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(My first Grey's Anatomy FanFic that i wish could be put into reality since this would be such a great episode if it was real.)

Discalimer:None of the actual events yu are about to read are real nor actual events that will happen to the shows.No spoilers.This fanfic displays content from Season 4 of Grey's Anatomy right after the episode 4.05 titled "Haunted you Everday".

Episode Titled:Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Previously on Grey's Anatomy: Callie moves in with Christina,Dr.Hann becomes head of Cardio.Mer tells Lexie how her mother died,George said i love you too Izzie,and Derek will wait for Mer until someone better comes along.

Mer(Voiceover): We think we can hande it all.Not just surgeons but general people who thinks they can surpass their limit without consequences or live life dodging whatever comes at us.But sooner or later something comes along that hits us good.And the next thing we know were lying on the floor lifeless waiting for something to help pick us up.

Scene 1:(Mer lying on the bathroom floor.)(Izzie lying on the bathtub)
Mer:I'm gonna lose him.I'm gonna lose the one thing i have left.
I'm gonna lose him right?
Izzie:I don't know but his not the one thing you have left.You still have a career going for you.
Mer.Yeah that and no sex makes it the best life ever.
Izzie:Maybe if you just became a nun then you wouldn't have to deal with all of this.
Mer.Yeah sure i'm keeping that as second option.
Mer.But i just don't get it.What will it take for me to finally love him the way he deserves to be loved.It's me it's so not him.
Izzie:Yeah it's you
Mer:Oh shut up.
(Izzie giggles)
(Alex walks in the bathroom door)
Alex:What are both of you doing we have to go work in an hour.
Izzie:We're contemplating.
Mer:I'm gonna lose him.

Scene 2:(At SGH in the nurses station)
Christina:Get me coffee.Now.
(Mer comes along.)
Mer:Bad morning
Christina:You could say that
Mer:Is living with Callie taking it's toll.
Christina:Oh trust me it already took it's toll.She finished all the coffee this morning.And wait for it... cleaned up after herself.Who does that?
Mer:I don't understand why you asked her to move in anyways.Is it some sort of plot to piss Izzie or get special favors from the chief resident.
Mer:You mean to piss Izzie.
Christina:Nope Special Favors.Aim Higher Mer.It just so happened that she's getting a divorce and my couch became vacant for her to sleep in.But if she keeps drinking my coffee in the morning there better be some kick ass surgeries in exchange.

Scene 3:(Izzie and Alex puts on scrubs)
Alex:So you and O'Malley going on a hot date.
Izzie:No!How do you know?
Alex:I heard you making reservations on the phone.Where you taking him?
Izzie:Nothing special.
Alex.Just take him to Joe's.It's cheaper
(Both of them head to th E.R.)

Scene 4:(Derek talks to the Chief)
Derek.You hired Hann as Burke's replacement
Derek:Are you okay?
(Mark comes along)
Mark:So you guys talking bout hot stuff.
Derek:Hot Stuff?
Mark:You know the dominant hottie who i'm about to the introduce myself to.
Chief:Sloan she is not some chick you advertise yourself to.She's a well respected cardio surgeon.Who happens to be a very big feminist.
(Chief walks away)
Mark:So you think i have a shot?
Derek:Yeah one in a million.
(Mark laughs)
Mark:So i have this girl she's great for you.You should go on a date with her.
Derek:How are your so sure?
Mark:Cuz she's interested in the stuff your interested in.
Mark:I'm just saying i know you promised you'd wait for Meredith.But there's no harm in finding a way to ease the wait.

Scene 5:(Outside the Emergency Room)
(The ambulances arrive)
Paramedic 1:Male 25 years old serious head trauma and a black eye to the face.
Alex:What happened?
Paramedic 1:His a boxer he collapsed during the match.
Alex:Okay somebody page Dr.Sheppard.Get him to trauma 1
(Second ambulance arrives)
Izzie:Okay what do we have?
Paramedic 2:Male 19 shot himself in the groin.
Izzie:It looks like it hit an inner bone.
Somebody page Callie now.

Scene 6:(Inside the Emergency Room)
Christina:Crap! we're late
Callie:Ok Karev your with Sheppard
Christina:Who am i with?
Callie:They need you over at Cardio.
Callie:And Stevens your with me.Where's O'Malley?
Izzie:I don't know i haven't seen him all day.
Callie:Well go find him.

