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Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Seattle Grace shake-up!


Since the Chief has stepped down from his throne, everyone at Seattle Grace is concerned about what that means for them. Plus, I don’t know about you guys but I’ve got one question: is theChief gone forever? On whether the Chief will be gone forever and if so, will Derek be chief? Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief: the Chief will not be gone for long and Derek is only the interim chief. On how the doctors feel about Derek becoming interim chief… Jessica Capshaw, who plays Arizona Robbins, says that there will be a “ripple effect” throughout Seattle Grace and it will be challenge that the doctors will have to work through seeing their usually “stoic and smart and definitely experienced”chief fall. The doctors will be divided into two groups: one that roots for Derek and the other that questions his loyalty to the chief. One doctor we can count on being on Derek’s side is Owen. He feels that it was the right choice because it “benefits the most amount of people.” On whether Meredith will be greatly favored because she’s married to the chief interim… Justin Chambers, who plays Alex Karev, says definitely not and even points out that Meredith is smart enough to shine without taking advantage of her relationship with thechief interim. Chambers also says that his character will probably “throw out a few words that aren’t necessarily polite about her sleeping with the Chief.” On how the former chief will be getting his life together… Capshaw didn’t seem to have any details on what the Richard Webber will be doing in the time being… hopefully some spoilers about this will come out soon!

Time Warp

Source: Michael Ausiello
Exclusive: 'Grey's Anatomy' recasts Richard and Ellis!
Grey's Anatomy Spoilers - Grey's AnatomyGranted, I’m using the word recastGrey’s Anatomy has tapped Angel’s J. August Richards and Cupid’s Sarah Paulso loosely here, but n to play younger, circa ‘82 versions of Richard and Ellis in the Feb. 18 episode. The flashback-heavy hour, appropriately titled “Time Warp,” will shed light on the beginnings of the affair between the Chief and Mer’s mom. In separate sequences, we’ll see Bailey in her pre-”Nazi” days, and Callie shortly before she was introduced on the show. But back to Richards and Paulson, their resemblance to James Pickens Jr. and Kate Burton is pretty uncanny, no? Paulson and Burton, in particular, look like they were cut from the same family tree.

Spoilers from Seattle PI

Will Alex and Izzie on Grey's Anatomy get back together? — Paisley
ADAM: After Alex hooked up with Lexie last week, all bets are off. But it seems his on-and-off thing with pediatrics might be back on again, thanks to a nudge from Arizona. "I finally bring Alex back in the fold," Jessica Capshaw tells us, adding that Arizona makes it her mission to prove working with kids isn't all fluff. "Anyone can operate on brains, but try and operate on baby brains," she says. "Arizona ends up advocating for Alex to find his way in peds and see if he can hack it. He has a very hardcore experience."

"Which One of You Did He Sleep With?"

In the Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice crossover event, Addison is discussing is discussing a complicated in utero surgery for Mark's daughter Sloan, when Sloan asks Addison a very personal question. Also, we find out what's wrong with Sloan's baby and what her options are for her child.

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