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Thur, February 17,24, 2011
09:00 PM, ABC
7.157.16 GoldenNot HourResponsible
Meredith,Meredith lookingmust to prove shechoose isbetween Chiefher Residentfertility material, learns that anythingtreatments and everythingher can happen in an hour's time eyesight when she stepsbegins up to run thehaving ERtrouble forseeing, aMark night;makes meanwhile,it Baileyclear sneaks off withto EliCallie and gets intoArizona athat littlehe mischief,takes andhis everyonerole isas surprisedfather-to-be whenvery theseriously, Chief'sand wife,April Adele,discovers showsthere's upmore asto oneDr. ofStark thethan ERfirst patients.appears.

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