Scene 7:(Christina and Lexie heading over to Cardio)
Christina:They said they needed a consult.
Hann:Oh it's you! Your in my service.
Hann:Ok then you can go(talking to Lexie)
(Lexie walks away)
Hann:Okay we have a patient who's suffering from congestive heart failure had a heart murmur since the age of 4.But it's been mild until the day she started to swallow drugs that exilirated her heart rate to the point of a heart attack.So how do we proceed?
(Christina looks at her notes)
Hann:I expect you to know this by heart Yang if you can't handle my service then you may not have a future in Cardio.

Scene 8:(Lexie finds Mer)
Lexie:Hey i'm free you wanna hang out today on a case.
Mer:Okay then umm Bailey needs a consult in the clinic i guess you could come with.
Lexie:Oh thanks.

Scene 9:(Derek enters the patient's room)
Derek:Karev what do we have?
Alex:Cole Turner collapsed during a boxing match.
Cole:My opponet hit me really hard in the face.And i was knocked out badly that i couldn't even get up.I had to forefit the game because of the injury.
Derek:We'll get a cat scan to make sure there isn't any head damage.
Do you want your face checked cause it seems beaten up.Will have a plastic surgeon looked at your face.

Scene 10:(On Call-Room)
Izzie:George there you are.You have to wake up your wife is looking for you.
And were both on her service today and so you have to get up.
Izzie: George i'm serious.There's a bloody penis with our names on it over at the ER.
George:Fine I'm Up.
Izzie:And George we're going on a hot date tonight and your going to fix yourself for me.Because we deserve a night where it's more than just a you sleeping on an on-call room and me listening to Meredith all night long.
Izzie:Okay then.

Scene 11:(At the clinic)
Mer:Dr.Bailey you said you needed help.
Bailey:I'm swapped with paper work over at curtain 3.
(Lexie opnes the curtains)
Lexie:Hi I'm doctor Grey and this is Dr.Grey wow never ever said that before.
Mer.What seems to be the problem?
Tessa:It's my son he was vomitting blood this morning.
Jeffrey:I'm fine mom.
Tessa:You weren't fine this morning.You see my son he thinks his invincible that he can just walk through life not getting sick or hurt.
Mer:Will do a physical exam on your son to see if there's anything wrong with him.
(Mer looks over)
Mer:His vomitting blood.We need to get him to an OR now.
Tessa:My god,My son.
Bailey:What happened?

Scene12: (At OR 1)
Chief:What the hell happened?
Mer:This boy he was okay then the next
Lexie:He wasn't
Bailey:Looks like he blown out his abdomen
Chief:And his internal organs are in bad shape.
What the hell happened to him?
Mer:Lexie go find the mother and get the history as well.

Scene 13:(Trauma 1)
Callie:What took you both too long?
George:It's my fault
Callie:Oh i bet it is.
(Izzie glances over to Callie)
(Dr.Sheppard comes in)
Derek:Okay i was brought down here
SO what is it?
Callie:This patient he shot his groin and i think he hit a nerve.
(Derek takes a look)
Derek:The bullet went too deep you have to perform a small routine procedure.Where you'll have to cut near the the roin and fish out the bullet.
After that Dr.Torres will do the rest.
Callie:Stevens and O'Malley you two will do the procedure.I think both of you can handle that.
Izzie:Righ Away.

Scene 14:(At a patients room)
Karen:What happened?Am i
Yang:Your fine.Dr.Hann is trying to treat your heart the best way she can.
You've been taking a series amount of organic drugs that had an affect to your heart making it larger that a normal sized.Which therefore caused your heartattack.But since your also suffering form congestive heartfailure since you were a child we've been waiting for the right moment to operate.Why were you taking that much drugs in the first place?
Karen:I wasn't doing anything wrong. Those durgs that was taking helped me lose weight,get in great shape,have a flawless face the all around package.
Yang;But weren't you aware of the side effects.
Karen:I was. I just didn't think it would all blow up in my face like this.

Scene 15:(At the cafeteria)
(Mer sitting alone in a table.)(Christina arrives)
Yang:I have patient who's killing herself to have the ultimate appearance.
Mer:I don't even know what wrong with my patient. We fixed what's wrong with him without actually knowing what's wrong with him.
(Callie comes to sit down with them)
Mer.Hey... Is she sitting here now?
Yang:Why not?
(Izzie and George enter the cafeteria)
Yang:Dr.Hann is out to get me.
Yang:Yes Seriously she's giving me hard time.And what's worst is that i'm actually intimitaded.
Mer:I never thought i'd see the day where you actually say those words,
(Callie laughs)
Izzie:Look at her it's like she's taking my friends away from me.
George:She's not.
Izzie:She is!! I took her away from you and now it's payback time.
George:Don't wory about it too much.As long as we have each other we'll be just fine.
Izzie:Yeah Whatever.

