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Episode 6:05


Airdate: October 15, 2009

Recap of Events:
It's merger time with Mercy West, and the residents are bumping heads with the new competition, whom Meredith compares to bacteria in the opening voiceover. New signage is going in, with the catchy name Seattle Grace Mercy West. Everyone's career is at stake, tension is high.The day starts poorly for Izzie, who sees a new doe-like resident put her belongings in George's cubby, even though she's told "we keep it empty for a reason." It's an issue that almost comes to a girlfight for the two, till Alex breaks up the altercation.

All the residents gather in Meredith's hospital room. She's still at the heart of Seattle Grace but can't participate in battling the invaders since she's recovering from donating part of her liver to her father. She rallies her people: "We own this hospital. We were born in this hospital. And we will hold this hospital with our last gasping breath." She exhorts them to "Go out there and go get surgeries before they take them!" Alas, some Gracers may not have much fight left in them.

In the ER, Owen's in charge. A Mercy Wester named Jackson proposes a zone system, which Cristina cuts down with "this isn't a schoolyard." Owen likes the idea, and the Gracers reluctantly take to their zones, where a Mercy Wester is paired with a Grace doc.

Alex has a word with the Chief about upcoming cuts. He acknowledges that Izzie isn't at 100%, but that she needs this. The Chief brushes him off with "I have a hospital to run. I have two hospitals to run."

One of the new residents, Charles, tries to chat up Izzie and get on her good side. He says that the doe-eyed resident should have left the cubby alone, but everyone's on edge because "it's the first day of school." He also hits her up for the key code to the research library. She won't divulge it -- it took her two years to get it, and she needs every advantage, she says.

Callie's father shows up at the hospital because they don't talk anymore. She's touched, till she spots Father Kevin, whom he'd brought 3000 miles to "pray away the gay," as she says. Arizona advises her to cut him some slack -- after all, she'd always been into men, and even married one. And after 30 years, she changed the game. These weren't the words Callie wanted to hear.

Lexie is paired with a young resident who's too perky and rubs her the wrong way. Plus, she keeps taking notes in a little red book. They get a patient who's a burglar and was beaten badly with a golf club by an intended victim. The two look at the X-rays with Derek and Lexie shows off her photogenic memory. Then the Perky One says she's "out of her league" but suggests the course of action Derek prefers. Huh...

Izzie visits with a kidney transplant patient, Sarah, who's been on dialysis for three years. She's aglow at the prospect of getting a kidney, and her surgery is imminent.

In the ER, Cristina tends to a man whose 19-year-old girlfriend's father stabbed him in the groin. Both are arguing as blood gushes from his wound. Jackson from Mercy West tries to get in on the action but Cristina won't let him near the patient.

Alex and the doe-like resident from Mercy West named Reed talk briefly with an older man in the ER and his daughter. The two doctors battle over the patient. Later, Owen has Reed take over the case after Alex misses a detail, and the sniping between the two residents continues.

Izzie and Charles walk around the hospital, and a lab tech asks Izzie about her cancer treatment, so now Charles knows her secret. In return, he spills his: He's in love with Reed, who's hardly aware he exists. For some reason, this knowledge inspires Izzie to offer up the research library code.

The Chief meets with a hospital HR person who hands him a script to use while firing people. He takes offense at the suggestion he needs a chaperone while do these deeds, but the HR rep reveals that an intern whom the Chief fired -- by email -- is suing for wrongful termination. He needs to stick to the script, and she'll be watching...

The 19-year-old rushes into the ER to be by her man's side. When her father hears his daughter, he lunges at her boyfriend. Jackson, whom Cristina blocked from the patient, tackles the father to the ground, to the applause of everyone in the room. Cristina cannot catch a break. Her patient asks to thank the tackler -- "he saved my life," to which she retorts, "No, I saved your life. I'm still saving it."

Lexie looks on jealously as Derek and the Perky One discuss the Billy the burglar's surgery. Billy asks, "Are you going to fight back at some point or let her bury you?" Lexie argues that she's just finding her footing, and the Billy replies that she found her footing "on your neck." Ouch! He encourages Lexie to fight back.

Meredith tells Derek she's desperate for gossip about the Mercy Westers and how the Grace docs are coping. Stay in bed, Meredith! It's nasty out there.

