ok mom. Just tell me what happened.”
Carolyn: “I…the other car….my car.. I tried to swerve away…but I couldn’t.”
Derek: “Ok mom. Why are you even in Seattle?”
Carolyn: “I came to see you….And my daughter-in-law.. And my grandson.”
Derek: “Oh mom. You should have called. I would have picked you up or something.”
Carolyn: “I wanted to surprise you. I…….” She was crashing. Derek was panicking. He knew she needed brain surgery right away and he had to be the one to do it. He didn’t like the idea, but he had no choice. She needed surgery and she needed it now.
Derek: “We need to get her to an OR now! Let’s move people! There is no time to waste!” Meredith looked at him. At his face. He had never had that look on his face before. He had a face that showed true fear and panic. She knew what he was thinking just by looking into his deep blue eyes. He was thinking she wouldn’t make it. That his mother wouldn’t survive the surgery. She felt it too, but she had some hope. Derek and Meredith are in their dark blue scrubs, scrubbing in in the scrub room.
Meredith: “Don’t worry Derek, you are going to do fine.”
Derek: “I’m just really scared and nervous. I mean, it is my mom on the table and her life is in my hands.” He said with the most terrified face. Meredith could tell he was a wreck and knew that if this surgery didn’t go as planned, she may not make it. But he wasn’t alone.
Meredith: “Look at me Derek.”, He looks her in the eyes. “I am right here with you through the whole thing. Whatever happens, know you did your best and that I am right here, I will always be right here with you, and I am not going anywhere. I love you, so much and you can do this.” Derek all of a sudden felt more loved than he has ever felt in his entire life. He knew she was there to stay, no matter what. He knew he wasn’t alone, and he suddenly regained some confidence in himself.
Derek: “Ok. Thank you so much. I love you too, more than you can even imagine. Now let’s get in there and try to save my mother’s life.” They gave each other a smile and a kiss before they went in. They knew the road was long and tough to pull off this surgery.
Derek: “Alright everyone, it’s a beautiful night to save my mother’s life. Let’s get to work.”
(Flashes to the middle of the surgery.)
Derek: “Clamp. I need some suction. Damn it. There is too much blood. I can’t find the source. She has skull fragments in her brain. C’mon mom!”
Nurse: “Dr. Shepherd, she’s crashing!”
Derek: “NO!!”
Meredith: “Get the paddles. Charge to 200, clear!” No pulse. “Again. Charge to 300. Clear!” The room was silent. They waited and listened for anything, even the slightest heartbeat to know that she was alive. But all that was heard was the flat line. She was gone. They had done everything they could, but it was too late. Derek couldn’t believe it. He wouldn’t believe it. Not only had his father been dead since he was young, but now his mother was gone. For so long , she was all he had. Derek ripped his gloves off and stormed out of the OR, a single tear streaming down his face. Meredith could only watch as her husbands life had been torn to pieces right in front of her.
Meredith: “Time of death…16:34.”
The whole hospital watched as Derek made his way to his office, trying so hard to fight back the tears. He was holding them back, for the most part anyway. Meredith opened the door. When she closed it, she locked it.
Meredith: “Derek, I am so sorry. I..” Derek interrupted her.
Derek: “I don’t understand,” trying now even harder to hold back his tears. He needed to show everyone he was strong. After all, he is their Chief. “She was just fine. She was perfectly healthy. She had nothing wrong with her. And now, she’s gone. For the longest time, after my dad died, she was all I had. She was my rock, she was the glue that kept me from falling apart everyday. She got me through pre-med, and then med-school. She came to all of my graduations and anything that I was involved in, as a child and as an adult. I love her so much, and now she is gone. She’s gone.” He couldn’t fight the tears any longer. He nearly collapsed in tears. Meredith had never seen him like this before, so defeated. She came over to him and held on to him tight. He held on to her even tighter as he fell into her arms and just let it all out. This was truly one of the worst days of his life, and Meredith was there for him, and she let him know.
Meredith: “Shhh, its ok honey. I am here. I am here and I am not going anywhere. We will get through this together. I love you so much, never forget that.”