Mer:I'm trying to repair my relationship with Derek.But i don't know where to start.
Callie:You could start with asking him out on a date.
Mer:Yeah i'll do that that's what i'll do.I'll ask him out on date.Then i'll get my McDreamy back.
Yang:That's it.
Mer:I'm putting myself out there in hopes that he'll actually take me and be with me.
Callie:Are you ready?
Mer:I don't know. But what i do know is that i can't lose him.
(Mer walks away)

Scene 16:(Outside of OR 3)
Mark:Hi we haven't officially met i'm Mark Sloan plastic surgeon.
Hann:Nice to meet you
(Hann walks away)(Mark looks astonished)(Dereks comes along)
Derek:What happened was she too hot for you.
Mark:I don't know she just walked past me and she didn't even offer me to get a drink with her.
Derek:You can't expect to get them all Mark.
Mark Why the hell not.
Derek:Because there are some women who are immune to your man-whore techinques.
Mark:Maybe but we'll see.

Scene 17:(Near the nurses station.)
Lexie:Excuse me Mrs.Wilson.
Tessa:Is everything okay?
Lexie:Your son just got out of surgery everything is going to be fine.But i would like to ask you some questions concerning Jeffrey.When we operated him we found a mass of internal bleeding and.
Tessa:It's my fault i should have known better but i was busy with stuff and my son Jeffrey.He wanted to prove himself.That he can be a man and can handle all the responsibilities given to him.When my husband left me i was so caught up with everything that i didn't see what was right in front of me.
Tessa:He fell. Down the stairs,Always walked 7 blocks just to get home.He walked through the rain like it was nothing because i was trying to find a job.When he was sick i couldn't bring him to the hospital because i losed my health insurance.I did this to him.He understood what i was going through.So he thought he could do it on his own and take care of himself.That was my job and i failed.
(Tessa starts crying)
(Lexie starts to comfort her)
Lexie:You are not a bad mother.You were just a busy one.Jeffrey knew he knew but he didn't say anything because he didn't want you to worry.He did his best and so did you.You brought him here because you knew it wasn't his job to take care of himself.That's the same thing m mother would have done to me.
(Lexie gets teary eyed)

Scene 18:( Inside OR 2)
(Christina enters)
Hann:Yang your late!
Christina:I apologize.
Hann;Well apology unaccepted.You may have been able to arrive at any time during Burke's surgeries.But this is different.Your in my playground and if you wanna play you have to show me just what exactly your made of.

Scene 19:(Inside trauma 1)
George:Why are you hovering?
Izzie:I'm not i'm just feeling a bit of anxiety.
George:Well right now i'm fishing a bullet out of man's you know what so you can be less tense and more helpful.And why do you even care?
Izzie:Because she's judging me for loving you and that's something i can't.
It was me,Mer,and Christina i found them first.It feels like i have to lose them just because i said i love you.Too you.
(George looks at Izzie.)
Izzie:I have to talk to one of them. George can you?
(Izzie walks out)

Scene 20:(Near the hospital bridge)
(Mer and Derek meet)
Mer:Hey i've been looking for you.I was hoping.Do you have any plans this evening cause i was.
Derek:As a matter of fact i do it's just something i have to check out it's nothing serious.But if you wanted too.
Mer:Oh no, by all means you go where you have to go and we'll just reschedule.
(Derek walks away)(Then comes Izzie)
Izzie:Hey Mer.
Mer:His going out on a date i can read it between the lines.I kenw something like this was going to happen.
Izzie:Are you okay?
Mer:What do you want Izzie?
Izzie:I was hoping if you could give me the slightest information of what's happening between Christina and Callie and not to mention whether or not she still mad.
Mer:She's not mad.If you just.If you just talked to her.
Izzie:Talk to her about what.
Mer:You'll know.
(Mer walks away)

Scene 21:(At a patients room)
Mark:Cole i'm sewing up stiches but i really worried about your left eye since there are some extensive damage near the cornea.
Cole:I should have moved quicker.I may have been able to save myself from the embarassment of getting knocked down and collapsing during my match.
Alex:Dude,it doesn't matter if you win or lose.It's the fact you still played is what counts.
Cole:Did you box?
Alex.No but i used to wrestle.But before me and my father we watched boxing mathces of Alli all the time until.
Mark:Okay Cole i'm done with your face but i still need to look at that eye and your hands.So that you can recover completely.
Cole:I'll still be able to box right, doctor?
Mark:You'll have to ask Dr.Sheppard when you fell you suffered a tremendous concussion that might compell you to get surgery.But we'll worry about when have to.Right now just rest up so that in a matter of days you'll be back in the ring kicking ass and taking names.How does that sound?

