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Episode 6:12


Airdate: January 21, 2010
Author: mdashes

Recap of Events:

As they watch Bailey perform a "hot chemotherapy" procedure, Cristina tells Teddy that she didn't mean what she said about Owen. "You mean about trading him like a baseball card or a horse or a stale peanut butter sandwich," says Teddy. "Let's just forget about it."

Derek tells Meredith he's going to report the Chief for his drinking, and she tells him "McDreamy is being a McAss." She accuses him of having an ulterior motive -- he wants the Chief's job. Then she calls "Post-It" because she's talking to her husband, not the head of neurosurgery, which she has to be able to do. "Post-It," she reiterates. Derek's overcome with passion for his wife, then they're interrupted by her beeper. Izzie's coming home, she says. She has to tell Alex. Derek promises he won't tell the board about Richard's drinking.

6.12 I Like You So Much Better When You're NakedWhen Mer goes to wake up Alex she find her little sister Lexie in bed with him. She's incredulous that they decide to deal with their personal dramas by choosing to "mash your genitals together." The three agree not to say anything to anyone, "no one needs to know," says Meredith as... Izzie walks in the door! "Hi," she says. "Know what?"

Derek goes to Richard office, tells him he's noticed he hasn't been operating, and offers to help him, which the Chief brusquely turns down.

Izzie's tentative and nervous around her husband She apologizes for blaming him for her firing and tells him she's applying for residencies, including one in nearby Tacoma. He tells her he doesn't want to have a big talk a has to rush off to the hospital.

The Chief replaces Bailey on the surgery board with himself, and tells Meredith that she's going to handle part of the procedure, the hardest part. She's ready, he tells her, but she's not so confident.

In the ER, someone is singing opera loudly. Alex flings back the curtain to reveal a large man, an opera singer, who says he needs antibiotics for the bronchitis his boyfriend gave him.

Callie and Arizona are making out in the hospital when Arizona notices that her girlfriend has a fever and pox...chickenpox!

Cristina fills in Meredith about the Teddy situation. She's confused. Meredith advises her that she shouldn't talk with Owen about her preference for surgery him.

Arizona puts Callie into a hospital room (an overreaction, but whatever). She doesn't want the chickenpox spreading around the hospital and assigns Lexie to mind Callie.

6.12 I Like You So Much Better When You're NakedDerek comes to Meredith to tell her he's very concerned about the operation she's going to perform with the Chief (it's a pancreatic cancer procedure called a Whipple). Once again, she invokes the almighty Post-It. Later, Bailey tells Derek that the Chief's judgment is clouded. She's hurt by his lack of attention and tells Derek, "He's gone. He's been gone for a long time."

The opera singer has fluid in his lung, and the diagnosis could be anything from pneumonia to cancer. His first reaction is that he can't lose a lung because he's a singer, and singing is his life. As Cristina looks on, his boyfriend says, "You meant to say that singing is everything, besides me."

Callie's going insane from the itching and won't stop talking about it. Her hands are wrapped in gauze to keep her from scratching. As she babbles about all the pain she's in, Lexie blurts out that she had sex with Alex. She gets Callie's pain, she claims.

While Meredith practices the Whipple procedure on a cadaver, Cristina talks with her and Alex about having to choose between surgery and love. "You have to choose," says Cristina as the Queen of Impeccable Timing, Izzie, walks through the door. The PET procedure she was going to have was pushed back an hour so she's joining them and the cadaver for lunch.

Meredith agrees that, gun to her head, she'd choose surgery. Izzie says that's crazy, it's just a job. If you lose your love, she says, suddenly nothing else matters. Alex says, "Love comes and goes; surgery doesn't."

The opera singer has a malignancy on his lung, and in the worst-case scenario it'll have to be removed, the doctors tell him. His boyfriend wants him to think positively, but the singer insults him and he tells the doctors he'd rather be dead than not be able to sing because it's the only way he can express himself.

