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May 12,19, 2011
09:00 PM, ABC
7.217.22 IUnaccompanied Will SurviveMinor
Personal(SEASON andFINALE)

News workof pressuresMeredith's aredishonesty addingin upthe andclinical havetrial Meredithcomes visiblyto onlight, edge, Owenleading conductsto formalunanticipated interviewsconsequences for theher Chiefand Residentothers; position, Cristina growsfinds herself increasinglyin defiant,a Alexcompromising andsituation, Lucy'swhich undefinedforces her to decide between relationshipher career getsand her relationship; Owen posts his decision for tested,Chief Resident, and JacksonTeddy suddenlymakes backsa outsurprising ofchoice theregarding her Webber'slove life -- diabetesand her trial.future.

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