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December 2009

Katherine Heigl Saves Puppies


Grace Notes: The Grey's Anatomy Fan Blog - Grey's AnatomyTaking time off Grey's Anatomy, Katherine Heigl is apparently doing something else other than film romcoms and spend quality time with newly adopted daughter Naleigh. Izzie Stevens' alter-ego is also doing something for little puppies whose cuteness are apparently causing them more harm than good.

Shelter operators in Los Angeles have lamented that a lot of people have brought lap dogs, Chihuahua's, and other small dogs after watching movies like Beverly Hills Chihuahua. When the fashion fades, however, and the dogs are no longer in vogue, people drop them off to shelters.

This is where Heigl, 31, comes into the picture.

The Grey's Anatomy star has shoulder the cost associated with transporting the little dogs to Nashua, New Hampshire, a place where they're more appreciated, fashionable or not.

"They're hard to come by in the state of New Hampshire so we thought it would be a great match," said Tammy De Vito, Animal Care Director. "It would just be a matter of a few days before they're all settling in on New Hampshire homes."

"That's great that we have a partner out there because this is the first time that we do a transport from LA," says Karen Bill, Human Society of Greater Nashua, adding that they're thankful for Heigl's "generous donation."

"Movies like Beverly Hills Chihuahua, and people think of pets sometimes as a fashion accessory," Bill says.

Heigl is currently on a break from Grey's Anatomy reportedly to spend time with Naleigh.

Source: Buddy TV

Patrick Dempsey in a Bottle


Patrick Dempsey's new fragranceThe hair-licious actor who plays Derek Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy has a new cologne due to hit the fragrance counters soon, one aptly named "Patrick Dempsey 2." By the name of this fragrance, I'm expected Eau d' Patrick, which despite his good looks, isn't necessarily something I want to smell, particularly a "bolder, more intense" version.

Perhaps Avon could've gone a more traditional route, perhaps something more like "Dreams, by Patrick Dempsey?" Otherwise, what can we expect next? Hulk Hogan IX?

In case you're wondering, you'll need to lay down thirty bucks for a two and a half ounce bottle of ol' Patrick.


Alex Talks Izzie


In a recent TV Guide interview, actor Justin Chambers gives the scoop on what we can expect from Alex and Izzie when the show returns, which you've probably guessed isn't likely to be all hearts and teddy bears.

Of course, what would you expect from long-time self-centric Alex, who bent just a little to let flighty Izzie into his heart and mind. As Chambers says, "Alex is just fed up. He's not built for all of this. He really meant what he said when he committed to her at their wedding and now he just feels that it's all rushed too fast and he hasn't really necessarily thought things through. He has so much emotional baggage anyway."


And so, am many down and out Seattle Gracers do, Alex will find himself at Joe's bar, the perfect setting for a one night stand. Who will this mysterious one night stand be? We don't know, but Chambers tells us that "fans will be extremely shocked."

Izzie & Alex


Katherine Heigl: Pup Protector


Pint-sized pooches are all the rage in Southern California, until some owners no longer want them and they're dumped at a shelter. In New Hampshire, the small breeds aren't as plentiful. But how to bridge the 3000 miles separating the supply from the demand? Enter Katherine Heigl, who ponied up thousands of dollars to transport the canines coast to coast.

Heigl has an impressive history as a doggie do-gooder. She and her mother,
Nancy, run a charity called the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation (named for her brother who died in 1986) that focuses on increasing awareness of inhumane animal treatment, supporting efforts for rescue, medical treatment, training, and placement needs.


Grey's Anatomy Couples Round-Up


Wow, it feels like a long time until GA returns, right? I'm feeling the withdrawal effects already but luckily, I found a great little summary of the current status of the Grey's Anatomy couples. Thanks Buddy TV!

Meredith and Derek

It has happened. Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey), the couple who used to can't catch a break, seems like they've reached a good, stable plateau in their relationship - away from that "dark and twisty place" that periodically rears its ugly head but has had as of late taken a prolonged hiatus, too.

After getting married, sort of, via post-its, Mer and Der hasn't had their share of problems and tribulations on Seattle Grace, something that cannot be said with the other Grey's Anatomy couples. It also helped that Meredith (or actually Ellen Pompeo) took some time off to recuperate from the liver transplant.

So they're happy now. Remember that scene when Meredith lamented that there has only been a few seconds of happiness for her when she found out that Izzie (Katherine Heigl) survived and then she realized it was George in that deathbed? How did McDreamy deal with it? He gave her a flurry of kisses for every second that she missed.

Cristina and Owen

With Meredith and Derek taking the backseat as Grey's Anatomy's Couple with a Perpetual Crisis, Yang (Sandra Oh) and Owen (Kevin McKidd) seem to have willingly taken that distinction. Beset with problem after problem (with one yet to implode - the Jackson kiss), at the close of midseason, however, the two are actually in a good place.

But not before a lot of ruckus, not the least of which is Teddy Altman (Kim Raver), and she is staying put, the bomb that she carries (pun not intended) depressingly confirmed in the last episode - Owen had feelings for her, too.

Sloan and Lexie

Sloan (Eric Dane) has a love child, and Lexie (Chyler Leigh) doesn't like it. I don't know anyone who's into this storyline, to be honest.

Callie and Arizona

My favorite couple of the moment right now, which is saying a lot because I never really liked them before. The Arizona-centric (Jessica Capshaw) episode, however, not only shed light to her "awesome" personality, it also endeared her relationship with Callie (Sara Ramirez) to a lot of fans.

On that episode, Callie organized a surprise birthday party for her girlfriend. Little did she know, however, that Arizona was having a horrible day, with her long-time patient dying after his parents just donated a gazillion dollars to the peds program. Instead of being happy and thankful at the surprise, Arizona broke down and cried. At the end of it all, though, when everything had been said and done, we just heard a faint murmur of something harshly sweet - "I love you."

Alex and Izzie

Another sort of non-existent couple currently, which is a letdown because they were the highlight of last season's latter half. For starters, after staying on her side throughout cancer and near-death, Alex (Justin Chambers) was blamed by Izzie for getting her fired. After her first hiatus this season, Heigl is off to another one, derailing what's left of her relationship with Alex even further. With this in mind, it's actually hard to imagine how the two will patch things up eventually.


Can Cristina and Owen Compare?


Cristina & OwenAccording to BuddyTV, executive producer Shonda Rhimes says that we've got "a ton of Owen and Cristina stuff" headed our way in upcoming episodes of Grey's Anatomy. I for one, think this is smart TV. After all, it's the original hit and miss Meredith and Derek relationship with a twist of Addison that really drew fans into Grey's Anatomy, and since the two have been blissfully wed via Post-It note, we've been yearning (or needing, rather) a new all-consuming relationship. (And let's face it -- Cristina is long overdue. That fling with Burke just didn't hold a candle to Meredith and Derek.)

Reportedly, the Grey's Anatomy's writers and Shonda Rhimes are all fans of an Owen and Cristina hookup. Add a shake of cardio goddess to that and I think we've got the makings of the next perfect storm headed toward Seattle Grace.

Your thoughts?
Can Cristina-slash-Owen even compare to MerDer aka the stuff legends are made from?



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