Derek confides in Owen that something's going on with Meredith (whom Owen calls the "other half of the Twisted Sisters"). Owen tells him the right thing to do is the best thing for the most people.

Izzie has her PET scan, and while in the machine she asks Alex if he's moved on (Meredith told her this over the phone). He admits he slept with someone, to which she says they'll get through it. He holds her foot to let her know she's still there.

Derek goes to the Chief's office with a bottle of whiskey, pours a drink, and puts it in front of his boss. He tells the Chief he thinks he'll drink it, even though he doesn't want to, and that it won't have been his first drink of the day. Then he leaves.

Once Teddy gets into the singer's chest, she sees that the prudent course would be to remove a lot of tissue. But since he's a singer and desperately needs his lung, she's going to remove just the tumor and try something else -- that hot chemotherapy that she saw Bailey demonstrate earlier.

Mark visits Callie in her room and snuggles up with her. He tells her that the surgery on Sloan went well and the baby will be fine. And he slept with Addison. He wants to confirm with Callie that he has to tell Lexie about this transgression. On the contrary, Callie advises he lie. Then he helps her with her itch, rubbing her with his forearm through her pajamas as she moans in pleasure. McSteamy indeed.

Alex delivers the presumably good news to the singer's boyfriend that they saved the whole lung, and the boyfriend is disappointed. Part of him wanted his fella brought down to earth and have to teach and direct instead of be a performer. It's demeaning to love a man who thinks so little of you, he tells Alex. "But you should hear him sing," he says.

At the Whipple surgery, everyone's waiting on the Chief, when in walks Bailey. She briskly assesses the situation and tells Meredith that she won't be performing a complicated part of the procedure. "I don't think you're ready for that," she says. Meredith leaves the OR and runs into Derek. "Not surprised about Richard?" he asks. "You're not a dumb person but right now you're acting like one." He tells her if he goes to the board, they'll make him Chief and the first thing he'll do is hire Izzie back. It's up to her, he says.

Lexie and Arizona watch Mark scratching Callie, and Arizona admits that the had the chicken pox but told Callie that she hadn't because she didn't want to see the ugly side of her sexy girlfriend (pox are not pretty). "He makes scratching look sexy," says Arizona. "He makes everything look sexy," Lexie responds glumly.

After the singer's lung surgery, Cristina says to Teddy, "You get it. You didn't have to save his lung, but the patient was clear he didn't want to live without his gift, and you get that. I choose my gift."

Izzie tells Meredith that her scans look great and she's excited to work in Tacoma and get Alex back. She can feel her old self returning, she tells her friend. Meredith finds Derek and gives him approval to go to the board.

Owen meets Teddy at the bar, and she's already drunk. She starts talking about Cristina, who's "beautiful and talented...but she was willing to trade you for me." Owen's stunned. Stunned.

Izzie finds Alex in the locker room and hands him her scans. He's thrilled and hugs her tightly. "We got through it," he says. He believes now that he's a good man, he tells her, and we see the hope in her eyes, but he throws her a curve: "I know now I'm good enough not to deserve this. I deserve someone who will stay." He wants her to go and be happy and not come back.

Meredith wakes up the Chief in his office and says he needn't apologize for anything. Waiting to talk to Richard are the board members, who have heard from Derek.

Cristina opens her door for Owen, who hasn't been returning her calls he follows her into the apartment, kisses her urgently and says she thinks she knows it all, but "we matter." "You don't get to toss me aside," he says.

Lexie chases down Mark, and the first words out of his mouth are that he slept with Addison. "Thank god," she says. "I slept with Alex. We're even." He doesn't feel that way -- he can't even look at her.

Izzie's packing, and Meredith begs her not to go. "This is your home," she says. "No, it's not," replies Izzie, "it's just a place I worked."

In bed that night, Meredith pushes Derek to admit that he didn't make his decision for the Chief; Derek wanted his job. Likewise, Derek says, she was willing to overlook the Chief's problems to have a chance at new surgeries. "We're the same," he says.

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