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Episode 6:10


Airdate: November 19, 2009

HolidazeGet ready for an epic episode -- three holidays in one!

The Chief asks Meredith if she's mentioned to anyone that he was drinking. Nope, not a word, she says. He assures her that he misdiagnosed himself 20 years earlier -- he's not an alcoholic; he's situationally depressed. Oh, and by the way, your work is remarkable, he tells Meredith, and offers to mentor her. It would appear that he's paying her for her silence. Derek questions why the Chief is paying so much attention to her now; he thinks the Chief is using Mer to get to him.

In the break room, Owen and Cristina are making out on a bunk when she's paged. It's Teddy, her new cardio goddess! She rushes out, leaving Owen high and dry. The operation is a young woman, Kelsey, who'd had a heart transplant. The heart needs to come out, but Teddy doesn't know what she'll replace it with. The patient is kept alive by a machine, the doctors tell her date, who brought her to the hospital. They've only been out four times, but she was supposed to accompany him to Thanksgiving dinner. He says he'll stay with her because she has no one.

Callie overhears Bailey talking to her mother about Tucker and little Tuck. She hasn't told her own mother she's divorced!

HolidazeDerek and Arizona see a boy with a perpetual nosebleed who needs immediate brain surgery. During surgery Derek sees that he can't access the area he needs to operate on. The boy will just have to go home to die. His parents are understandably desperate. They want to know why someone can't figure out a way to do the surgery.

An attractive young blonde woman comes to the ER looking for Mark. She introduces herself as Sloan Riley. "I'm pretty sure you're my dad," she says. He and all the docs are stunned. In a private room, Mark and Sloan study each other's faces. Callie brings in paternity test supplies.

Mark takes young Sloan back to Callie's apartment, where everyone's making Thanksgiving dinner (Lexie's slicing celery). He announces that Sloan is indeed his daughter, and that she's moving in with Mark and Lexie. Whereupon, Lexie cuts her finger. Of course.

Flash forward to Christmas Eve, when the Chief is mentoring Meredith, who asks him to try to mend fences with Derek. At Mark's apartment, Sloan's still hanging around, but dad can't muster the nerve to ask how long she's staying. When he tries to talk with her, she calls him and "old perv."

Bailey's father drops by. He'd heard through the family grapevine about the possibility she was getting a divorce, and wants to see for himself what's happening.

Kelsey the heart patient still has no heart. She's fading and doesn't know how much longer she can keep going. Cristina tells her to stick around till New Year's Eve -- "a lot of drunk driving, a lot of brain death. It's Organpalooza." The guy the patient was dating is still there, and he reiterates that she needs to hang on. He tells her there's snow outside, and she begs the docs to go outside. Teddy assures her they can do that.

Mark tells Derek he just wants to run. The guilt over Sloan is like a punch in the gut every day. Turns out he knew that Sloan's mom was pregnant. He gave her a couple hundred dollars and left town, hoping she'd get an abortion.

Callie talks to Bailey's dad, Bill, about accepting his daughter's divorce as he watches her operate on someone's hernia. Bill tells Miranda he's been a proud father all her life. And today for the first time he felt ashamed of her. He thinks he traded her family for her career.

The heart patient stands outside in the snow, reveling in the sensation. As she gazes skyward, she collapses. On Christmas Day, the doctors tell Kelsey that part of her bowel has died an needs to be removed. Problem is, she's too weak to go under general anesthesia, so Bailey says they'll do it another way. She also asks Meredith to invite her to Christmas dinner so her father won't worry about her.

Derek, Arizona, and Mark go to the Chief to get funds to complete the tools necessary for the boy's surgery. They offer to put their bonuses toward the it, but realize there will be no bonuses that year. So they offer to write checks to get it done. When he and Derek are left alone, the Chief apologizes for "firing" Derek.

HolidazeAt Meredith and Derek's Christmas party, Owen strums the guitar as the Chief and Arizona sing "Baby, It's Cold Outside." Teddy looks on longingly. There's no way she's over that guy. Lexie and Sloan bicker, and Thatcher goes to his daughter and comments that Richard's drinking again. She makes excuses for him, and Thatcher warns that it could be catastrophic. She brushes him off with a cutting comment about his leaving her before he started drinking.

While operating on Kelsey, who's under local anesthetic for a major operation, Bailey cajoles the docs to sing "Let It Snow" to keep her mind off the pain. Later, Bailey talks about the operation at the Christmas dinner, and her father chastises her. She tells him, in front of a table of a dozen people, why she's happy and her child is healthy. It's uncomfortable, but everyone soldiers on.

New Year's Eve: The Chief and Meredith have a private lesson, but he can't do the procedure because he has the shakes. He claims he's taken his last drink.

Just as the boy needs his surgery, the instruments are ready. They head into the OR, where the gallery is also full to see this never-performed prodedure (with these new instruments). It's a success, and to celebrate everyone counts down to the new year. There are kisses through masks all around.

Kelsey's kidneys are failing, and she needs a heart ASAP. She reminds Cristina of her promise that New Year's Eve was prime time for hearts. And the clock is ticking.... As Teddy's working on a patient in the ER, Owen looks on admiringly. Cristina thinks he's looking at her, but realizes that his appreciative gaze is for her mentor. He takes Teddy to a private room and demands to know why she revealed her feelings now. He admits that there was a time that he was interested in her. Teddy tells him that she's loved him every minute of every day; she thinks he's going to go for her now, but he says he's in love with Cristina.

Speaking of Cristina, she tells the now thoroughly heartbroken Teddy that they have a brain dead 18-year-old who's a match for Kelsey. She's ecstatic, and Teddy drags her to the room where the teen's grieving father is weeping over his daughter. "This is not a celebration," she says.

Kelsey's recovered nicely, and her beau proposes. He says they've been through a war together and come out the other side. Cristina sees this exchange and goes to Owen. She tells him that she doesn't want him to stay with her if he really wants to be with Teddy. Oh no, no: He grabs her, kisses her, and tells Cristina he loves her.

Mark once again tries to broach the subject of her departure with Sloan. But wait -- she has another bombshell: she's pregnant, and she's not leaving.

Bailey bids her father farewell. He chastises her for not telling him he was getting a divorce. He claims he and her mother aren't judging her, just worrying about her.

Joe calls Meredith to the bar. The Chief is soused, and tells Joe that Meredith will be a brilliant surgeon, just like her mother. He orders a tequila for her and "club soda" for himself. Happy new year.

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