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Episode 6:06


Airdate: October 22, 2009

Recap of Events:

There's pouring rain and lightening in Seattle. Meredith's still in the hospital and has plenty of time for voice overs. As we see Alex throw is phone against the wall, and the residents glumly lined up in a hallway saying things like "Someone's going to get fired" (Reed) and "It wasn't even my patient" (Charles).

I Saw What I Saw stillMeredith intones: "Doctors have to constantly change their perspective. We start by getting the patient's point of view, though they often don't have a clue what's going on. So we look at the patient from every possible angle: we rule things out, we uncover new information, trying to get to what's actually wrong. We're asked for second opinions...for the patient, a fresh perspective it could mean the difference between living and dying. For the doctor, it can mean picking a fight with everyone who came before you." With that, Alex grumbles, "How long will this take?" and Jackson says, "Why, need to make a phone call?" which sends Alex into a rage and he attacks.

Chief comes out and breaks up the fight. "What happened to that patient tonight was inexcusable," he says. They're going to sit down, shut up, and stay till they figure out what happened.

It's "Rashomon," Seattle Grace-style this week. Because the stories are told from 12 perspectives, your recapper will try to keep it all straight. Each person's name pretty much precedes their experience from their perspective, as they're called in before a post-mortem panel and recount the events of the night. Here we go...

Owen: He's facing the firing squad first and says to Cristina that someone's going down for this. Before the panel he's asked to give the lay of the land. There was a hotel fire with numerous casualities -- burn victims, a penetrating chest wound, a firefighter, a firefighter with multiple traumas. He lists off all the residents who were working that night (all of them) and everyone was everywhere, including when the patient died. When asked who got the chart first, he reluctantly says, "Dr. Yang."

Cristina: "It wasn't my patient," she says. "I had her for two seconds then was paged outside." She was talking with Meredith, who's waiting for Bailey to discharge her. Cristina complains that there are more Mercy Westers than them, "and they're kicking our asses," so Mer needs to go get better and come back. She's paged and heads to the ER, where Owen hands the chart of a burn victim. Bailey tells Cristina to follow her, so she hands off the chart to...

April: As one of the kids from Mercy West, she's eager to please and takes the chart from Cristina. She and Reed head over to a mother, Cathy Becker (the burn victim), and her son, who's maybe 4. They were driving to Vancouver, where her husband's working and decided to stop in Seattle for the night because of the rain. April begins her exam. She has burns on her legs and chest, lungs sound good, vitals are great. April's also chatting with Reed during this exam, about how she's easy to like and won't let the Gracers turn her into someone they hate. Reed is sure that they always get the shaft in this merger. "Oh my god," shouts Cathy -- she sees someone being wheeled in with an axe in his chest. Everyone's distracted from the examination; when April turns her attention back to her patient, she says she looks good except for the burns on her leg and has plastic surgeon Mark take a look. She's off to help Bailey with the axe guy because she really needed help.

Bailey: He fainted, she tells the panel. "He'd better have a brain tumor or something, because that's just unacceptable."

Charles: There was a blood drive, he says, and we see him and Jackson giving blood and talking about how maze-like the hospital is and how no one will help them. "These Seattle Grace people are kind of douchey," he says. They look over and see Alex preparing to give blood: "Case in point, douche." They're all paged to the ER and need to run. The guy with the axe in his chest grabbed it off the wall and went running down the stairs with it. Listen to your mothers, people! Bailey wants Charles to put both hands on the axe handle and keep it perfectly steady. As he stands there, he gets lightheaded and keels over, taking the axe with him. Blood gushes everywhere, and the axe hits Charles on the forehead.

Bailey: "Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid." She's struggling to keep the gusher under control when April runs over to assist. She calls to Alex to "clean that up," meaning Charles.

I Saw What I Saw stillLexie: Mark didn't have the burn patient next, she did. He was called away and was instructed to wrap her bad leg burns loosely in gauze. All the while Cathy is trying to keep her son calm and engaged. Arizona calls to her to help with a 16-year-old severely burned victim when she's done with Cathy, but Lexie insists she didn't feel rushed, she took her time. In an exam room, that other burn victim is screaming in agony. Once she's done, Lexie goes to the other burn victim, who's in really bad shape. He has terrible burns all over his body. Arizona speaks with him calmly and reassuringly, but Lexie's visibly stunned by the sight. Mark comes to her, saying "Burns like this are very difficult," but she insists she can handle it. She says she left Cathy with Reed.

Reed: "I was never with Mrs. Becker," she says. She had been checking out her son, Danny and everything looked good. Callie had called her over to help out with another patient, so she leaves the two in the ER and goes to work with Callie, who has a firefighter who fell three stories and has multiple fractures. After Owen and Derek check out the firefighter, Roy, Reed takes him to X-ray. She never heard Mrs. Becker say anything about pain, she says.

Jackson: A nurse came to him and Cristina saying Mrs. Becker was complaining of pain. Chief wants to know who was in charge of her care at that point. We see everyone deny she was their patient, and Jackson reveals that Cristina ordered pain meds. The panel members all take note. "The next time I saw her, she was dying."

Cristina: She denies the patient was dying, but was just complaining of pain. When the nurse drops off the chart, she sees Alex's initials are on the chart and she tries to get him to come over, but he's on the phone.