Scene 22:(Inside trauma 1)
(Callie enters)
Callie:Where's Stevens
George:She went out to talk to Christina.
Callie.Who said you could handle this procedure on your own.
George:Oh i was just.
Callie:Let me do it your doing it all wrong.
(George steps back)
Callie:It looks like it traveled deeper.Deep into the thigh it hit a cartilage bone.
George:Thanks for .
Callie:Don't thank me.I don't want your grattitude.It doesn't mean anyting to me.
I said i love you and you said it back and know your going on a hot date with the woman i despise more than anyone.You could go i don't want to see you.I don't even what to look at you.I'll finish this on my own.
(George leaves.)

Scene 23:(At a patient's room)
(Karen wakes up)
Christina:Everything is fine know Dr.Hann fixed the damage on your heart.
Karen:Do i look okay?
Christina:You look........ Normal.You didn't have to take those organic drugs.And right now you would have been a normal girl with a normal heart instead you wanted to be better.I get that.I do.But you should always think safety.
(Dr.Hann walks in and listens to Christina's speech)
Christina:I just realized that i'm not all that as i thought i would be.Your not untouchable and if you stopped trying be invincible maybe this wouldn't have happened in the first place.That's all i'm saying
Dr.Hann:Ok Dr.Yang is everything okay with Karen here.
Karen:Yes is everything is fine.
Dr. Hann:Good then i guess you do have what it takes.I'm expecting you on my service again tommorow is that alright?
Christina:Ahh yes of course.

Scene 24:(At another patient's room)
Tessa:Can i see my son?
Lexie:Yes, ou can go right ahead.
(Mer comes along)
Mer:You did a great job today Lexie.
Lexie:What! Really
Mer:Your mother would have been proud.
Lexie:Thank You.
Mer:Your Welcome.

Scene 25:(Inside the OR 1 Gallery)
(Callie is sitting down and the Chief sits down with her)
Richard:Dr.Torres.Are you okay?
Callie:Honestly,I don't know.I just down know what else to feel(sigh)
This job is so exhausting and George is exhausting.And now i have to face another day knowing that my husband is not gonna be there anymore.I'm back to being to me again alone and single.I though i was done with all of that.I though....that George would be the one to make me complete.I didn't mean to rush the wedding.I know his father just died.All i wanted to was save him for saving me.I thought i was his saving grace form his father's death.So i went to Vegas with him got hitched went back to Seattle to get seperated.
Richard:I think i know what your saying.I can't look what's in front of me because i know that if i do i'll get hit.Hit with the sad truth that my wife isn't going to be there anymore.But i guess getting hit is better is better than dodging for the rest of my life.I don't want to do that for the rest of my life.
(Callie looks at the Chief)
Richard:Marriage is hard but right now it isn't because i think we know what we have to do.I guess you and O'Malley should never have left Vegas then.
Callie:Yeah,I guess we shouldn't have.
Richard.We are the Chiefs of failed marriages.
Callie:Yeah,we are
(Callie Laughs)

Scene 26:(At the hall)
Izzie:I just wanted to say hello.
Christina:Okay now you've said it and this is me leaving;
Izzie:Wait i'm not through.I just wanted to tell you that i said loved him.
Christina:Excuse me.
Izzie:I told him i loved him.Look i really care about George and i know you care about Callie and you guys are buddies or whatever.But i do love him.And i also love our friendship if i can still call it that.So please i know right know i'm looking as if i'm the bitch who didn't care.I'm not telling you to stop being whatever with Callie i'm just asking if you can still be there for me.
Christina:(sigh) I can't promise anything
Izzie:That's fine i'll take it.

Scene 27:(At the nurses station)
(Dr.Hann is filling up charts and Mark comes along)
Mark:So Erica can i call you Erica?
Hann:In your head
Mark:Okay so you must be tired what do you say if we get a quick drink to celebrate your first day in Seattle Grace Hosiptal.
Hann:And then what.You'll get me drunk and i'll sleep with you.
Mark:Perhaps if all things go well.
Hann:You know your charming,cute,and delicious and there must a thousand females around the globe who are in heat anytime there near you.But just so you know that your also cocky,arrogant,and stupid.
Hann:So Goodnight and i'll see you tommorow Dr.Sloan
or may i say McSteamy.