Derek: Through tears, “Thank you so much. I love you too, more than you know.” The tears wouldn’t stop. They just stood there holding each other tight as Derek faced the loss of his mother.
Mark has just heard the news from Lexie. He is heart broken.
Mark: “Mrs. Shepherd, gone? How is that possible??”
Lexie: “She came to visit and surprise Derek and she was in a car accident. Derek tried so hard to save her, but he couldn’t.”
Mark: “Oh my God. I can’t believe this is happening. Poor Derek. He was so close to his mother, especially after his dad died and now she is gone. She was a mother to me. My parents weren’t in my life nor was my family and the Shepherds were my family. Where is Derek?”
Lexie: “He is in his office with Meredith. He is a mess. Meredith is there with him right now. I think they are going to pick up Christopher from day camp and go home.”
Mark: “Oh. Ok. For now, they should be left alone.” He walked away, cleary torn apart. Lexie could see his pain and she felt so bad.
(Flashes to locker room.)
Arizona: “Hey Callie. Did you hear about Shepherd’s mom?”
Callie: “Yea. It is so sad. I can’t imagine how he is feeling right now. If it were one of my parents, I don’t know what I would be thinking.”
Arizona: “Well let’s just go pick up our baby and go home.” As they left, they both had a look on their face like Today wasn’t supposed to be like this. This heartbreaking. It was supposed to be a normal day at Seattle Grace/Mercy West Hospital, but it wasn’t. And it wasn’t. As Derek and Meredith made their way out of the hospital, they were holding hands, not saying a word to anybody, not even each other. The whole hospital watched as their Chief of Surgery, their friend, had left. His eyes were red from all of the tears he shed for his mother and they all felt so bad for him that they had no idea what to say to him because they could not even imagine the pain he was feeling. The Chief of Surgery was in pieces, no longer knowing what the purpose of life is, besides Meredith & Christopher. As they sat in the car, Derek & Meredith did not speak. Meredith put her hand on the center consol and Derek took it in his. He was driving and they were going to pick up their little boy and go home.
Derek (VO): Life is cruel and always changing. You think you know what will happen next, but you really don’t.

(I am still working on chapter 3, but i will have it up soon. Hope you like it so far. Tell me what you think.)

(Sorry it took me so long to update. I haven't really been home the past few days. I hope you like it, i worked really hard on this. Well, here is chapter 3. Enjoy!)

Chapter 3: The Next Day is the Toughest

Derek (VO): Sometimes we wonder why we can’t control life. We can’t control how it goes. We want to, but life just happens, and sometimes, life really sucks.
As Derek lies awake in his bed, he thinks of what had just happened that day. His mother was gone. He had done everything he could to save her, but she couldn’t be saved. He watched as Meredith lay sound asleep next to him. He knew that she was there for him, but he just felt so alone. He got out of bed and left the room. He walked down the hall and opened a door a few doors down from his own, across the hall. The door said Christopher on the outside of it. He watched as his son, his beautiful boy, peacefully slept. He just had to smile.
Derek: “I love you so much, you know that? You and mommy. You 2 are my world. You guys come first, always.” He whispered, trying not to wake him. He gave his son a kiss on his forehead. His eyes cracked open.
Christopher: “Hi daddy.” He said in a cute, but quite and tired voice.
Derek: “Hi little man. Sorry I woke you. Go back to sleep. I love you.”
Christopher: “Ok daddy. I love you too.” As he watched his son fall peacefully back to sleep, he felt a sense of hope. Hope that he would in time come to terms with what has happened throughout the day. He made his way back to his room & made it back to bed. Doc was sleeping peacefully in his bed on the floor. He looked over to the clock and saw the time; it was 2:30 am. Meredith woke up a few minutes later.
Meredith: “Hey honey, you’re up?”
Derek: “Yea, never really fell asleep.”
Meredith: “Oh. Well, you should try to get some rest. Are you going in tomorrow?”
Derek: “Don’t think so. I think we should take tomorrow off and keep Chris home for the day and just do something, just the 3 of us. And Doc of course.”
Meredith: “That sounds great, but can you do that?”
Derek: “Of course I can. I am the Chief, remember?”
Meredith: “Ok. Would you like to get some sleep now?”
