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03.02 I Am A TreeAddison: "Did you know about the slutty sex your slutty friend had with my super slutty husband?"
Izzie: "You should have a muffin. They're really good and they help you."
Addison: "I may be beyond help."
Izzie: [walks out] "Yeah, me too. Don't let her drive Joe."
Addison: [eats a muffin] "Mmm. Good!"
03.03 Sometimes a Fantasy"I hate the bride thing. I hate the pictures in the magazines of the girl with the veil... and the flowers that she's sniffing. Like it never occurred to her to put her nose in there until there was a camera pointed at her. I hate the idea of bridesmaids... and the colors... and does the bustle make my ass look bigger or smaller. I hate the whole thing and I never wanted to be that girl. That girl is stupid... shallow. Why the hell is that girl sauntering through my head?"
03.03 Sometimes a FantasyPreston: "Dr. Stevens! You coming or going?"
Izzie: "I'm not sure. You?"
Preston: "I'm not sure either."
03.06 Let the Angels Commit"McDreamy's sister is McBitchy."
03.07 Where the Boys AreIzzie: "You've got sunscreen and insect repellent? And, oh, you're gonna need a shovel to bury your poop."
George: "Izzie, I'm not five. Will you zip me up?"
03.08 Staring at the SunMark: "Well, is this bring a hot blonde to work day? No one told me."
Izzie: [fake sneezes] "Sexual harassment!"
03.12 Six Days, Part 2"I stayed up last night baking and cleaning the bathroom floor in case George wanted to hide out in there."
03.12 Six Days, Part 2"I'm both. I'm a surgeon and I am a person who becomes emotionally involved. I will never again cross the line like I did with Denny. I have learned my lesson. But I'm still both, and I'm not going to give up either part of me. And I am not going to apologize for it."
03.12 Six Days, Part 2Izzie: "You made me burn my french toast."
George: "You can buy new french toast!"
03.13 Great ExpectationsIzzie: "How's your clinic going?"
Miranda: "Got my signatures. It's a start. The Seattle Grace Free Clinic will exist."
Izzie: "The Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic."
Miranda: "What?"
Izzie: "I have eight million dollars."
Miranda: "Izzie Stevens!"
03.13 Great Expectations"It's about me wanting to talk to you about you needing so much sex your girlfriend's vagina's broken."
03.13 Great ExpectationsIzzie: "George has turned into a sex machine. Are you hearing me? A machine of sex! We have to do something. What's wrong with you people?"
Meredith: "Derek kept me up all night with his ranting. Cristina and Burke still are not speaking to each other."
Cristina: "Okay, you know what? I'm fine. I mean I'm just not going to be the first one talking. He has to talk because I'm in the right. Talking first is for losers, and I'm winning."
Meredith: "And Alex. I don't know what's wrong with Alex."
Alex: "I'm good. I'm all good."
03.13 Great Expectations"Let me remind you that I'm that I'm still recovering from the death of my fiancé, the demise of my surgical career, the fact that I was forced to deposit my 8 million dollar check that I'm saving for a good cause even though I haven't found a good cause. And I'm the only one here under a hack of a shrink. I could blow any minute. Now George's dad has died and turned him into a sex machine. I'm going to need a little help with that so one of you better pull it together."
03.14 Whishin' and Hopin' Izzie: "It's fast, you know? It seems really, very fast. Are you even happy?"
Callie: "We're incredibly happy."
Izzie: "Oh yay! Well great. Yay!"
George: "Show her the ring."
Callie: "Oh."
Izzie: "Oh, that's so great. Tiny diamonds are great because you know what? No one will ever try to steal it."
Izzie: [to Alex] "Oh no no no... don't don't don't touch that. That was $79 dollars!"
Cristina: "Oh my God, I have got to get out of here."
03.15 Walk on Water"Hey, I ate everything out of the fridge last night. Everything. Including a tub of butter. There's not judgement here."
03.15 Walk on WaterMeredith: "You ever feel like you’re disappearing?"
Izzie: "All the time."
Meredith: "Why can’t I just be the happily ever after person? Why can’t I believe in that?"
Izzie: "I don’t know what I believe in anymore."
03.15 Walk on WaterIzzie: "What kind of situation? Fire? Flood? Volcano? Because I’m not really dressed for a volcano."
Miranda: "Stevens!"
Izzie: "Sorry, that was inappropriate. Sorry."
03.16 Drowning on Dry LandIzzie: "Oh, my god. Cristina, you will not believe what I just did! I'm gonna tell you, but you're not gonna believe it. You're gonna think I made the whole thing up."
Cristina: "You're back? Is Meredith back?"
Izzie: "I drilled a hole into this guy's skull. Several holes, actually. With a drill that I borrowed from a guy named Vince, packed the whole with freakin' tissue then brought him back here. Now I get to scrub in on his craniotomy."
Cristina: "So you haven't seen Meredith?"
Izzie: "It was like a ride. This crazy roller coaster ride with adrenaline shooting out of my ears. You would think that my hands would have been shaking, but they weren't. There was no shaking. Did I mention the drill?"
Cristina: "Okay, Izzie. I get it. You're a hero, I am jealous. But I need to know where the hell Meredith is."
Izzie: "Okay... I don't know where the hell Meredith is. But she should be back here. I didn't see her at the scene. The scene where I was a rock star by the way. Did I mention that I'm off probation?"
Cristina: [glares]
Izzie: "Rock star!"

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