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Grey's Anatomy Catch Me up

Episode 6:08


Airdate: November 5, 2009

Recap of Events:

Invest In LoveAs Meredith describes the panic that comes over surgeons when they're awakened by pages in the middle of the night, we see Derek, Arizona and Callie called into the hospital. Owen puts Callie on the case of a 15-year-old girl who's fallen off the roof of her house -- she's broken everything on her body, it seems, and there's an arm bone sticking out of the skin. No wonder this show is rated "mature audiences"! Arizona has a young pregnant woman who was in a car accident.The baby's had a stroke in utero (at 30 weeks gestation) and they'll need to deliver it, stat!

The baby's in the NICU with all sort of tubes and monitors as Alex stands watch, clearly moved by the baby's plight. Meanwhile, Arizona gathers the residents for peds rounds, but first she gives them a primer on children as patients -- they believe in magic and fairy dust and wishes and crossed fingers, and that makes them more resilient than adults. Callie looks on, so smitten with her girlfriend. "In Peds, anything is possible," she says. To which Cristina makes a gagging motion.

Invest In LoveTheir first stop is Hillary, the teen who broke 50 bones. Attending is...a 10-year old boy, which shocks the residents. Arizona refers to him as "Dr. Wallace," and he knows the drill during rounds. Hillary's mom remarks that the boy reminds her of Hillary at that age, such an overachiever. It dawns on Cristina that Owen chose not to page her for Hillary's surgery overnight, and she begins to simmer.

Arizona and the residents follow "Dr. Wallace" back to his room, where he's been living for seven months. He has "short gut syndrome," which means he can't properly process food. The residents learn more about him -- he's had numerous surgeries but nothing's worked. He's fed through a tube into his stomach. His parents arrive and explain that they try to keep his life as normal as possible; it's clear that Arizona is a big part of keeping his life normal. They even know that Arizona shares Wallace's birthday later that week. Wallace's father tells her that they've requested a meeting with Chief and a representative from the hospital board, and they'd like her there too.

Invest In LoveWhen Arizona enters the meeting room, Larry Jennings barks that she better not have done anything to piss off Wallace's parents; the hospital doesn't need another misstep now, he says. Turns out to be just the opposite -- Wallace's parents are so impressed with the care he's gotten that they offer the hospital $25 million, half to research a cure for Wallace's condition, half to the hospital itself. Arizona's speechless, and Wallace's mom says, "Happy birthday, Arizona" while Chief and Larry look on, stunned.

At Callie's apartment, which is now the new gathering spot for all the docs and their significant others, she makes breakfast while everyone discusses the very generous gift from Wallace's parents. Lexie mentions it's a great birthday gift, and Callie's dismayed that even she didn't know Arizona's birthday (which is kind of weird in many ways, but we move on). Arizona leaves, and Lexie suggests they do a surprise party for her. Mark disagrees -- he thinks they're hostile and scary.

Derek arrives for work in the morning and says hello to Chief, who ignores him. Apparently this happens every day since Chief "fired" Derek, and Alex knows how that goes -- he keeps trying to reach out to Izzie but gets silence in return. The Chief has more bad news -- he hands over Izzie's files and tells Alex that he needs to take care of her medical bills, to the tune of $200K. Reed overhears this all, conveniently.

Arizona hands off the preemie's care to Alex, when Reed approaches him. She tries to be tender, and he rudely says, "I'm trying to save a baby here, get out of my face." Okaaayyyy...

Wallace's mother does a little sleeptime chant over him ("bad dreams, bad dreams go away; good dreams, good dreams here to stay"), a routine that helps him get to sleep, as Arizona looks on. She's concerned that they've missed something and orders tests. They come back very bad, and she and Chief break the news that she shouldn't do the surgery. His dad presses her -- if Wallace makes it off the table, how long would he live? "Maybe two months," says Arizona. "The moment we've been fighting for two years is here," she says, as Wallace's mom breaks down. His dad gets angry -- he thinks that he's been throwing his money away, trying to find a cure, and wants to keep his son alive as long as possible to benefit from a possible cure. He insists she do the surgery. "You buy him more time so we can buy him a cure," he says. Chief points out they'll get surgery regardless of whether she does it. She agrees to try.

