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Fanfiction from: Emz

I hope you enjoy.

Set in: story is set in season three during the episodes ‘oh what guilt’ and ‘what am I.’ But just to make it slightly more confusing I made the main characters all residence and added Lexie in as an intern. So season four characters in a season three episode if that makes sense.

Will never happen in real Greys Anatomy. I used artistic license so stick with me. Plus I do not own anything Grey's Anatomy related except an ecessive collection of memrobelia :D

Stranger Danger : part two

Meredith did not know what happened after that. It was all black to her. For months later people would ask her how it felt but her answers were useless. The last thing she remembered was feeling incredibly stupid for allowing herself to end up in that position in the first place.

She was in her dark place for a while, though her eyes felt open, but the world looked as though she couldn’t see. Her body felt heavy and awkward: like it was being difficult on purpose. She had no idea how much time had passed before her body finally began to co-operate. She was concentrating so hard on breathing for a moment she did not notice that she could open her eyes again. Meredith stuck her tongue out to taste the gloss of her lips, moved her fingers to grasp and un-grasp the material of her scrubs and revelled in the feeling of being mobile once more.
When Meredith first opened her eyes and checked out her surroundings it was almost pleasant. Her vision slowly adjusted, even as her body welcomed with warmth of waking up, and she saw the room she was in was the on call room. She could not entirely be blamed for believing herself to be dead at first and more importantly feeling sorry for herself for the fact.

Upon realising she was defiantly still alive Meredith felt her tummy to check the baby was ok. But as she was not far gone it was hard to tell. Looking around again she spotted Marcus sitting on one of the beds playing with a short pen knife. Flicking it in and out its holder his grey eyes alight with pleasure at the movement. A long blackish bluish bruise running halfway up her arm showed she wasn’t dreaming. She wondered how long she had been out.
Not daring to move Meredith simply looked at Marcus and asked ‘why?’
A short pause in which Marcus looked her up and down before he replied ‘they need blood or they will die, I promised them, they can’t die.’

Meredith noted the words, the knife and the locked door and went, quite understandably into panic mode and began to think ‘I am screwed.’ She began to back away, slowly, quietly.

‘I won’t hurt you as long as he gives me what I want’ Marcus told her.

Strangely his words failed to re-assure her, she replied ‘who?’

Meanwhile elsewhere in the hospital Derek was looking in room after room. Meredith seemed to have vanished into thin air. After a dropped comment by Cristina and George that someone should check on their long absent friend and check she was still breathing. He had patience to check on and surgeries to schedule and yet he was spending his time tracking her, which normally he would not mind doing, but he was pushing aside a growing sense of worry.
She better have a very good reason why she has gone missing he thought as he checked the ER.

She was not in surgery or in any emergency room. Eventually he stood outside the on call room and tried the door. It remained locked. He was about to walk away assuming someone was using the room for the same extracurricular fun he enjoyed with his own girlfriend, when someone called his name.

Returning to the door he asked ‘Meredith?’

A sound of scurried and scrambled movements followed his statement.

‘Derek ... is that really you Derek?’

‘Yes Meredith it’s me, what is going on?’

Derek replied once again trying the door which remained staunchly locked despite his best efforts.

‘Why can’t I come in?’

He asked beginning to sound annoyed.

‘Do you see my pager?’ Meredith finally asked ‘on the floor do you see it?’

Derek looked around on the floor and sure enough there it lay looking slightly bruised but otherwise ok. Picking it up Derek returned to the door. ‘Found it, what now?’ he asked but got no reply, simply silence. He banged on the door and asked the question over and over but nothing. On the other side of the door Meredith had sunk to the floor again.


It had been all night. Derek had been sitting, his head in his hands, on the floor outside the on call room all night. He hadn’t slept and he hadn’t moved he had simply sat there silent in the darkness. The police milled around like flies their voices droning away, annoying background music. There looked like no chance of getting Meredith out not for some time anyway.

‘Are you ok?’

Derek looked up and found himself looking into the cool blue eyes of his onetime best friend. Mark looked worried and tired as though he too had been up all night and in reality his favourite dirty mistress had in fact not been far from his thoughts. Derek choose not to reply but with a small half hearted smile declared a truce with Mark only for the hours until they found a way to release his girlfriend.

Cristina had been pacing up and down by the nurses’ station since the early hours but having been called away for a complicated surgery had left Izzie in her place, with strict orders to page her should anything happen.

Alex and George stood shoulder to shoulder, for once in their lives in comparative harmony with each other, watching the door of the on call room with unseeing glazed eyes.

About half an hour before an ear-splitting heart-wrenching scream and echoed through the hallways but since then no sound had come from behind the firmly locked door; the nervous doctors outside were unsure whether this was a good or bad sign.

‘It’s…’ Mark trailed off at the glare Derek sent him; the silence resumed and even the policemen seemed to sense the atmosphere and fell into a companionable silence; a silence which no-one dared break. Then suddenly as though sensing the quite the loud speaker crackled to life and a deathly quiet almost sinister voice began:

All you have to do is give me what I want and little blonde girl and her baby live, otherwise I will not be held responsible for my actions.

At the word baby a sudden buzz of whispering steadily grew into a loud drone as people began to gossip amongst themselves.

‘Not be held responsible’ Derek hissed to himself sounding caught between disbelieve and utter loathing.

End of part two

(part three up very soon.)

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