Callie sits down with her father and Father Kevin. Dad is scared for her, being gay is an abomination, she's going to hell. They battle using Bible quotes to support their viewpoints. Callie leaves the room in tears and says, "Jesus would be ashamed of you for turning your back on me, Daddy."

Billy, did a bad, bad thing: He stole The Perky One's little red book. Her innermost thoughts, her secrets all laid bare. He shares a few gems: "You are the future of medicine," "Only you can keep you down," and "No one can tell it's plastic surgery."

Alex, Cristina and Lexie have lunch together and discuss the notebook and the horror of the Mercy Westers. Izzie comes by with a latte she intends to give to Charles, whom she says is pretty awesome and they shouldn't judge all the Mercy West residents just because they feel threatened. Alex takes a look around the room and realizes that none of the competion is there -- they don't eat lunch! They're working! The three dash off.

Cristina finds Owen and Jackson discussing her patient. Because she wasn't there, Owen asks the Mercy Wester to scrub in. Cristina is crushed. Charles is bragging to the other Mercy Westers about Izzie: "She does whatever I ask. She can't do enough for me. It's like I have my own surgical b*tch." And guess who's standing right there. Charles gets his latte -- on his shoes.

Alex's patient starts to exhibit odd new symptoms and he wants to book an OR. Reed comes in, and the two commence arguing yet again. The daughter's had it with them -- all they've done all day is delight in what the other got wrong. "You're supposed to be healers!" she exclaims.

Charles tries to make up for his gaffe to Izzie, but she won't have it. He says that at Mercy West the residents couldn't be friends at work, which sets off Izzie: "Here we support one another, we have each other's backs. We throw ourselves in front of buses to save the lives of complete strangers. You will never measure up to the people we've lost." In her agitated state, she orders the IV for her kidney patient.

Cristina goes to Meredith's room and begins to sob. What happened? "Nothing, nothing is happening to me. Do you know how long it's been since I held a heart in my hand? Since I felt that joy, that rush?" She's distraught and hysterically sobbing. "I miss Burke, I miss him all day," she says. "When he was here I held hearts, and I got picked because it was right. And I learned, and I felt seen. I spent this entire day fighting, and I don't want to do it anymore." She goes to snuggle with Meredith.

On the way to surgery, the Perky One says to Derek that she's taken care of a lot of Lexie's responsibilities, at which point Lexie snaps and begins quoting verbatim from the little red book. The Perky One's lip quivers and she has to excuse herself.

Something has gone terribly wrong with Izzie's transplant patient -- she looks to be flatlining, and Izzie had to use the paddles to revive her.

Arizona goes to talk with Callie's father, who says he doesn't know Arizona well enough to talk about his daughter. She tells him that she was named for the USS Arizona. Her grandfather drowned at Pearl Harbor, but not before saving 19 men. She was raised to be "a good man" in a storm by her father, a colonel in the Marines. Her father just wanted to know, "Are you still who I raised you to be?" "He bent for me because I'm his daughter. I love your daughter, and I protect the things I love," she says. "Your daughter is who you raised her to be."

Bailey confronts Izzie about the kidney patient. "Your mental state may have clouded your judgment," she says. Izzie read the labs wrong and had the tech give her no potassium, which stopped her heart. Bailey lays it out: "She's alive but she's not getting he kidney, after 3 years of dialysis. If they don't find another one in the next 3 days, she's going to be dead, and you will have killed her."

Derek tells Billy the burglar that his leg function will be at about 70%, and after he leaves Lexie brings out the little red book. She noticed splotches on the pages and realized that The Perky One was crying when she wrote her little affirmations. They stole her comfort, she says.

Izzie's called into the Chief's office, and is confronted with an HR person. She knows what that means--she's getting canned. The kidney patient screw-up was the deciding factor, but the Chief says many of the doctors, including Alex, expressed reservations about her being there. The HR woman cuts him off at the mention of Alex. He'd ad-libbed! This can't be good! Izzie sobs and begs to keep her position. It's all she has.

Callie's father confronts her outside the hospital. He's had a change of heart and will always be there for her -- he says it's his job to catch her. But this whole thing has been stressful on dad and he just has one question of his daughter: "She's not a vegetarian, is she? I don't know how much more I can take."

Izzie leaves a note for Alex at his locker. He takes it to Meredith and Cristina, who are still watching TV. "Izzie left me," he says. Stunned and sobbing, he continues, "I don't know if she's coming back."

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