Derek: “Yea. Been up thinking. I could really use some rest.” As he rapped his arm over her and held her tight, he felt his heart beat faster. He loved her so much, and in his time of need, she was there through it all. Within a minute he drifted to sleep, the love of his life right there with him, in his arms. Cristina is lying in bed, just staring at the ceiling fan as it spins. She can’t sleep. She hasn’t slept well in days. Just thinking about the baby & what kind of mother she would be. She was a surgeon. She knew she wasn’t alone, especially when she looked over at Owen as he slept, his hand on her stomach. “Why am I letting this get to me?”, she was thinking, “I am Cristina Yang. I am tough as nails. Nothing gets to me. I am hard core.” She wondered how she and Owen would pull off being parents and doctors. And then she thought of Meredith & Derek. If they could pull it off, why couldn’t she? They were great parents and excellent surgeons, some of the best. She looked over at her clock and saw that it was 3:00 am. She had lost track of time thinking. Pondering her many thoughts. She decided to try to get some sleep. Derek and Meredith are sleeping peacefully, or so they were. Derek had been having nightmares, nightmares about the shooting. He hadn’t had those dreams since months after the shooting, which was 6 years ago. Why was he having these dreams now? He realized it was because of the sudden loss of his mother. After the shooting, he blamed himself for all of the people that were killed in the shooting at the hospital. And now, he was blaming himself for the death of his mother. All of the pain was flooding back. Now he could no longer sleep. He turned on the TV and as he searched the channels, he realized that there is really nothing on at 4:00 am. So he turned off the TV and just looked at Meredith as she slept. He couldn’t imagine his life without her. He realized that if he was going through this pain by himself, he would have been in even more pieces than he was. Like a puzzle, Meredith was slowly helping him put his life back together. Piece by piece. As he lay there, he realized that he needed to start planning her funeral, which was something that he prayed throughout life that he would never have to do. But, he knew he had no choice. He knew she wanted to be buried in New York, where she was born and raised and where she raised her children and lived her life, as short as it seemed. He just couldn’t bare the thought of the days to come. He would have to take off from work to go to the funeral. He would need time off to think in the days preparing for the painful journey. He knew he wanted Meredith there and he knew she wanted to be there with him, for him. But he just couldn’t tell his 3 year old son that his grandmother was gone, he couldn’t do it. He loved his grandmother so much, and never got to know his grandfather. He didn’t want his son to feel so much pain at such a young age. He didn’t want him to come to the funeral and see her that way, see him that way, so torn apart. He decided he would talk about that further with Meredith when she woke up. He was trying to think who he could stay with when his parents were in New York, and what he would tell him when they left. Again, those are decisions that he is not going to be making alone. When Meredith woke up the next morning, she could hear laughing, a laugh she knew. It came from outside. She looked out her window to see Derek chasing Chris around the yard, Doc not too far behind. She knew the days and even weeks ahead were going to be long and difficult. Meredith got dressed and went to join them. When she got outside, she joined in the laughter and playing. She went alongside Derek in chasing Chris. She knew this was a good way for him to keep his mind off of things. As they have fun, Cristina is helping Owen get ready for work.
Owen: “Are you sure you are okay being home alone?” He looked at Cristina and as he did, she responded with words she didn’t even believe would prove true.
Cristina: “Yes, I will be fine. You go to work, save lives.” Cristina realized now that she was getting soft. Many years ago, she said she would never get married, never have children. Her life was surgery and she didn’t believe herself when she said she was fine. The look on Owen’s face said that he agreed with what she was thinking.
Owen: “Are you positive? I mean you know Derek is going through a tough time right now with the loss of his mother and Meredith will be with him for a while and I have to work late tonight.”
Cristina: “I am positive. I know what is going on with Derek is tough and Meredith will be sticking to him like glue because I have been there before, when I lost my dad and my mom. His dad was killed when he was young right in front of him, just like mine was, and his mom died in an accident, just like mine, so I can truthfully say that I know how he is feeling and I understand that they need time, and I understand that you have to work late. I will be fine. I will call you if I need anything.” She really did mean what she said. She knew Derek’s pain, she once felt the same pain.
Owen: “Okay. Try not to drive yourself or anyone else crazy today, okay?” They both laughed.
