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Grey's Anatomy Season 6
PushLast Time on Grey's Anatomy
A patient who needs an extremely difficult surgery comes to Seattle Grace, and it's Richard and Owen who vie for the opportunity to tackle it. But the decision lies in the hands of Derek, who deems that Owen should take on the surgery, leaving Richard bitter. Meanwhile, Bailey deals with her own personal struggles when she nervously prepares for another date with Ben.
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Perfect Little Accident

Thursday, March 25 at 9:00 PM EST
6.18 Suicide is Painless

When Teddy's patient seeks to end treatment and her life, she turns to Hunt for help. The situation triggers Hunt's memories of his life at war and his past relationship with Teddy. Meanwhile, Callie and Arizona have a difference in opinion on what their future holds, and Richard tries to adjust to his role as a surgeon.

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Grey's Anatomy Episode 6.18 Trailer
Suicide is Painless
Catch me Up
Where we left off in Season 5:
Meredith and Derek get "married" by writing vows on a post-it.
Derek becomes the Interim Chief of Surgery while the Chief is struggling with alcoholism.
Owen Hunt
There's a new hottie, Dr. Owen Hunt for Cristina and Arizona, for Callie!
Izzie and Alex get married but once Izzie gets healthy, she is fired and leaves Alex.
Dr. Sloan has a long lost daughter -- and she's pregnant!George
Lexie and Mark break up because of Sloan. Separately, Sloan leaves town.
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Ellen Pompeo
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Patrick Dempsey
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Meredith & Derek
Izzie & Alex
Lexie & Mark
Cristina & Owen
Callie & Arizona
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Test HP - Grey's AnatomyUsername: #1mcdreamyfan753
Why: Grey's is my life!

Slogan: Grey's is life. You can love it and make the best of the bad things, or hate it.
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"Private lessons with the Chief. Man, those daddy issues are working for you."
~ Cristina

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