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Grey's Anatomy Catch Me up

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Airdate: October 1, 2009

The docs are wheeling a badly injured guy into the hospital on a stretcher as Cristina walks backwards, trying to convince Arizona that she should switch to pediatric surgery because she could do all kinds of surgery – “the whole pie is your canvas,” she says. Arizona points out that Cristina doesn’t like kids, and she replies, “I love kids.” Arizona agrees to let her on rounds.

Alex and Owen are working on the patient, the side of whose face is gone and we can see his teeth through his flesh. There are about a dozen residents in the exam room, eager to show off their skills. With layoffs looming, everyone’s looking for a way to shine, even at 4 a.m.

Meredith and Cristina chat in the elevator about impending layoffs, and Cristina shares that she’s chosen to align herself with Arizona because “she keeps kids alive; no one likes a dead kid.” How hard can it be, she asks.

Izzie wigIzzie appears at the hospital in a new long, red wig. It’s not a good look for her. Alex protests that she’s not supposed to be working. She says she has to show people that she’s not going to die, and that she’d die of boredom if she stayed at the trailer any longer.

There’s an air of panic throughout the hospital. Lexie lists off a litany of hospitals where residents were laid off. Mark reassures her that she deserves to be there. In trauma, Izzie insists on getting the next patient, while Meredith and Cristina lament to each other that she looks like a Stepford wife in her new wig.

Derek barges into the Chief’s office and demands to know if cuts are coming. He says that if anyone’s getting cut in his department, he needs to be consulted. Chief says he doesn’t owe Derek anything, and he’s still chief of surgery.

The new trauma patient is a 60-ish woman (Adrienne Barbeau) who hit a parked car. Her adult son, whose arm is in a sling, is with her. Bailey wants the son out of there, but the mother says he has to stay with her – he’s a paranoid schizophrenic. Bailey finds a mass when she examines the woman; her son says “Aliens have impregnated my mother.” Sure enough, the docs see that the mass is …. beating.

Cristina joins Arizona for rounds, but first Arizona needs to pin a teddy bear on her lapel before she can deem her “ready” for rounds. Teddy bears and Cristina don’t mix.

The woman with the growth, Jodie, and her son Tom need to be split up for their separate treatments (she needs an MRI; he needs his wrist tended to). Lexie steps up to take care of Tom (“I aced my psych clerkship, she says”) because she’s looking for a way to stand out. All the residents are paranoid.

On Peds rounds, Cristina can muster no natural playfulness. She has no patience for it, and she’s obviously disappointed when one scheduled surgery is cancelled. Such a nurturing soul, that one.

Lexie’s working on Tommy. He accuses her of working for “them” (because she wasn’t wearing a nametag) and throws her to the ground. By the time she gets to the E.R. front desk, Tommy’s gone.

Bailey sees that Jodie has an abdominal aortic aneurism that should have killed her. She schedules surgery for that afternoon. Lexie runs in to see if Bailey knows where Tom has gone. Bailey’s enraged that she’s lost the young man and tells her “I’m going to stop listening to you because the words you’re saying are hurting me. Find him!” As she desperately searches for Tom she runs into Mark, who tries to calm her down. They hear a commotion and rush to see Tom clash with security and fall down a long flight of stairs.

Owen tells Jodie that Tom may have suffered an injury in his fall. Bailey warns her that the wall of her aorta is so thin that it could burst at any minute. She needs to go to surgery immediately, but she won’t leave Tom. She has no one she can call to tend to her son. Bailey pressures her to think of herself; Jodie insists that she doesn’t get to think of just herself anymore.

Callie stops by the hospital to pick up some files for a position in Portland, Oregon, she tells Arizona (who I’d think would know that, but maybe these two don’t talk that much?). Arizona mentions that Cristina is interested in Peds, which cracks up Callie, who instantly diagnoses that Cristina’s sucking up to get through the merger.

Alex, Cristina, Meredith and Lexie have a quick chat in the cafeteria, where Alex learns that Izzie’s performing a craniotomy. He goes to the OR to urge her to leave, saying she can’t handle a 5-hour surgery if she gets tired walking to the mailbox. She demands he leave.

Cristina has decided to switch tactics – she pressures Owen to tell the Chief that she’s his “guy” since George died. She’s completely freaked out at the notion she could be on the list she assumes the Chief is putting together. Suddenly she’s paged into surgery with Arizona. A resident was doing a crash C-section on a woman who was 32 weeks pregnant. She cut too deep and slashes through the baby’s arm. Arizona and Cristina need to reattach the baby’s arm; they use a piece of the umbilical cord to repair the wound.

Lexie visits Tom, and he seems somewhat sane and thankfully restrained. He’s concerned that they planted a camera in his stomach during the ultrasound, so she shows him the x-rays. “They’re just scary thoughts,” she says. “They’re not real.”

Izzie’s still in surgery at 2 a.m., when she’s supposed to take her meds. Alex pounds on the OR window and holds them up. Derek tells her to go see him. She’s grateful.

Lexie asks Bailey if Jodie’s had the surgery yet. No, she’s told, she’s going home and she’ll probably die. Lexie proposes that they perform surgery on Tom as well, even though it’s potentially unnecessary (and could put her at risk in the merger) so that both surgeries and recoveries can happen simultaneously. Bailey likes the idea.

During the surgery to reattach the baby’s arm, Cristina and Mark are gossiping and sparring about the merger. Arizona chastises them that this isn’t the time for such chatter.

Tom resists having the surgery, so Bailey appeals to him as the mother of a son. She says of his mother, “She needs you to do this, otherwise she will die and you will be alone.” Still he refuses. Bailey pricks her finger to show Tom she’s human and not an alien. “You have to trust me,” she says.

The baby’s surgery goes well, so it’s time for Arizona to confront Cristina about her tactics and attitude. Arizona says she doesn’t like to be used or lied to.

Jodie and Tom are side by side in the OR as he’s put under. They wheel her away.

In Derek’s surgery, Izzie is sweating and fading. He tells her to leave and she asks for her wig to be removed. (I recall a similar scene in “Sex and the City – wigs must be hot).

Derek tells the Chief that Izzie spent five hours in surgery before she was ready because she was scared for her job and she was scared to show weakness. You need to talk to your people, says Derek. Chief says he knows his people, and he’s tried to save every job he could. Some tough choices had to be made, he says. HR is sending out an email (an email?!) to the first round of people to be let go.

All the regulars appear to be safe in the cuts. Lexie comes up one resident, though, who’s quite upset looking. Meghan got cut, he says. Chief fired three quarters of their class. Lexie checks her email and sees she isn’t cut. Derek consoles the residents and other staff who’ve been cut.

At Callie’s apartment, Arizona tells her she doesn’t do long-distance relationships so “don’t move to Portland.” She wants to know if she’s Callie’s girlfriend. Indeed she is. So she insists that Callie go the Chief and grovel for her job.

At the trailer, Alex climbs into bed with Izzie, who tells him that for a few hours in surgery she forgot she had surgery and forgot George was dead. “I want you to keep doing what you love,” says Alex, but she needs to take her meds and take care of herself. He can’t be her nurse, he says.

On the baseball field, everyone’s taking turns hitting balls. Owen says to Cristina that she has to deal with what’s in front of her and stop worrying about what’s down the line.

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