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Episode 6:21


Airdate: May 6th, 2010

Recap of Events:

Bailey has the staff in sensitivity training in preparation for the arrival of a 700 pound patient with stomach pain. As the patient is examined, they find lesions in the folds of his skin. The staff discusses the risks of surgery on the patient and Derek ends the meeting by recommending they not treat him at Seattle Grace and send him elsewhere.

Richard talks to Derek about this patient and realizes that Derek is acting this way because of a lawsuit that is going on.

Callie interacts flirtatiously with a patient & denies it to her co-workers.

The interns and residents have a pool going on Bobby Curso's weight. The staff discusses the pregnancy of Bobby Curso's wife & how it's possible. As they joke about it, his wife enters and digs on the group for their behavior.

Richard tells Bobby that the risks of surgery are high and could kill him. However, he also understands that not having the surgery is risky as well. He explains that he thinks his baby will be better off without him and that he hopes he will be gone before the baby gets to know him.

Cristina watches the daughter of a patient who is in critical care. As she's faced with a choice to assist Teddy with surgery, she decides to stay back with the daughter who's clearly distressed.

Alex apologizes to Mrs. Curso, and she explains that he doesn't know the person that Bobby used to be. She tells him that she doesn't want to hear anything else from him unless its about how to help him.

Alex goes in and talks to Bobby. Alex tells him that he needs to stop joking around and not walk out on his wife. He tells him, "Chances are you're going to die on that table, but at least your wife will think you tried. Your kid will think you tried. Give them that at least."

* * *

Bobby Curso is in surgery, with Meredith, Owen, and Alex.

Derek is being deposed by a team of lawyers about the patient that was unplugged in the previous episode according to her directive of care. Clearly stressed, he walks out of the meeting, as his counsel tells him not to apologize and give them a case.

Complications arise during Bobby's surgery and Owen asks Bailey and Weber to scrub in.

Cristina explains the mother's medical condition to her daughter. As they are talking, Cristina learns the mother didn't make it. Cristina starts to talk about what happens next and how the daughter will feels.

Callie's patient is clearly flirting with her and writes her phone number on Callie's hand.

In surgery, the team is scrambling to save Bobby.

Derek lashes out at Meredith for telling Owen about matters discussed with him as Chief.

Cristina breaks down and Owen comes to her. She cries on his shoulder and tells him that she misses her Dad.

Bobby makes it out of surgery, but he's still not out of the woods. He realizes that he has no choice--he must lose some weight.

Meredith approaches Derek and asks him out it goes. He tells her he can't think about who to tell and what he can tell any more today and walks away.

Alex signs the divorce papers. Lexie walks up as he's signing and he kisses her. He goes home with her.

Callie enters her apartment and as Arizona talks to her about a trip, Callie shows her the phone number. She tells her that she can't stop wondering if that girl might want a baby one day. She tells Arizona that there's this ending that she needs. They decide to break up because Callie doesn't know where they are going.

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