Alex: "I never saw that patient, I was stitching up Nosedive (Charles)," he says. Really, though, he was leaving a message for Izzie, saying, "I'm done, I'm done leaving messages, I'm done talking with your mom, who's probably lying to me. It's been a week and I don't know if you're alive or dead. If I don't hear from you by tonight, I'm calling the police and reporting you as a missing person." All the while, Charles is trying to get his attention so he can get stitched up. He has no idea who gave Cathy the morphine.

Cristina: "I ordered it." She explains that she checked with the patient, who said the pain was localized to her chest. She didn't check on her again because she was called back over to the Roy the firefighter. Reed exhibits better bedside manner than Cristina (shocker!) when she tells Roy that she saved the burned boy's life. Roy says, "No, I killed him." The panel wants to know what pain she was treating Cathy for -- chest pain? No, says Cristina, pain on her chest, because of her burns. But the next note on the chart is from Lexie, about a chest tube.

Lexie: "I was supposed to be with the burn kid...Evan Lang." The kid is in so much agony, asking for his dad, and Mark has to cut into his arm to restore circulation. Lexie just can't take it; Arizona wants her to talk to Evan about meaningless things to distract him from his horror. She tears up, she can't deal with the situation, and Arizona shoos her from room. Out in the ER, young Danny comes to Lexie and tells her his mom can't breathe. She pulls back the curtain and sees Cathy turning blue, desperately trying to get a breath. It was a pneumothorax (collapsed lung), Lexie tells the panel. "Don't let Danny see me die," Cathy begs Lexie, as she her doctor struggles.

Jackson: Rushes over and slams something into the patient. "Why did you do that?" Lexie demands. He had to relieve the pressure before the chest tube could go in. Lexie takes over again, but she's distracted by Cristina, who's "making a toddler cry."

Cristina: She wants to set the record straight: "He was no a toddler, he was 5 if he was a day," she says, "You would have yelled at him too." What was he doing there, Chief wants to know.

Reed: She says she doesn't know how he got there. She was with Roy, who's agonizing over his fall because he was going to save the badly burned teen. Suddenly he has no pulse, and while everyone's scrambling, Cristina pounds her fist on his chest, which gets his heart beating again.

Cristina: Danny picks up the paddles, which is why Cristina yelled at him to stop. He cries, and Cristina tried to unload him on Lexie, who's supposed to be with the burned teen.

Lexie: She walks toward the burned young man but can't stand to see his agony. She takes responsibility for watching Danny until his father arrives. Arizona commands her to get back to the burn victim, and if Lexie can't do her job, find someone who can.

Charlie: He's looking for Alex to finish his stitches and comes upon the woman who's not breathing. He goes to intubate her buy can't because her airway is so swollen.

Lexie: Chief demands to know why she didn't help out if she say what was happening with the dying woman. Instead, she was wandering the ER like a zombie. She steels herself and goes to the burn victim.

Reed: She tells the Chief that Alex was pale, unsteady, then he tosses some iodine on the Cathy's neck and begins to cut. He looks crazed, but perhaps that's just focus.

Alex: Chief tells him he's been described as looking pale, shaky and unsteady and asks if he gave blood earlier (he was going to but got a phone call). From interviews with Charles and Reed, the panel knows that he was on the phone when the patient was dying. Alex had gotten a call while he was stitching up Charles/Nosedive; it's Izzie so he abandons the task to talk with her. She tells him that she's not coming back when Charles tries to wave him over to the patient. He's desperate to talk with Izzie but leaves to go to the patient. He performs the procedure, a cricotomy, and doesn't know if his wife will return. He stayed with the patient, things seem calm, when all of a sudden she goes into cardiac arrest. She starts bleeding out after Alex uses the paddles.

Reed: "I know what happened. I know why she died." It's chaos when Derek comes in. "It's over, you've lost her," he says. He wants to know whose patient she is, but she's everyone's and no one's. Reed goes to the hallways and says to April that she's so, so sorry.

April: Reed told Chief what an excellent doctor she is, so she should be able to tell him what would cause Cathy Becker to bleed and die from multi-system organ failure. Why would her lungs have failed, asks Chief. What would cause her airtube to be swollen, he asks. He demands to know what it looked like, and she has nothing to say. She didn't check because she was distracted by the guy with the axe in his chest. She would have seen soot if she'd looked in Becker's throat, and she would have intubated immediately, says Chief. It was a simple mistake, but this one step caused Becker her life. Chief fires her on the spot. ("Mad Men" fans, you may recognize the actress who played April, Sarah Drew. On "Mad Men" she's Sal's wife Kitty Romano. Come to think of it, she gets the short end of the stick on that show too...)

Lexie: She's talking easily to the burn victim.

Cathy's husband comes to the ER and finds his son, then says, "Let's go find mommy." We don't see the hearbreaking end to that story.

Derek: Talking to Chief, he says they're all good doctors. "Maybe it's not one doctor -- maybe it's too many doctors who don't know each other and don't trust each other." "When I got to the room, it was chaos, because that's the system now, chaos. You should look again at who's responsible," he says.

Alex: He tries one more time to get Izzie on the phone and fails. He throws the phone against the wall.

Everyone but Reed and Cristina blames April for the patient's death. "I could've been any one of us," Cristina says. April has to walk by her former colleagues to get out the door. So humiliating.

Bailey signs out Meredith, and Derek wheels her out of the hospital while she asks, "What happened today?"

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