Scene 28:(At a patients room)
(Alex enters)
Alex:Cole, your surgery for your eye is scheduled for tomorrow.
Cole:I let him hit me.
Alex:Excuse me
Cole:My opponent i let him get his free shot.I was gong to win.I knew it.But i wanted to give him a chance.I felt confident enough that i could ride this away to victory.I said to myself he didn't stand a chance so let him get his punch.
Alex:I probabely would have done the same thing.You got hit badly it was one punch and most of the time that's all it takes.You can blaim yourself what happened you could do that or you can get better get back in the ring and let your opponent feel your free shot.
(Cole smiles and Alex smiles)

(Mika-Happy Ending starts to play)
Scene 29:(Inside the entrance part of SGH)
Mer (Voiceover):Deep inside we all like to belive that nothing in ths world can harm us,hurt us,endager us,or worse hit us.We all become victims.We all experience blows,upper-cuts,jabsand all kinds of hurtful thingsWhether the biggest carnage thrown at us gives us the strenght to hit back.
(George goes down the stairs)(Callie sees him and walks towards him.)
Callie:I wanted to apologize for what happened.Is the guy who shot his penis okay.
George:Yeah his at the ICU
Callie:Great,I wanted to tell you that the divorce papers will be coming tommorow so that you'll know.
George:Thanks for telling me.
(Callie turns around and walks away both of them get teary eyed)
(Izzie then walks down the stairs)
Mer (Voiceover):Then there are also ways to treat the injury.
Izzie:Hey,so your ready for our date.
George:Yeah where are you taking me.
Izzie:Joe's Let go.
(Christina comes along)
Callie:Hey Christina
Callie:You going home let me come with you.
Mer (Voiceover):Then are there those moments where we are the reason why we got hit in the first place.

Scene 30:(Outer Entrance of SGH)
Mer (Voiceover):That's what determines how badly we get hurt.It's how badly we got hit.Maybe all it takes is one good hit straight to the heart.
(Mer sees Derek walking out of Seattle Grace)
(Derek turns around)(Mer follows Derek into the rain)
Mer:I know it's hard being with me.But i want you,i need you,i can't lose you.You deserve to be loved unconditionally.And I can't guranteee you'll get that from me.But if you help me i can get there.I know you've been waiting so have i.I've been waiting to let go and tell you what i've always wanted to tell you Derek.I wanted to tell you that i love you and that's not gonna change.There i said it so if your done please tell me know.Because i can't handle getting hurt again.
(Mer walks away and Derek follows and kisses her)
Mer (Voiceover):We get hit for a reason and most of the time the reason is for us to know which can hurt us and which can save us.

~ Grey's Anatomy~

Episode Anaylsis.
.We all like to think we can handle it all without getting hurt or without getting injured and that's what this episode is mainly about.If i had to start out i would start out with Dr.Hann's entry to Seattle Grace Hopsital as head of cardio.Now in a funny way she get's a welcome from Dr.Sloan who we all know has his way with the ladies but get's stumped by what he call a dominant hottie.That's what so great is no matter how many times McSteamy takes his shot on Hann it never seems to work because she always deflects the hits of the pick-up lines or whatever.And she can see through Sloan right away as soon as she got to SGH.She thinks his charming and all but she also know his bad qualities.And for Mark that must be the biggest blow straight to the ego.And plus she wouldn't be apart of Grey's if she hasn't "Mc" anything.

So on to Christina and Callie movng in and so on.So Callie is sleepin in Christina's couch.But who's to say that Christina won't use this to her advantage. I mean Callie is chief but she's also a person who cleans up after herself and finishes up all the coffee.And she realized it towards the end that she hit herself in the face by making Callie her roommate.But all that doesn't matter because she got to be aprt of Cardio and was also face with a tremendous challenge.Mainly something she's not use to.And when Hann told her if she has what it takes she doubted herself.She though she was like the all star pupil and what she didn't know is that she still has alot to learn.She starts by telling her patient just that.Which proved to Hann that maybe Christina has something special about her.

Now if we come over to Callie we'll find a big huge mess.I love what she told George and but what i loved the most is her moment with the Chief.Both those two have alot in common they're both chiefs of the hospital,they're both getting seperate with their spouses,the chief cheated on his wife and Callie got cheated on by her husband.So there like whole split in to half which makes you feel incomplete.To Callie she thought that she was saving George from his father's death but all this time she was saving herself not George.She get's that know that she was wrong and so she did the one thing she knew she had to do.She was hurt by what Izzie and George did and tendancy for that is for you to hit back.So she did by announcing to George that the divorce papers will be arriving.

Lets' go to Izzie and George's hot date or may i say date night at Joe's.All from the idea of Alex Karev who was treating a patient who turned out to be a boxer.Now this boxer who was cleary too overconfident got a painful shot in the face.Now let this be a lesson if you're asking for it your gonna get it.

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