Hillary and her parents await her surgery, when the toxicology report comes in. She'd been on mushrooms when she fell off the building. Her parents tell her they're deeply disappointed, but she scoffs at them, and lists off all her accomplishments. She took a calculated risk when she ingested that mushroom, she says, as the doctors look on and Cristina seems to recognize herself in this patient.

The baby's mother, Laura, wakes up and pleads to see her baby. She goes into a seizure, when Alex is paged to the baby. Alex is working on the preemie, whom he tells Reed callously probably has an hour to live, and if she can't deal with it, then get out. After she leaves, Alex disconnects the baby from its breathing apparatus and just holds her to his chest. Bailey sees him and points out that the baby's heartbeat is going up -- holding the baby to his chest is improving her health; for even more benefit, Alex needs to remove his shirt. The baby's heartbeat continues to get stronger, but poor Alex has to tolerate ribbing from the other docs over his topless treatment.

In Hillary's surgery , she gets an air embolism in her heart, and all the surgeons rush to prevent further damage, but protocol dictates they call in cardio. Cristina wants to do the thoracotomy (open her chest to get to the embolism). Owen demands that they wait for cardio, but Cristina disobeys: she grabs a scalpel and cuts, opens Tiffany's chest cavity and takes care of the embolism. But, oh, there will be hell to pay.

Owen upbraids Cristina as they clean up. He thinks that she wants to be in charge, but warns that this is risky behavior in the face of layoffs.

Arizona finds Callie before her surgery, surgery she's not sure she should do. She wants Callie to tell her she's great. Arizona goes to Wallace, who talks about kids on the ward who have died. He's been there for seven months and wants to know if dying is just like going to sleep. In the OR, Arizona is bathed in self-doubt.

Invest In LoveCallie comes home to find Arizona very upset. Wallace made it, but Arizona needed her and she wasn't there. In come Owen and Cristina, still arguing about Hillary's surgery. Cristina says she didn't go rogue, it was brilliant. Owen storms out and says Cristina's luck is going to run out. Arizona's paged back to the hospital. She has to take Wallace back to surgery because he's in septic shock -- he couldn't handle the surgery, as she'd said. Chief rushes into the OR and asks if he can help. He can't, Arizona says forcefully, because when he's there she feels like she's operating on a stack of dollar bills, $25 million in dollar bills, to be exact.

Arizona emerges from the OR. she lost Wallace but she won't tell his parents. She says sharply to the Chief that the boy's parents and the hospital brass consider his death her fault.

Cristina's at Meredith's place, scoffing about Owen's words. Meredith tells her he's kind of right, and he likes her.

Jackson, who was in surgery with Cristina, can't shut up about her behavior -- "she was fearless," he tells Reed.

Alex is still holding the little baby. Bailey tells him to go, but he wants to stay. He's very attached to that little girl. Bailey tells him he'd be good in peds. That's where she'd like to put him.

Hillary's on the phone while Cristina checks her out. She talking to someone about getting her more drugs, and it becomes clear that she's not just dabbling in drugs. Cristina takes her phone away, tells the person on the other end that she's giving the number to the cops, and tells Hillary she can't get away with this for long. She almost died of a heart complication because of the strain she's putting her body under. "Grow up," says Cristina.

Invest In LoveArizona goes to Callie's, opens the door, and....surprise! A party of 30 or so people. She bursts into tears and runs off, as Callie follows and Mark says "told ya so." Outside Arizona breaks the news that Wallace died and leaves. Back at the party, Jackson pours himself a drink. Then he corners Cristina in her room. He praises her hotness in surgery, then kisses her. But she pulls away and says, "I'm involved."

As Wallace's parents are packing up his room, with Chief and Larry Jennings hanging around, Arizona comes by. Wallace's mom says it doesn't seem real, and Arizona asks if she'd like to see him. She would.

Alex has been holding the baby for ages, and when Reed offers to take over, he explains that he has nowhere to go. Izzie won't return his calls, she's left him with $200K in medical bills, all he can do is sit there with a baby.

Invest In LoveArizona, Chief and Larry take Wallace's parents to see their son's body, and his mom chants "bad dreams, bad dreams go away; good dreams, good dreams here to stay" over the boy. Dad says they'll still give the hospital $25 million, "not because of you and your ass-kissing. Because of her," he says, nodding toward Arizona. She goes to Callie's, who's asleep on the sofa. She wakes up and Arizona says she loves her. The feeling is mutual.`

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