Cristina: “I will.”
Owen: “Alright. Have to go. Love you. Bye!”
Cristina: “Okay. Love you too. Bye!” As he left, she started thinking about what she would do to occupy herself on what seemed like it would be on of the longest days of her adult life. At Arizona and Callie’s place, they are frantically running around. They can’t find the car keys. The baby was ready to go and so were they, but they couldn’t find the keys. They were going to be late.
Arizona: “Have you found them yet?!”
Callie: “Not yet! We would be gone already if I had! You having any luck?!”
Arizona: “Not yet! Oh, yay, I found them!!”
Callie: “Great! Let’s go before we are any later!” As they ran out the door, their baby in hand, they were more than happy with their lives as it was. Now that Alex lived in his own place, he didn’t have to fight anyone for any space in the morning when getting ready, and he truly enjoyed that. Then his phone rang. It was a call he wasn’t expecting to get ever again in his life. It was Izzie. She had been gone for so many years. She had moved on, or so he thought. As he answered the phone, he was speechless, he had no idea what to say.
Alex: “Izzie?!”
Izzie: “Hey Alex. How have you been?”
Alex: “Okay I guess. How about you?”
Izzie: “I am doing pretty well. Job is good. Cancer is under control and still getting checkups. It is nearly gone. I have been thinking about you a lot lately. Not sure why, but I still can’t get over how we ended everything.”
Alex: “That’s good, great even. Me neither. But it was for the best. I think so, don’t you?”
Izzie: “Yea. I guess so. So what is new?” Alex chucked and sighed when she asked that question. A lot has happened, and he was trying to figure out how to sum it all up.
Alex: “Well, Derek and Meredith got their marriage legalized, live in their dream home, and have a 3 year old son named Christopher. Owen and Cristina are married and expecting a girl anytime now. Bailey got remarried, Arizona and Callie got married and adopted a little girl, Mark and Lexie are engaged, I have my own place, and the Chief retired and Derek is chief again. That’s the good stuff. On a bad note, Cristina’s mother died in a plane crash 3 years ago and Derek’s mom just died yesterday in a car accident after coming to Seattle to visit him.”
Izzie: “OH. WOW. A lot has happened. Good and bad. I can’t believe Meredith and Derek have a son and I can’t believe even more that Cristina is having a baby. How is Derek doing?”
Alex: “Not too great. He took today and the next few days off with Meredith to just deal with everything. He made me chief while he is gone, which is awesome for me, but not so great for him. Needless to say, he is dealing.”
Izzie: “Oh. Well, hopefully all goes well. Oh shoot, I have to go or I will be late. It was great talking to you again.”
Alex: “Yea. I have to go too. First day as temporary chief of surgery. It was really good talking to you again. Bye.”
Izzie: “Bye.” She hung up. He couldn’t believe that he just talked to her again. But what he said was true, all of it. He couldn’t be late on his first day as temp. Chief. Mark and Lexie are in the car, after leaving their home, which is Meredith’s old home that she sold to them, on their way to work and Bailey is just arriving, saying goodbye to Ben as they go their opposite directions. Back at the Shepherd house, all is well. After playing outside and enjoying the fresh air, they decide to have breakfast together. Derek makes Chris’ favorite, blueberry pancakes, which everyone loves. Doc is taking a nap on the kitchen floor after his eventful morning, and Meredith is sitting with Chris at the kitchen table. As Derek puts the pancakes on the table, everyone smells and takes in the delicious goodness. Derek sits down across from Meredith, so they could have Chris in between them. Meredith gets up from her chair to get some juice and milk from the fridge. As she walks to the refrigerator, she feels very faint and dizzy and suddenly her world goes black. She collapses on the floor. Derek jumps from his chair to her side as he hears Christopher shout in panic.
Christopher: “MOMMY!” He heard so much panic in his father’s voice and saw it in his eyes as he held her, shaking her, trying desperately to wake her.
Derek: “MEREDITH!!!!!!!”

(So, what do you think? I can't believe the way this is all playing out in my head. Hopefully Meredith is okay. Derek does not need any more loss and neither does his son. Tell me what you think and i will post more.)

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